The Hitman Chronicles episode 20 recap

Patrick hugged the royal twin. The royal twin anxiously worried she couldn’t get in the house. Patrick asked the royal twin to close her eyes. He held her hands and flew accross her house. The royal twin served tea for Patrick. The royal twin about the handkerchief in her room. The royal twin wants to learn to fly like Patrick. Patrick told the royal twin but he learn kungfu since he was five. The royal twin hesitated and asked Patrick to help her fly out the house because she wants to see the world. The martial artist twin has a dream of practicing kungfu with Patrick. The royal twin flew the kite. Patrick told the royal twin he flew the kite to high and the string will break. The string broke. Patrick took down the kite from the tree for the royal twin. The royal twin asked Patrick to hang out with her. Patrick asked the royal twin if she has ever practiced playing instrument. The royal twin said her parents loved her and don’t allow her to go out. Patrick worried if he takes her out, her father will worry about her. the royal twin said her father is busy. Patrick hung out with the royal twin by the river. Patrick feels relaxed. The royal twin mumbled a song. The martial artist twin mumbled the song and stared at the sky. The martial artist twin told her master she has a feeling that there’s someone that is close by her. The royal twin happily drew a painting. The royal twin’s maid suggested her to draw Patrick in the painting. The royal twin’s father decipher the symbol the royal twin drew.



The royal twin’s mother asked the royal twin what does she thinks of Patrick. Patrick took the royal twin to the temple. The monk showed Patrick and the royal twin a poem. The royal twin decipher the poem as everyone should respect each other. The royal twin asked the monk to write a poem for her father. The monk is surprised she is the daughter of the captain. The monk apologized and said he will deliver after he finish writing the poem. Mark put a pill in the cauldron. The martial artist twin fainted. Mark hugged the martial artist twin and seduced her. The martial artist twin punched Mark. The martial artist twin’s master pointed a sword at the monk. Mark demanded Patrick to give him two hundred thousand taels. The martial artist twin’s master asked the monk who is the mastermind behind the sect’s death. Mark has a stomach ache and vomited. Patrick asked Mark where’s the martial artist twin’s master. Patrick came and fought with the martial artist twin’s master. The monk told Patrick it was his crime and not the martial artist twin’s master fault. The guards brought two bodies. Patrick looked at three pictures of the bandit, madamme’s husband, and the monk.


The monk hosted a ceremony. Patrick waits for the martial artist’s twin master to take actions. The martial artist twin’s master attacked Patrick dressing as the monk. Patrick fought with the martial artist’s twin master. The martial artist twin came and saved her master. Patrick asked the monk about his identity of the bandit. The monk said he and the bandits killed forty eight of her sect. The monk refused to tell who is the mastermind. Patrick suspects the martial artist twin is the one who killed madamme’s husband. While the royal twin dresses up, the martial artist twin knocked down the maid and picked up the shirt for her. The royal twin asked the martial artist win to put on the necklace for her.



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