The Romance of White Hair Maiden 1995 episode 7 recap

The master transfers his energy to Ngai Seung and fainted. The master told Ngai Seung she isn’t as cold as she seems. Ngai Seung told the master she used to live in the forest with the wolves made it appear she is ferocious. She always hoped there will be someone there for her. The master told Ngai Seung that that his daughter doesn’t like to practice martial arts and he has to give her beans for her to be willing to practice. Ngai Seung dressed up like the master’s daughter and smiled. Ngai Seung gave the master a bean cake. The master touched his wife’s grave and asked Ngai Seung to greet her. He was an official and saved his wife from the brothel. His father didn’t like her background and slapped her. She was pregnant and left. When he found his daughter, she left and the second daughter was born. His first daughter has left so he put all his love on his second daughter and now she left too. After his first daughter died, he married the second wife. He regretted not cherishing his love for them. Ngai Seung cried and said Yat Hong made her upset.


Two guards in black suit fought with Yat Hong. Yat Hong wakes up and see himself in the groom outfit. The master laughed and congratulates Yat Hong for marrying his daughter. Ngai Seung came. Yat Hong told Ngai Seung he is the sect leader. Ngai Seung said she is a demon. Ngai Seung told Yat Hong if he doesn’t love her, he should tell her so she doesn’t have anymore hopes and forget about him. Ngai Seung walked away. Yat Hong told Ngai Seung he loves her. Ngai Seung hugged Yat Hong. Yat Hong warned Ngai Seung if she stays with him, she will suffer a lot. The master smiled and told Yat Hong he told the priest and he will take the blame for whatever consequence there is. Yat Hong and Ngai Seung gets married. Yat Hong asked Ngai Seung if she blames her for being cold to her. Ngai Seung told Yat Hong the let the past just be a test But he can’t hurt or or she will kill him. Yat Hong told Ngai Seung he believes he can change her view.


The priest forbids Yat Hong for marrying a witch like Ngai Seung. The priests fought with Ngai Seung. A priest got injured. Yat Hong punched Ngai Seung. The master got mad and told Yat Hong to leave. Ngai Seung told her father Yat Hong is in a difficult situation. From now on, it will be harder to be with him. Yat Hong and the priests do a funeral for their leader. The priests wants Yat Hong to take the post as the leader as their leader wishes. Yat Hong doesn’t want to take the post and only wants to clear his family’s name. The priest told Yat Hong he will understand when he gets older that, he is naive to give everything up for love. The priest said though Ngai Seung is pretty, she has joined the dark side. Yat Hong said he has to go to the palace tomorrow to clear his name. The priest told Yat Hong after he goes to the palace, he has to take up the post. The priest plans to prevent Yat Hong from seeing Ngai Seung.

In the restaurant, Yat Hong heard the customers said the majesty has passed away and the royal prince has succeeded him. The prince and the nurse greets the majesty and wants to go out instead of studying. The majesty appointed the nurse’s daughter as the princess for taking care of the prince. The eunuch gave a book of rebel to the majesty. The majesty coughed. The nurse seduced a guard and took off his shirt. The guard bowed and begged for forgiveness. The nurse said he didn’t do anything wrong and she will reward him. The eunuch killed the guard. The eunuch persist to rule the world and get rid whoever gets in his way.

Some girls pick-pocketed the master’s daughter. The master’s daughter ate at a restaurant and found out she lots her bag of money. She ordered two buns and tried to leave but the servant stopped her. The master’s daughter gave the restaurant a jade as a pawn. The restaurant boss returned the jade to the master’s daughter and suggests her to work in his restaurant to repay her debt. A customer praised the restaurant boss having the eye to hire a pretty girl. The master’s daughter spilled out her identity as the daughter of the official. A man paid the money for her. The master’s daughter fought with the tree ladies. Ngai Seung came. The three girls insists they didn’t steal her money. Ngai Seung threw a big of money to the master’s daughter. The master’s daughter threw back the money and left. It’s raining, the man held the umbrella and asked the master’s daughter if she wants to rent a room at the hotel. The man sneaked in the master’s daughter room while she is sleeping. Ngai Seung killed his two servants and asked the man to leave.




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