Rural Hero episode 8 recap

Jackie and the villagers celebrate of proving innocence for Roger. Jackie suggests Roger to pursue his goal. Roger told Jackie his dream is to open a toy store for the kids. When he was a child, he always wanted a toy and his dad bought him a superhero toy. Jackie told Roger that when he was a child, his parents was very strict and he didn’t have the chance to watch those superheroes series. A student begged Poon to add one more points to her grade to pass the exam but Poon refused. Jessica smiled that Poon’s stubbornness matches Jackie. Jackie’s friend asked Poon to help him choose a suit for him for his party. Jessica watches Poon tied up the vest for Jackie’s friend. Jessica saw Jackie helping a teenage girl from falling the bicycle. Jessica told Jackie that his best friend stole his girlfriend. Jackie laughed and trust his friend. Jackie told his friend he’s kinda jealous of him hanging with Poon and his sister. Poon cooked the food that Jackie’s friend taught her. Jackie whined about the villagers accused Roger of being a thief. Poon called Jackie about her missing ingredients. Jessica teased Poon of being with Jackie’s friend. A man took out his pants in front of Jessica and Poon. Jessica hit him.


Poon’s sister complained to Poon that Jackie’s sister wasn’t there to pick up her. Jackie helped Roger making a punching bag. Roger told Jackie that his mother was weak after giving birth to Jessica. His father left his stepmother to find another woman. His stepmother went to Hongkong and reunited wit his father. She gave birth to his brother. A few months later, his mother died from illness. His stepmother gave him a cake and he threw it down. His father beat him and he ran away from home. He isn’t guilty but he was framed. Jackie told Roger that it’s not that they don’t understand but he doesn’t trust them. Roger said the gang leader put the cigars in his pocket. Roger’s friend ranted to Roger that he shouldn’t hang out with Jackie since he’s a cop and he’s a triad. Roger’s brother invited Fiona for a karaoke. Fiona told Roger’s brother’s friend that she is underage and can’t be a prostitute. Roger’s brother hugged his friend and said he was just playing Fiona. Roger’s brother made out with his girlfriend in the room. The villager turned on the light and told Roger’s father. The villager wants tO sue Roger’s brother of seducing a teenager. Roger’s father hit Roger’s brother on his head and said he caused him to lose faces. Roger’s mother gave a bowl of noodle for Roger’s brother and advised him to find a job.


Poon bought two bakery equipment and bear dolls for Jackie and his friend. Poon’s sister asked Poon if he has a thing for Jackie’s friend. She seems to know Jackie’s friend more. Poon’s sister suggests Poon to visit Jackie. Poon’s sister took a picture of some candies at Roger’s store. Roger pulled the camera and demanded her to give him the photo. Jessica gave a tour of her town to Poon and her sister. Poon’s sister took photos of the building. Jackie and told Poon to come home since the view is boring. Jackie took Poon to the restaurant and introduced her to the ladyboss. Poon told Jackie she prefers American music. Jackie told Poon if he likes classical music, she must follow him.



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