The Romance of the white hair maiden 1995 episode 3 recap

Yat Hong fought with the guards. The royal prince asked the guards to stop. Yat Hong told the royal prince that the official has been framed. The royal prince came and ordered the guards to arrest the second prince and the consort. The eunuch came and chopped the heads of the dolls and greeted the royal prince. The eunuch told the consort that he knew she has a motive so he pretended to be near her to help the country. The eunuch told his servant eunuch to keep spying on the royal prince. The official told the royal prince he can’t served him anymore. He hopes the royal prince will beware of the people around him and love the people. The official told the scholar and his daughter he hasn’t found the book of the rebel collaborating with the manchu. The official told his daughter that the scholar is her fiance. The official is handing his daughter to the scholar and hopes he will take care of her. The official dies. The official’s daughter cried and told her brother that he’s her last relative. She thinks that the scholar wants to cancel their marriage. Yat Hong told the scholar after his father’s death, he doesn’t want to work for the government anymore. The scholar left without bidding farewell to the official’s daughter. The majesty told Yat Hong he has cleared up the name for his father. Yat Hong told the majesty he wants to go home.


A martial artist came and took back the sword from the officials.The martial artist drinks with his master. The martial artist told the martial artist he wants him to help the captain driving a way the manchu and he’ll see his sister. His sister left some words after he became the sect leader. She wanted to prevent him from being the sect leader because the rule is the sect leader can’t have a family. The martial artist wants to retire from the post and hand out the post to the martial artist. The martial artist’s master took the martial artist to meet his sister. Ngai Seung in a veil pointed a sword at the martial artist’s master. The martial artist fought with Ngai Seung. The martial artist’s master took off the veil and asked Ngai Seung who she is. Ngai Seung told the martial artist her master has been hurt by him. Ngai Seung said her master wanted to defeat him so she practiced the martial arts from the manuel and died by turning crazy. Ngai Seung gave the martial artist’s master the fabric and said she told her to replace her meeting him.The martial artist’s master killed himself besides Seung Ling’s master. Ngai Seung fainted while generating her energy.


The official told Yat Hong the royal prince wants him to eliminate a bandit. The captain asked the bandits where’s their leader and he tore them. The eunuch asked the officIIal to share these money. The official told the eunuch that they need to tell the royal prince then hand them over to the board. Yat Hong saved a girl.



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