The Romance of the white hair maiden 1995 episode 4 recap

Yat Hong saved the girl and about to dress up for her. The girl slapped him. The official drinks with the eunuch. The eunuch worries Yat Hong will be a threat to him since he’s currently being favored by the majesty and sect leader. Yat Hong bought some clothes and doll for the girl. The girl crawled on the grass and fainted. Yat Hong puts on the medicine on the girl. The girl told Yat Hong to not think she should respect him for saving her. Yat Hong told the girl she is spoilt and can’t tell good guys from bad guys. He asked her take out her hands. Yat Hong hit the girl and said he’s good to her. Yat Hong gave the girl the doll. The girl asked Yat Hong if he works for the government and if he burnt her tribe. Yat Hong told the girl he was forced to work for the government. His father has been framed and died. Yat Hong asked the girl about her parents. The girl asked Yat Hong if he’s scared Ngai Seung. Yat Hong said he used to think Ngai Seung is evil but the soldiers are the evil ones killing others.


The eunuch accused the captain of spreading rumors. The eunuch plans to backstab Yat Hong so the majesty lose his power. The eunuch thought of framing Yat Hong for killing an official. Yat Hong wiped the hands for the girl and told her that his mother died when he was born. The girl said he only knows his last name. Yat Hong gave her a name based on a poem about angel. Yat Hong plays the flute for the girl to sleep. Yat Hong bought a pair of dolls for the girl. Yat Hong told the girl to work hard and practice martial arts. The girl practices martial arts and grow up to be Ngai Seung. Ngai Seung hugged the doll and looked at Yat Hong and left. Yat Hong searched for Ngai Seung and went home. Ngai Seung visited his father. Yat Hong’s grandfather told Yat Hong to work hard for the government to repay the majesty’s deed. Yat Hong’s servant asked Yat Hong about the ashes. Yat Hong said his father has died but he musn’t tell his grandfather.


Ngai Seung went home and saw her sect being destroyed. She did a funeral for them. The majesty sent an edict promoting the eunuch. The eunuch told the captain he knows the eunuch’s motive but he has more than half of his troops. The eunuch opened the cover and saw blood on the Buddhist. Ngai Seung laughed and told the eunuch she did this to wish him to be like this. The eunuch got out of the house and saw some guards dead and read the words on the wall that she’ll kill the guards one by one. The majesty sent an edict and promote Yat Hong as the prince since his father died in the battle. Yat Hong’s grandpa told Yat Hong to take care when he works in the palace. Yat Hong’s grandpa died. Yat Hong asked the official to touch his arms and back and see if it ache. They’ve been affected by a poison. Yat Hong gave the official the bottle of medicine. Yat Hong wants to see the guard that led them. Yat Hong fought with the guard and tested his martial arts. Yat Hong asked the official if he has met other peopel. The official recalled the person who served the tea. Ngai Seung eavesdrop on the conversation of the eunuch that Yat Hong will be framed of murdering the officials. The guard fought with Ngai Seung.

The official bids farewell to Yat Hong. The captain fought with the guards. Ngai Seung fought with the guards. Ngai Seung led the official to the palace. Ngai Seung gave the officals the badge. Some guards came and accused Yat Hong for murdering the officials.



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