K9 Cop episode 2 recap

Linda, a veterinarian checks up on the dog. Linda believes she can change the crazy dog who’s been abused, for the better. Raymond told Bosco that his boss scod him for not being able to catch the criminal. Bosco asked Raymond to take picture of his injured butt. Linda peeked on the photo of Bosoc’s injured butt. Linda asked Bosco about his incident yesterday. Linda asked Bosco if his dog been beating up badly. Bosco asked Linda why is she more worried about the dog. Linda told Bosco she has examined the dog and it doesn’t have any evidence he it a crazy dog. Linda told his colleagUe, the dog is loyal and only attacked Bosco to protect his owner. The colleague told Linda that the dog has bitten somone which means he is not suitable for adaption. Bosco took his female colleague’s food. She fought with Bosco. Bosco pointed at Raymond that this is why he doesn’t like her.


Rebecca Chan, a Madamme went in the triad as a spy and punched the triad. There was a chaos, Madamme took an arrogant dog and controlled the gang. A colleague gossiped about Madamme caused others to be single and be orphans. Rebecca said she doesn’t care about gossips as long as it affects her work. Rebecca praised Bosco of going to work early while he’s still injured. Rebecca gave Bosco a lifesaver and nominated him this year’s as the cop of the year. Linda gave the dog some food. Linda opened the door giving the dog the choice of leaving. The dog stayed.

At the market, Linda saw Bosco’s sister Angel replacing eggs on the other egg boxes. Angel saw a chip she loved but someone took the last bag. She sneakingly took the chip out of someone’s cart and looked at Linda and apologized. Linda told Angel she never said this was her cart. Linda asked Bosco’s sister if she thought his was an employee’s basket so she assumed that the price of the big eggs are the same price as the regular eggs so she swapped the egggs. Linda told Angel she must thought that everyone is more naive than she is. Angel whined to her husband Oscar. Bosco complained to Oscar that he has never met his family.


Bosco asked his colleague how to translate searching for family in english. Kayi’s friend told Bosco he forced him to tell the truth is like forcing him to rape innocent girls. Kayi’s friend touched Raymond’s hair. Bosco and Raymond dragged Kayi’s friend out. Kayi’s friend called Bosco that his big brother is trying to kill him. Raymond and Bosco pointed a gun toward the men’s room door. Kayi’s friend held a box of fried chicken and laughed that they came to save him. Raymond and Bosco left Kayi’s friend alone.

The dog barked. Linda gave food to the dog. The dog bit Linda. Linda told the dog if she doesn’t heal her leg, it will be crippled. The dog went inside the cage. Linda told her colleagues to remember to take off the bell next time since the dog got nervous hearing the bell. Linda gave some instruction to Oscar to follow. Oscar told Linda he understands and he asked her if she thinks he’s too dumb to understand. Linda saw Angela parking in the wheelchair lot. Oscar got a ticket of three hundred dollars for illegal parking. Oscar and Angel saw Linda reading a book. Angel confronted Linda about locking her car. Linda apologized and explained to Angel reasonably. Oscar confronted Linda for nitpicking on his wife. Oscar said Linda’s IQ is high. In her eyes, he is always dumb. Linda admits she was strict to Oscar but now she wants to mend the relationship between them. She worked really hard to get the veterinary license. Oscar said Linda only cares about her dog. Oscar said Linda’s IQ is only 135 and not up to 140. Linda told Oscar she only teach others once but she teaches him three times. She hoped he could understand her burden. The dog barked at the young man. Linda’s colleague found some drug pill. Linda thought of letting the cops train the dog to be a police dog. Linda touched the dog and is happy for him.



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