Romance of White Hair Maiden 1995 episode 1 recap

The series starts with Yat Hong’s father take Yat Hong to practice martial arts. The priests came in front of Yat Hong and the bodyguard. The priest greets Yat Hong’s father The priest told Yat Hong’s father that someone sent a paper that someone will cause trouble. A sect member came and asked the priest to let him borrow his manuel. Someone has stolen the manuel. A lady wearing a veil stole the manuel and fought with the sect. The sect member took out the veil and it happens to be his sister. The priest threw a knife at the lady. The sect member fought with the priests. The sect member fought with the elder priest and they both got injured. Yat Hong’s father asked Yat Hong to hold the sword and kill the sect member and the lady. Yat Hong told his father he doesn’t want to kill anyone. The sect member carried his sister and pointed the sword at the priest. Yat Hong held the sword and plead the sect member to not kill the priest. The sect member told Yat Hong he won’t pursue for the manuel anymore.

Yat Hong accepts the priest as his master and learn martial arts. The sect member prays in front of his master’s grave and accept the post of the leader of the sect. The sect member’s sister left a farewell letter that she doesn’t longed to be a sect leader but she just want to live with him. Twenty years later, she will try to get rid of his post. Yat Hong almost tripped by picking up his master’s clothe but got saved by a master. The master demanded to see the priest leader. The master and the priest leader carved some words on the rock. The master befriends the priest leader.


The priests greet the royal prince. The priest has a duel with each other to be the royal prince’s new bodyguard. Yat Hong and his priest friend has a duel. Yat Hong accidentally pushed the sword toward the majesty. The majesty gives Yat Hong half a month to be ready to work for him. Yat Hong told his father he isn’t suitable to be a bodyguard. Yat Hong’s father asked Yat Hong to kneel that he should cherish this opportunity. The consort visited the majesty and requested Yat Hong to perform his martial arts.



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