The Romance of the white hair maiden 1995 episode 10 recap

Yat Hong and the priest’s daughter found a medical plant on the mountain. The priest’s daughter tripped. Yat Hong massaged her foot. Yat Hong told the priest’s daughter he watched his father died but couldn’t help him. The nun asked the priest’s daughter if she fell for Yat Hong. The priest wants to let his daughter be with Yat Hong. Yat Hong said he just wants to focus on expanding the sect. The prince sat on the royal chair and becomes the majesty. The prince prayed and promised the majesty he will work hard. A net fell on the prince but Ngai Seung pushed the prince. Ngai Seung told the prince that the sect has been framed and he has to investigate this case and search for evidence. If he wants to be a good majesty, he has to broaden his eyes. Though he has become the majesty, his power isn’t as strong as the eunuch. He should make use of Yat Hong to help him.

The prince read the document from the eunuch and madly said someone dared to frame the official. The eunuch told the prince to arrest Yat Hong. The majesty said he believes the case isn’t as simple as it is and Yat Hong isn’t the criminal. The nurse worried that the prince will find out that she murdered the majesty. The eunuch suggests the nurse to get rid of the prince before his power increases. The official told the prince that the majesty has been poisoned by a plant. The first few days, he looks fine, but the next day he will die. The plant in the north doesn’t have poison but the plant in the west has poison. If they mix the two plants together, we can’t tell if it’s a poisonous plant. The prince wonder who has switched the plants.

The eunuch told the prince that priest made the medicine and is guilty of murdering the majesty. The prince released the priests. The prince ate and drink with the priests. The prince confronted the eunuch of attacking the priests and didn’t carefully investigate the case. The prince asked the eunuch to drink with the priest. The prince asked the eunuch about the whereabout of Yat Hong and the priest. The prince gave Yat Hong’s friend a badge and gave him and order to search for the priest and Yat Hong.

The eunuch told the nurse that the prince is beginning to suspect them. The nurse wants to give up. The eunuch suggests the nurse to be an empress like Wei Zi Fu. The nurse yelled at the eunuch of having the courage to rebel. The eunuch asked the nurse to think what would happened to her if the majesty finds out they have poisoned the majesty. The eunuch told the nurse he has the troops in his hands to overthrow the majesty. The nurse doesn’t have the heart to do it. The eunuch said he will give the majesty a chance. If the prince doesn’t agree with them, they will rebel.


The official asked the prince if he thought of using Ngai Seung to go against the eunuch. The prince doesn’t want to collaborate with the sect members. The prince gives the letter to the official to send it to the general to bring him more troops. The prince watches the dance with the nurse. The nurse told the prince he should enjoy his life as he can. He should delegate his work to the people around him. The The prince said he works with his conscience and don’t regret if he has karma. The nurse held up the cup. The prince told the nurse that he has invited her daughter in the palace to practice sword-fights. The princess performed the martial arts in front of the prince. The prince of the nurse she has raised her and he always consider her as his mother. The prince wants to travel with the nurse to JiangNan. The nurse told the prince she only wants to rest and enjoy her life. The nurse told the eunuch she doesn’t want to scheme against the majesty. The eunuch plans to get rid of the nurse. Yat Hong’s friend met with Yat Hong and the priest and his daughter. Yat Hong told his friend he plants to step down the sect leader’s post. Yat Hong’s friend asked Yat Hong if he fell for Ngai Seung. Yat Hong said he understands. The priest’s daughter bids farewell to the nun.

Yat Hong meets the prince. The prince told Yat Hong about Ngai Seung that her statement has opened his eyes. Though she is a bandit, she is loyal. Though she is loyal, she is still a bandit so he needs to be careful. Yat Hong and Ngai Seung walked on the mountains. Ngai Seung reads the poem on the fan and teared up. Yat Hong touched Ngai Seung’s face and apologized. Ngai Seung hugged Yat Hong and asked him to leave this place and live peacefully with her. Ngai Seung gives Yat Hong three days to meet with her in the mountain. If he doesn’t come, she will be disappointed but still hopes he will meet her again. The priest told Yat Hong that the majesty has approve him marrying his daughter.




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