K9 Cop episode 4 recap

Bosco’s female collegue brought a bouquet of red roses and shows off that many guys fall for her. Bosco told his colleagues he saw she picked up this bouquet of roses from the trash father after Rebeca threw it in the trash. Bosco’s colleagues told Bosco that Rebeca returned their reports with red marks. In the shooting room, Rebeca asked Bosco what did her son said last night. Flashbacks of Oscar told his wife and sister in laws about his strict mother. Angel laughed that Bosco is old fashioned and thought that Rebeca likes him. Oscar refuses to accept Rebecca’s shoes gift to him. Rebeca gave Bosco a resignation letter of his Raymond and asked him to persuade him to stay. Rebeca guaranteed to Bosco that her relationship with Oscar won’t affect him. By the shore, Raymond told Bosco that he was proud that he shot the triad. Raymond feels uncomfortable about quitting his job as a cop but Tracy wants him to leave. He loves being a cop more than her. Bosco told Raymond that Rebeca returned his resignation letter and praised him as a good cop and would like him to stay.


Tracy and Raymond search for a house. Tracy picked a house by the mountain. Tracy picked a car. At the jewelry store, Raymond thought of Rebeca. Bosco told Tracy that he feels poor for Raymond for always buy stuff for her. Tracy told Bosco he’s afraid of losing his friend. Bosco told Tracy she seems like she’s playing him. Bosco told Tracy that Raymond is never happy. Bosco told Tracy that Raymond was really happy when Rebeca told him he was a good cop and wanted him to stay. Tracy told Raymond that the house isn’t suitable for them and they should switch cars. While having diner, Tracy hugged Raymond and said she only wants to be with him for the night. Tracy kissed Raymond. Raymond wants to tell Tracy he wants to continue being a cop. Tracy dressed up and served Raymond desserts.

Kayi’s friend gave Kayi his watch for bringing snacks for him. Kayi asked his friend if he wants to find a job as a janitor in her school. Kayi’s friend told Kayi he used to play a minor role in a porn movie. A patient’s mother paid Kayi’s friend to steal the exam result for his son. Kayi’s friend told Kayi she wants the job as the janitor at her school.

Raymond let some ladies passed in front of him in front of the restaurant. Bosco saw an image of Tracy’s nude picture she sent to Raymond. A man threw a bottle of acid toward Rebeca. Rebeca saw the victims and told Bosco that lucky the fan prevented blocked the bottle of acid or she would be hit by it too. Rebeca asked the man if he’s alright and he can leave. Bosco fought with the man. The man pointed a gun. Rebeca told Bosco and Raymond to back out. Rebeca said Paul really loves her and won’t hurt her. Paul asked Rebeca why did she threw his bouquet of flower. The dog bit Paul. Raymond received a card from a five year old thinking him for putting a band aid for her. Raymond’s female colleague asked Raymond to put a band-aid on her. Raymond’s colleague told Bosco that Raymond doesn’t need to marry his sister.


Bosco’s boss asked Bosco why did he still attacked Paul. Rebeca knew he knows martial arts. Bosco’s boss told Bosco he must listen to his boss’s order. Rebeca punished Raymond to drive her. Rebeca told Bosco she knew he suspected Paul of being the suspect so he fought with him. Rebeca took Bosco where her police dogs were buried. Linda blamed Rebeca for forcing her dog to sacrifice his life to save the victims. Bosco told Linda it is funny that she and her mother fought because of the death of a dog. Bosco told Linda that she was mad at her mother over a dog for ten years. She is crazy over dogs. Linda told Bosco that her mother has a new loyal dog. Bosco asked Linda if she refer him as a dog. The dog barked. Bosco told Rebeca she worked hard to raise Linda just like he worked hard to raise his three sisters. Rebeca transferred Bosco to this Veterinarian warehouse to work with the police dogs.



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