The Romance of White Hair Maiden 1995 episode 6 recap

Ngai Seung bury her master and assure her that the manuel doesn’t laid on someone else’s hand. The scholar’s stepmother hugged another man. The man gave her a manuel. During the night, the scholar’s mother stole the manuel and ran in the woods. The man slapped her. The master came. The master’s wife told the mster father that the man wanted to rape her. The master fought with the man. The master got poisoned. The official begged his son the man to save him. The man told the official that he left his mother for money. She gave him the poison. The man’s mother asked him to let his father in. The man’s mother generates the energy for the official. The man’s mother asked the man to dump the master’s wife. The man told this mother that the master stole the manuel. The official asked his son to punch him. His mother stole the manuel for him and got kicked out of the sect by her father. The official begged the man’s mother to let him stay. The man’s mother asked the official who has injured him. The official said Ngai Seung. The master’s wife held a knife and about to kill the master father while taking a bath. master told his wife to pack up since they will leave tomorrow.


The master’s daughter told the scholar’s fiance that the scholar rejected her. The master’s daughter told the scholar’s fiance that the scholar loves her. The scholar’s fiance told the master’s daughter she is testing the scholar to see if he will save her. The master’s daughter told her father she met the scholar’s fiance and kidnapped her to test if the scholar truly loves her. The master visited the scholar’s fiance and told her if the scholar comes here then he will grant them happiness. The scholar’s wife took the manuel and left. The master’s daughter wakes up and doubt if the scholar came. The master’s daughter watches her mother practicing martial arts. The master’s daughter asked her mother where did she learn the martial arts from. The master’s wife told the master’s daughter she will let her practice the martial arts but she must not tell her father.

The official and his wife saw Yat Hong. The man’s mother fought with Yat Hong. The master’s wife practiced martial arts and found Yat Hong. The master’s wife touched Yat Hong’s face. Ngai Seung eavesdrop at the master’s wife trying to rape Yat Hong. Ngai Seung fought with the master’s wife. Ngai Seung confronted the master’s wife of stealing her master’s manuel. Ngai Seung picked up Yat Hong and transferred energy for him. Ngai Seung fainted on Yat Hong. Yat Hong told Ngai Seung he doesn’t want to keep any promises with her. Ngai Seung told Yat Hong she fell for someone who doesn’t deserve her love. Ngai Seung kisses Yat Hong and bit him and told him she wants him to forever remember her. The scholar told Ngai Seung that he will help her if she needs any. The scholar told Ngai Seung that the master’s daughter has kidnapped his fiance and he vowed to be with her.


Ngai Seung came in the master’s house and told the master that his wife has stolen her master’s manuel and she came here to get it back. The master fought with Ngai Seung. The scholar took his fiance and left The master’s daughter wants to have a duel with the scholar. The official’s wife grabbed the master’s daughter from the back and asked the scholar where’s the master. The official’s wife punched the master’s daughter and asked the master where’s his wife. The master fought with the official’s wife. Ngai Seung grabbed the master’s wife and asked he to tell the master what did she steal. The man said she stole his manuel. the master’s wife said she stole the manuel but it doesn’t belong to him. Ngai Seung said the manuel belongs to him. Ngai Seung told the official’s wife that the official deserve being crippled on the back and it was lenient that he didn’t die. The master punched the official’s wife and said this is his place and he needs to return the manuel to Ngai Seung. Ngai Seung told the official’s wife she will have duel with her in three months. The master’s wife asked the master to kill her. She doesn’t have any feelings for him. The master’s wife told the master if he wants to kill her then kill his daughter since she also practiced the martial arts in the manuel. The master asked his wife to leave. The master told his daughter to leave. The master’s daughter begged her father to let her stay. The master kicked his daughter out of the house. The master’s daughter cried and left. The master apologized and wished the scholar and his fiance happiness.Ngai Seung admired the master for being a loyal person. The master told Ngai Seung he respects her for being understanding. Ngai Seung bowed and wants to be her goddaughter.




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