K9 Cop episode 6 recap

Bosco told Oscar that Linda got a surgery on the leg but the dog is dead. Linda told Rebeca that the dog just got pregnant and she needs to find the puppies. She doesn’t want the puppies to be dead. Rebecca asked Linda to rest. Bosco told Linda she doesn’t know how her mother cares for her. Linda said her mother was so strict to her which caused her to not have any friends. She’s been bullied at school. The hardest thing about going to school isn’t the schoolwork but it is being bullied by other kids. Rebeca told Linda that she has switched her major from medicine to veterinarian. Should could have a better future. Linda said her dog is her only friend but she forced it to catch the criminal and it died. She has caused her to not being a good doctor. The dog barked at Bosco in the car. Bosco put down the gun and the dog stopped barking. Oscar sighed to Bosco that why didn’t Linda tell him about she was being bullied at school.

Oscar took Badha at the park leading him to the puppies. Oscar sent a video of the puppies to Linda. Lind a called Bosco and Oscar they can’t give cow milk to the puppies or they’ll have diarrhea. The milk are gone; they assumed Bahda have drank it all. Linda told Bosco that dogs will have diarrhea after they drink the milk. Linda told Oscar to take the puppies to her office to give them the dog milk. Oscar told Bosco that Linda finally thanked him.


Tracy told the construction workers to renovate the kitchen. They told her that she has to pay double price. Tracy told Raymond she wants to adopt a big dog. Raymond told Tracy she’s been dragging him along without buying anything. Tracy told Raymond if he wants to continue being a cop he can and they don’t have to be engaged. Raymond interrogates a suspect. A banker called Raymond that Tracy withdrew two hundred thousand from his account. Raymond yelled at the suspect that his fiance has spent four hundRed thousand dollars from him. And she must witness the triad or he’ll call the triad she told on the triad. Tracy went in the room and saw Kayi dressing up. Angel told Raymond that Tracy must be heartbroken while spending his money. Kayi showed Raymond some novels and papers that Tracy stayed all night for him. Raymond held a bouquet of flowers and gave it to Tracy and realized that Tracy wanted to renovate the kitchen of the safety of their kids. She wants him to jog with the dog to exercise. She learned to cook for their children. Raymond told Tracy he handed over the case to his colleague. Other cops will cat the criminals but she is only his beloved wife. Raymond and Tracy kisses each other in the car. Bosco wiped his gun and couldn’t believe he stopped using this gun.


The boss trained Bosco and his colleagues how to clean the dog. Bosco tries to train his dog but he did the opposite of what he said. Linda told the dog to sit and he sit. Linda told Bosco he pushed the dog’s too hard so he didn’t listen. Linda told Bosco he needs to spend more time with his dog. Bosco threw the ball but the dog didn’t went to catch it. Linda fed the dog. Linda told Bosco to treat the dog with love. Linda asked Bosco to hold the food on his hands and lead his dog. Raymond’s mother assistant told her Raymond’s mother that Tracy has spend two thousand dollars from Raymond’s account. Raymond showed her mother’s friend a picture of Tracy backing a cake. Raymond’s mother’s friend that Tracy is shoe saleswoman whom her husband likes. Raymond’s mother and her friend showed Tracy the pictures of her and the businessman. Tracy told Raymond’s mother that eight years ago, she worked as a saleswoman at the shoestore. She lost a stock of millions dollars. Mr. Brown, a guest asked her to do business with her. Mr. Brown touched and about to kiss her; she spit food at him and left. Raymond’s mother gives Tracy one day to tell this to Raymond. Tracy walked sadly on the street. Raymond called Tracy.



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