Book and Sword 2002 episode 3 recap

The captain visited the official and demanded him for the account book. Princess Fragrance asked permission to leave. The captain gives the official one month to return the treasure. Princess Fragrance was about to throw a knife toward the captain but his master stopped him. As Fok Ching Tung about to eat, Princess Fragrance threw a rock. Princess Fragrance deals with Fok Ching Tung and gave her two hundred golds. to buy some goods but in condition she stop bothering the official. Fok Ching Tung fought with Princess Fragrance and was about to punch her. Princess Fragrance pretends to have a stomach ache and laughed and took the sword and ran. Princess Fragrance touched Fok Ching Tung’s face. Fok Ching Tung got mad and wants to chop Princess’s Fragrance’s arm. Princess Fragrance’s master came and pushed down Princess’s Fragrance’s hair. Fok Ching Tung sliced off Princess Fragrance belt and left. Chan Ka Lok’s little brother returned home and saw the village’s daughter being injured. He fought with two intruders. The two intruders threw Chan Ka Lok’s brother down the hill. Princess Fragrance’s master fought with the intruder and threw knives at them. Chan Ka Lok’s brother wakEs up and thanked Fok Ching Tung for saving him. Chan Ka Lok saw a scratch on the table. Fok Chin Tung massaged the arm for Chan Ka Lok’s brother. Chan Ka Lok’s little brother said Chan Ka Lok asked him to hang on as a man. The captain ordered the two intruders a big mission.


The boss asked Princess Fragrance to pay for her meal at the restaurant. Princess Fragrance asked the boss to place two wins on the table. Princess Fragrance threw a rock toward the wine and it dripped. Princess Fragrance burnt the house and sneaked in the house and grabbed some golds and treasures. Princess Frangrance fought with the captain’s guardds. Princess Fragrance’s brother flew and fought with the guards. Princess Fragrance and her brother fought with an official and his guards. Man Tai Loi confronted an assassin and suspects him of being a member of Red Flower Socity. Man Tai Loi fought with the assassin.


Chan Ka Lok’s brother tries to figure out how to solve the Wei Qi game. Fok Ching Tung placed a piece and said if he puts this piece here, it will broaden the horizon. Fok Ching Tung’s brother called Fok Ching Tung. Chan Ka Lok’s brother told Fok Ching Tung about Chan Ka Lok and praised her mineral. Fok Ching Tung’s brother told Fok Ching Tung that the captain would like to see her.



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