K9 Cop episode 7 recap

Tracy looked her wedding her picture with Raymond and hopes Raymond will believe her. Tracy heard Raymond in the bathroom and she confronted him of watching porn movies. She used this incident as an excuse to say she felt guilty of doing business with Mr. Brown. Tracy told Raymond she if he doesn’t believe her, he should break up with her. Raymond told Tracy he believes in her. Tracy rubbed Raymond’s arm. Raymond hugged Tracy and said he will resign his job as a cop soon and won’t let her worried about him. Tracy found Raymond’s gifts to her. Raymond told Tracy he wanted to give her this necklace but she liked a more expensive necklace so he didn’t give it to her. Raymond said he wanted to give her this lucky star but when they were walking by the beach, she said she dislike star origami because it makes men act like women. He wanted to giver her this doll on Valentine’s day but he heard her sister yelled at her that she’s old but she’s still play with doll and it is dusty. Raymond said he bought a pair of watch on Christmas. But when they came in the mountain, she said she hates seeing people wearing the same pajamas. So he gave her one watch and hid one of his watch. Tracy asked Raymond why does he likes her. Raymond told Tracy she likes her for greed money and never admit she is right and always find ways to prove others are wrong. He loves her for not being fake and be herself.


The next morning, Tracy asked Raymond to taste her egg dish. Tracy told Raymond that she met with her mother yesterday; she is trying to separate them. Raymond told Tracy to register for marraige today so one one can break them up. Tracy gave Raymond her business document. Raymond madly walked and told Tracy that she didn’t tell him the truth. Tracy told Raymond she greeds money but she didn’t had an affair with Mr.Brown. Raymond told Tracy he should have told her the truth yesterday. She confessed toward the end. There’s no turning back for them.

Other subordinates gave Kayi plenty of work in the firm. A janitor asked Kayi to turn off the light after she leaves and said she is the slowest worker. Kayi’s friend teases Kayi of being bullied by her colleagues and have no time to find a husband. The janitor bought 50 pastry breads for the colleagues. She smelled her sushi and blamed Kayi for causing her cakes and sushi to be ruined because she turned off the electricity. Kayi paid money to the janitor. Kayi’s friend told Kayi she reminds him of himself when he was the slowest so he was being bullied easily. In this world, people will bully you if you’re weak. Kayi’s friend said he saw the janitor bought fifty cakes this morning and it doesn’t have anything to do with electricity. Kayi told the janitor she ate a cake and got a stomach ache. She has to report it to the principal. The janitor said she bought those pastry this morning in a french bakery. The janitor said she was mad at Kayi for turning off the electricity causing her sushi to be spoiled. So she blamed Kayi to repay her. Perhaps she hid the cakes in the storage and it got spoil. Kayi asked her friend to send the janitor to the principal. Kayi’s colleagues said they will do report themselves. Kayi’s friend told Kayi that nice people are easily being bullied. If she is nice to them, they may not respect her.


Linda stared at a girl pressing Bahda’s ear. The mother asked her daughter to lightly rubbed Bahda’s ear. Linda rewarded Bahda a chicken for passing the test. Oscar told Linda he wants to divorce Angel for being pregnant. Oscar complained it takes a lot of work to take care of their baby. He went home and she threw his tennis shoes. Oscar wants to live in Linda’s house. Linda told Oscar she doesn’t know his wife and he is old enough to take responsibilities. The manager didn’t give any dog to Bosco to train and gave two dogs to his two teammates. Bosco’s teammates showed Bosco a video of Tracy and Raymond, and Angel and Oscar arguing. Bosco met Angel at the bank using credit card and withdrew eighy thousand dollars to publish her news. Bosco asked Angel to not dream about being a writer. Angel blamed Bosco for transferring money from her account. Bosco yelled at Tracy and asked her why is Raymond so mad at her. Bosco confronted Linda for letting Oscar stay in her house. Bosco yelled at Angel for not thinking carefully if she can handle raising a baby. Tracy told Bosco he has spoil Angel she could have went on a vacation to Paris. Bosco asked Tracy what did she do causing Raymond to be so mad. Raymond is a good guy and he quit his job as a cop for her. Kayi yelled at Bosco for not knowing the whole story and sided with Raymond. Bosco yelled at Kayi to be dumb using credit card. Angel yelled Bosco for being strict causing Kayi to be weak and being bullied. Kayi, Tracy, and Angel told Bosco they have their own business to take care off and don’t need their permission.


Bosco passed by Linda while she tries to fix her car. Bosco lends a hand to Linda and said he’s using his position as a cop to help her. Linda told Bosco that it is normal for a family to have arguments. It doesn’t matter what she says, but all it matters if what he thinks of it. Linda told Bosco he hasn’t asked Oscar about this. Bosco criticized Linda for not caring for her brother. Linda told Bosco he interfere in his sisters business too mjuch. When his three sisters were hurt, he continues yelling at them. Linda gave Bosco and analogy if two dogs were fighting each other and he locked both of them up, would he feel better. Bosco doesn’t agree with Linda let Oscar runaway from this incident and stay in her house. Linda told Bosco he interfere too much in his sisters matter causing them to rely on him. Linda told Bosco she won’t interfere in her brother and his wife’s business. Oscar tied up Bahda with a chain to a chair outside of a cafe. Oscar enters the cafe and ordered milk tea and look at the travel brochur. Bosco asked Oscar if he is really planning to abort the baby. Bahada bit up a man and sued Oscar. Bosco showed his ID and asked what happened. Bosco called the veterinarian. Linda revoke Bahda’s license of being a police dog. Linda told Oscar and Bosco she doesn’t believe Bahda is that arrogant. She will find evidence. Oscar also believes Bahda wouldn’t bark at others easily after staying with Linda for a while.


Comment: We can see the other side of Linda how she lets her brother handle her own situation. This series seems to focus on another side of how dogs have a reason to bark at people. It is a family drama that us asian can relate to. Raymond and Tracy doesn’t seem to understand each other enough.


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