The Hitman Chronicles episode 19 recap

The story starts with a royal family adopted a twin. The female sect member adopted the other twin. Six years later, the twins received a shirt and a flower from their foster mother. One of the twins played on the swing while they other twin practice martial arts. The twin fell off the swing while the other twin got injured. The royal twin saw the other twin buying tanghulu and asked her mother if she has a sister. Patric Tam plays the role of a constable. The martial artist twin played the harp and threw powder on the magistrate as he looked at the painting of females. The martial artist twin passed by Patrick. Patrick called the martial artist twin. She turned around and threw a handkerchief. Patrick smelled the handkerchief and checked up on the guards. Patrick came in the brothel.


Mark gave a guard some money for him to leave. A madame grieved about her husband’s death and the assassin sent them a letter of ransom. Patrick fought with Mark in the black suit. Patrick smelled the bag. The guard recognized the main the black suit as the master of the brothel. Patrick and the guard interrogated Mark. Mark laughed and claimed that everyone in the brohtel has that perfume.The guard wanted to check Mark’s right arm wound. A prostitute came with a knife. Mark said he wanted to please the prostitute since she wanted both of them to be cut.


The female sect member and the twin martial artist threw white papers. Patrick believes Mark isn’t the killer and only greeds oney. The royal twin played with the maids. Patrick visits the royal family and requested to marry the royal twin. Patrick eavesdrop on the twin playing the instrument. The captain told the royal father that Madamme’s husband got killed but the others only fell asleep from the sleeping pill. The captain demanded the monk to tell him where did he hid his document with his two other friends. Mark stared at the martial artist twin. The martial artist twin and Mark bid for a horse. Mark won the bid with three hundred thousand tales. The martial artist twin threw a glass breaking the rope and jumped on the horse.


An assassin fought with the martial artist twin and killed another sect member. Mark fought with the assassin. Mark asked the martial artist twin to return his horse. Noel told returned the money to Mark as a token for losing his horse. Mark told the martial artist twin he won’t accept her money since he won’t buy another horse. He told her he loves his horse and can’t forget about it.

Mark overheard the conversation of the martial artist twin and her master about the death of Madamme’s husband. Mark fought with the martial artist twin’s master. Mark told the martial artist win that he bribed Madamme’s husband but too bad he got killed by them. Mark asked them to return one thousand taels. The royal twin sat on the swing. Patrick threw a rock breaking the rope. The royal twin fell and screamed.



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