The Romance of the white hair maiden 1995 episode 11 recap

Yat Hong told the majesty to give him time to think about marrying the priest’s daughter. The majesty told Yat Hong he knows he likes Ngai Seung but she can’t be with her. He always wanted to eliminate bandits for the better of the world. Yat Hong’s friend congratulate Yat Hong for his promoting and marrying a beautiful wife. Yat Hong told his friend he only likes Ngai Seung. What is black? What is white? She only is wrong because she is a bandit. Yat Hong wants to leave the sect and explore the world. Yat Hong asked his friend to help him find Ngai Seung. Yat Hong sneaks out of the house. The priest yelled at Yat Hong. Yat Hong bowed and apologized and wants to meet Ngai Seung. The priest ordered Yat Hong’s friend to watch Yat Hong until his marriage. The sect leader’s disciple and the master’s daughter watch the villagers dancing in the tribes. The Manchu soldiers fought with the villagers. The sect leader’s son and the master’s daughter fought with the soldiers and saved the villager’s daughter. The villager’s daughter wants to engage the master’s daughter to his daughter. The sect leader’s son vowed to work hard with the master’s daughter to drive away the Manchu soldiers.

The sect leader’s disciple gave the captain a sword. The captain received an edict from the official for execution. The master’s daughter and the sect leader’s disciple fought with the soldiers. The sect leader’s disciple suspect the edict is fake. The captain laughed that the official is a spy for the Manchu. The sect leader’s disciple flew from the rooftop and sneaked in the palace but got caught by the eunuch. The eunuch whipped the sect leader’s disciple and asked him to hand out the book. The eunuch came in the dungeon and burnt the sect leader’s disciple body. The eunuch pushed some needles in the sect leader’s disciple body.


The nurse went in the bed. The eunuch brought the majesty to the nurse and the sect leader’s disciple. The eunuch told the majesty that the sect leader’s disciple works for the captain and is scheming against him with the nurse. The eunuch said there’s been rumors of the nurse is afraid of being alone and cause troubles in the palace. The majesty ordered the nurse for execution and let the eunuch punish the sect leader’s disciple. The princess came and begged the majesty to forgive her mother. The princess deals with the majesty to let her and her mother leave the palace as a commoner and won’t return. The nurse puts on make up and hang herself. The nurse told the princess to take care of herself. The princess buried her mother. The majesty gave the princess a box of thousand golds. The princess returned the box of gold. The eunuch ordered his eunuch servant to get rid of the captain.

The priest told his daughter he feels relieve letting her marrying Yat Hong. The priest’s daughter asked Yat Hong why did he joined the sect and why is Yat Hong feeling down. Does he has a lover? The priest said Ngai Seung, a bandit fell for Yat Hong but Yat Hong doesn’t like her back. Yat Hong got drunk during the wedding day. The priest threw water at Yat Hong and asked him to remember his promise of forgetting Ngai Seung. His wedding with the priest’s daughter was arranged by the majesty.




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