The Romance of the white hair maiden 1995 episode 12 recap

Yat Hong gets married to the priest’s daughter. Ngai Seung sits alone being upset.Yat Hong sadly drink alone outside. The priest asked Yat Hong to come in. Yat Hong drinks with the official. Yat Hong drunk and said to not leave him. Yat Hong asked Ngai Seung to not leave him and he only loves her. The next morning ,the priest’s daughter gave a blanket to Yat Hong. Yat Hong and the priest’s daughter served tea for the priest. The priest’s daughter told the priest Yat Hong is good to her. Yat Hong assured the priest he will be good to his daughter. The first prince ordered the eunuch to kill the captain and get the manuel. The master’s daughter fought with the guards and saved the captain from the prison. The captain ordered the official to tell him the mastermind behind the fake edict. The official begged the captain he will tell him in condition he will spare his family. The official told the last name of the mastermind. An assassin threw a knife at the official and he died. The captain suspects the eunuch and the Japanese is behind this.

The eunuch slapped his servant. The eunuch ordered the servant to behead the the sect leader’s disciple two hours ahead. The captain came in the majesty’s court. The master’s daughter saved the sect leader’s disciple and fought with the guards. The captain greets the majesty. The majesty sent an edict to bring the sect leader’s disciple to him. The majesty is happy the captain has returned to his side. The captain and the master’s daughter pleads the majesty for the sect leader’s disciple. The doctor the majesty that the sect leader’s disciple couldn’t be healed but there’s a manuel in the temple which can be used to heal him.


The monk checked up on the sect leader’s disciple and asked why is there such an evil person. His organs has been injured an may not be healed. The elder monk transfers energy for the sect leader’s disciple. The elder monk got injured. The sect leader’s disciple crazily left. Before he died, the elder monk asked the monk to try to heal the sect leader’s disciple for him. The monks surrounded the sect leader’s disciple and did a spell. The sect leader’s disciple beat up the monks and left in the forest in the rain. The master’s daughter asked the sect leader’s disciple if he recalled she disguised into a male and helped him escape through the gate. The sect leader’s disciple grabbed the master’s daughter and recalled his time with her. The majesty promoted the captain. Yat Hong and the priest bid farewell to the majesty.

The master picked up Ngai Seung. Ngai Seung drunkenly called Yat Hong’s name. Ngai Seung wakes up and apologized to the master. She will practice martial arts.


The eunuch collaborates with a sect leader and suggest him to collaborate with the manchu. Yat Hong old the priests to work hard and bring up their sect. The priest wants Yat Hong to spend more time with his daughter. The priest believes Yat Hong can take good care of his daughter. Yat Hong asked the priest’s daughter about his mother and what wishes she haven’t accomplished. The priest’s daughter said she is useless and only knows how to cook and do laundry. Yat Hong wants to teach the priest’s daughter some martial arts. The priest’s daughter cried alone in her room. The priest’s daughter heard the servant told Yat Hong’s friend that he heard Yat Hong has a crush on Ngai Seung.



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