K9 Cop episode 5 recap

Bosco’s female colleague laughed at Bosco and told him that it was a right decision to transfer him to the police dog department because he doesn’t have to use google translate. Bosco told her that he doesn’t have to use the word Bitch. Raymond refuses to give his female colleague his cup and said Tracy gave it to him. Bosco told his colleagues that Rebecca don’t like him pushed the criminal when he held the acid bottle so she punished him. Rebecca punished Bosco to job and told him a story her controlling her police dog. The dog stopped the triad. Rebecca told Bosco that she wants him to know that dogs can control the situation. He shouldn’t underestimate dogs. Rebeca told Bosco that he’s too hardworking. Rebeca told Bosco she wants the dog to train him. Bosco told Rebeca he will be a good cop. Rebeca told Bosco to job ten more miles. Tracy took Angel to Raymond’s company. Raymond’s mother told Raymond that Tracy has tricks to make him leave his police job. Raymond’s mother said she doesn’t want Tracy to think his office is their wedding gift. Business is business and personal relationship is separate. Raymond’s mother text Tracy and apologize he can’t dine with her because her mother forced her to meet some people.


Oscar showed a dog to two girls.The two girls told Oscar if they can’t take care of the dog, they can return to her. Linda told the two girls if they don’t take responsibilities for the dog then the situation will be worse. Linda told Bosco since Bahda on only barks at him, he should evaluate himself. Linda teaches Bosco how to hold the dog. Linda told Bosco he can’t differentiate about dogs. If he doesn’t like dogs, why did he join the police dog department. Oscar yelled at Bosco for joining the police department and now Linda yells at him. Bosco picked up the phone and listened about Kayi signing for signing a contract with a newspaper firm. Bosco argued with Kayi. Bosco told Kayi that she quit her job as a teacher and signed up for a newspaper. Bosco dragged Kayi to the bank and asked the banker to transferred Kayi’s money to him. The banker asked Kayi if she wants him to call the cops. Police showed his cop ID. Kayi showed her colleagues her drawings and her credit card. Kayi’s friend stole Kayi’s drawing envelopes and surprised there wasn’t any money. He placed the drawings on a car. Someone drove the car and left while he’s talking on the phone.


One the bus, Kai realized she lost her drawings. Kayi picked up her paper on the street. Kayi’s friend said he placed her purse on the car and the papers fell out. Kayi’s friend ate a fishball and saw Kayi’s drawing and didn’t pick it up. Kayi told his friend it was her fate of not being able to publish her book. Kayi told her friend that she is useless and always fail. Kayi’s friend climbed up the tree trying to pick up the drawing. Kayi’s friend picked up the remaining drawings the next morning and gave it to Kayi. Kayi’s friend held Kayi’s hand and said no one can say she is useless. Kayi said she will draw the drawing again and even make it prettier. Bosco attends the training to be a dog officer. The trainers interview Bosco. Linda drove and almost got bumped into a dog. She stopped and ached her belly. Linda called her colleague that she bumped into a dog. Bosco drove by Linda and pretends to ignore her. Bosco got out of his car and helped Linda. Linda asked Bosco to take her dog to the hospital. Linda fainted.



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