Book and Sword episode 2 recap

The captain asked the guards to practice fighting with him. The captain killed the two guards for begging for surrender. The majesty ordered the captain to elminate the Red Flower Society and prevent Chan Ka Lok to be the new sect leader. The sect members alerted Chan Ka Lok that his godfather is dead. The three sect leaders asked Chan Ka Lok to accept the post of the new sect leader of Red Flower Society. Chan Ka Lok told his brother he doesn’t have a good feeling leaving to the Red Flower Society. Chan Ka Lok promised his brother after he accomplish his mission, he will travel with him.

Fok Ching Tung brought the goods and negotiated with the soldiers. Princess Fragrance wants Fok Ching Tung’s good and said she would like to marry Ching Tung. Ching Tung threw a rock on Princess Fragrance. Princess Frangrance deals with Ching Tung to fight with her, if she wins, Ching Tung has to be her concubine. If Ching Tung wins, she can bring her camel with her. Lee’s father whom is the official arrived and apologized to Ching Tung that his daughter was playful. Ching Tung told the official that their tribe been suffering. The official told Esther to give him the camel and he will deal with the government to reduce taxes. Some servants demanded a drunk man to pay for his food. Ka Lok’s brother fought with the servants. The drunk man threw a painting. Ka Lok pick it up. The drunk man whom is the scholar gave Ka Lok his painting as a gift.


The two sect members greeted Ka Lok. A girl, who’s father didn’t have the money to paid for taxes got arrested and eventually died. Her mother couldn’t stand the death of her husband and hung herself. The villagers said they almost died from hunger but fortunately the Red Flower Socity leader brought them home and took care of them and helped them opening a bun stall. Ka Lok ate a bun as a token. A sect member got a stomach ache. Ka Lok teased the sect member in finding a black mineral and like it and spit it out. Chan Ka Lok helped some villagers from falling off the ladder.

The majesty ddrink grape wine with the empress dowager. The empress dowager told the majesty that looking in the outside is not good enough. They have to check their inside. The empress dowager asked the amejesty if the leader of the Red Flower Society has let Chan Ka Lok to be the new sect leader. The empress dowager asked the majesty to cherish the captain since he has potential. The empress dowager reminds the majesty to be a good emperor and being loyal to the Manchu. The majesty told the queen though he has the status but he still has many obstacles. The concubine told the majesty she doesn’t longed for anything but being by his side.


Man Tai Loi barged in the palace and asked the majesty why did he kill their leader.The majesty denied of knowing about the death of the leader. Man Tia Loi pointed a knife at the majesty’s neck and pushed him and fought with the soldiers. The guards shot arrows at Man Tai Loi. Man Tai Loi threw a rope and the arrows fell down. The sect members served food and celebrated with Chan Ka Lok. Ka Lok made a speech of the government encouraged the villagers to fight each other so they don’t have to use the soldiers to fight. The sect members want to rebel against the manchu. Ka Lok told the sect member he believes there are others who has the potential of being the sect leader. Man Tai Loi found a scent in the cauldron of the sect leader and doubted if someone in the Red Flower Society have put it to harm the sect leader. Chan Ka Lok practices marital arts.



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