K9 Cop episode 1 recap

This series start with Bosco and Raymond following a triad. Raymond bumped into a woman’s car and offered to take her to the airport. Bosco rode on a bike and chased the criminal. Raymond told the woman he forgot the direction of the aiport. Bosco grabbed the triad and demanded him to tell him the goods. Bosco jumped down the garbage truck. Raymond asked Bosco if he found the USB. The woman twisted his leg. Raymond offered to give her a ride to the hospital. Raymond carried the woman. Bosco found the USB. Raymond puts the woman down and told her she is under arrest for using charity for bribery.


While Bosco rides Raymond, Raymond asked Bosco to appreciate of this van. Bosco told Raymond that his mother is successful in running a restaurant but her biggest mistake is giving birth to him. Bosco called Kayi he will take out food for her. Bosco and Raymond saw Tracy kissing another guy besides Raymond. Raymond asked them to give their IDs for illegal parking. Tracy’s friend which is a girl walked out of the car and said she is thrilled seeing Raymond seeing her as a rival. Bosco saw a guy carrying a knife toward his Kayi and pushed him. Kayi said the guy bought fruits for her. Bosco took the guy out and confronted the guy. Bosco asked the guy about the woman suspect in the case and helped him catch the triad back in jail. Raymond and his girlfriend (Traey) sat in the restaurant starring at each other. Tracy told Raymond she never agreed with him being a cop since it’s dangerous. Raymond’s girlfriend left.

Bosco took a walk with Raymond. Bosco told Raymond though Tracy greeds money, but he also likes him. If his sister only wants money then she would have dated someone richer and more handsome. A gangster was about to shoot kayi friend. Kayi guy friend ran in front of Bosco’s car and told him that the big brother wants to kill him. Bosco and Raymond chased the big brother and the poles fell on them. The boss scold Bosco and Raymond for failing to catch the criminal. The boss told Raymond he knows he is rich and can have any car he wants. Raymond asked his boss what does being rich have to do with him being a cop. The boss told Raymond ever sisnce he work with Bosco, he started to become clumsy. The boss told them he doesn’t know how to protect him. Bosco and Raymond asked the boss if they have ever protected them. A girl flirted with Raymond and yelled at Bosco. Bsoco told the girl if she wants to help Raymond, she needs to help write this report.


Kayi called Bosco she is meeting with her friend tonight. Bosco saw his sister giving money to her guy friend. Bosco confronted the guy friend. The guy friend told Bosco he caused him to betray his big brother. Kayi argued with Bosco. Raymond and Bosco followed the big brother. The big brother blackailed the triad with a video. Bosco pointed a gun toward the triad. A dog attacked Bosco. Bosco held the dog and used the gun and shot the dog.


Comment: Haven’t recapped a recent tvb series for a pretty long time. But happy seeing Raymond and Bosco in one series again. 🙂

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