Asian Dramas waste of time or not!

Discovering myself and finding out who I am. Lost about myself sometimes.

This is what’s been on my head. I used to watch lots of asian dramas and even binge it to escape from reality. But as I watch more and more, I realized, I started to act and think like the characters in the dramas. Sometimes the romance in the dramas also influenced me of being romantic like the romance in the dramas. As I watch more and more, I feel I should get out of my way and watch less. I’ve been watching plenty of Cooking shows and American shows and movies which is kinda of a breather to me and can keep up with my friends talk about. Following a bunch of American media on twitter has helped me keep up with the real world and the news as an American Asian.

Watching many of my favorite wuxia series can make me happy but the wuxia series can distort me from what happened in real life since the ancient dialogues is different of how we speak in real life. Watched a current HK Drama K9 Cop and felt better since I could relate to it to real life since it is a modern drama. But sometimes watching wuxia series can be good since some of the classic ones are really good. But sometimes watching asian dramas. When I’m so stressed in life, I need to watch some asian dramas at night to feel better.

I feel comfortable being myself following asian drama bloggers and American media. I don’t like tweeting about asian dramas all day. There are other shows besides asian dramas that I enjoy watching.

What’s your thoughts of watching asian dramas. How did it ever affect you in a good or bad way?

And Thank You Kap from A Virtual Voyage and other TVB and wuxia fans for liking and commenting on my post from time to time. You guys make me being a TVB and Wuxia fan worthy.

❤ Jac! Thanks for reading.


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