The romance of the white hair maiden 1995 episode 2 recap

Yat Hong fought with the enuch but was able to avoid the knife. An official wants to arrange marriage between his daughter and a sect leader’s son. Yat Hong’s grandfather encountered some bandits. Yat Hong drove them out. Yat Hong encountered a scholar. At the restaurant, some bandits surrounded the scholar and asked him to give him his pearl . Yat Hong told his grandfather they’ve been used. The bandits asked the scholar for the pearl.Lin Ngai Seung came and used her power on the bandits and removed the big brother martial arts and forced the little brother to kill his brother. Yat Hong’s friend yelled at Lin Ngai Seung. Lin Ngai Seung killed the brothers. The second prince meet up with the consort. The guards fought with the dolls. The eunuch threw a needle at the dolls to stop them. The eunuch told the second prince his day of becoming the king is not far. The soldiers fought with the doll. Yat Hong and his father chopped the head of the doll while protecting the royal prince. The eunuch accused Yat Hong and his father for not failing to protect the royal prince and sentenced them to death. Yat Hong’s father fought with the guards and asked Yat Hong to leave.


An official visited Yat Hong’s father in the cellar and told him that he’s been accused of treason. Yat Hong’s father told the official to take care of his son for him.The official told Yat Hong to leave as far as possible. The eunuch wants to search the official’s house. The official told the eunuch he has to let the higher rank search his house. The eunuch asked the captain if he doesn’t respect the consort. The eunuch ordered the guards to search the house. The eunuch take out a servant who claimed he saw Yat Hong. The eunuch executed Yat Hong’s father. Yat Hong’s father yelled that he won’t forgive Yat Hong if he saves him. Yat Hong cried while holding his father’s clothe.


The scholar apologized to Yat Hong’s grandfather for using him to keep the pearl safe. The scholar told Yat Hong’s grandfather Lin Ngai Seung is a mysterious lady and he doesn’t know which sect she comes from. Two years ago, she has killed eighteen sect members which gave her the title. Ten years later, it is predicted she will defeat the top martial artist. Lin Ngai Seung asked the scholar and the captain about what they thought her buns. She gave them buns to prove to them that there are many innocent people who have been in hunger because of his bribery. Yat Hong’s friend clapped his hands and praised Ngai Seung of being fair. Ngai Seung used her sword on Yat Hong and asked them to leave. Ngai Seung told the scholar she doesn’t like people who act righteous. The scholar received a letter that his fiance and her father are in trouble. Some customers at the parents told the scholar that Yat Hong’s family got suspected of rebel. The scholar went in the official’s house and fought with the soldiers and the official’s daughter and her brother in the closet. The scholar told the official’s daughter that her father still can be used so he doesn’t think he will be executed this fast. Yat Hong sneaked in the basement and eavesdrop on the second prince told his mother he will soon be the king.



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