K9 Cop episode 8 recap

Linda asked the waiter after the customer fell down, did Bahda still barked. Bosco’s sister cooked their own food. Bosco asked Kayi,Angel, and Tracy to hurry up in the bathroom. Bosco’s sister watches a drama an turned off the remote when Bosco is watching. A customer told his friend that he didn’t expect his snake to sneak out of the bag causing the dog to bark at him. Linda showed her ID to the customer and deals with him to find his snake but he he must come to the police station and tells the truth. She will pay if any compensation is needed. Bosco sit on his bed and sighed about raising his three sisters. Oscar called Bosco that he tried to reach Linda many times but couldn’t. Linda told Bosco she’s trying to catch a snake. Bosco got poisoned by the snake and fainted. Bosco hugged Linda and called out her mom to not die. Bosco pulled Linda’s hair and asked why did he kill his mother. Linda knocked on the door. Bosco’s sisters held a bat and freaked out.

Bosco’s sister teared up that Bosco loved their mother the most. Kayi said they used to live a good life but her father’s business went down and abused their mother. Bosco worked and cooked meals for them. Their mother picked up recycling papers and got crashed by a car. Their father stole her necklace to buy drugs. Linda asked Bosco’s sisters if Bosco kissed them when they were children. Angel told Linda that Bosco killed their foreheads. Bosco came toward Bosco and said the snake doesn’t have poison but he’s allergic to snakes. Oscar told Bosco he hit Linda after having a trauma. Bosco’s took out Linda’s lettuce from his mouth and said he ate it from yesterday. Linda walked out and whined. Bosco told the nurse he’s worried for his sisters. Tracy is romantic and always wants to go to beach during the rain. Kayi’s window is broken. Angel’s television antenna is broken.


Raymond and his female colleagues chased a criminal. Raymond asked his colleague if she is chasing him or the criminal and if she thinks chasing behind him will make her catch him faster. Raymond told his colleague she should have blocked the criminal by the other corner. He didn’t tell her to breathe but she can still breathe. It’s called cooperation. He and Bosco still can collaborate with each other. Tracy showed her fiends her rings. Raymond and his colleague interrogates and criminal. Raymond told the suspect he won’t believe her. Raymond said to add one more crime of pretending to act pitiful. A guy asked Tracy to look after his sand castle. Tracy said he thinks he’s so good looking, her husband is way more handsome. Tracy recalled at the beach watching the sandcastles with lights. Raymond gave her the key and proposed to her. Tracy pushed the sand castle. Tracy told the guy she thought of doing it but she didn’t. Tracy said not doing it is still a misTake. Tracy asked if she’s not worthy being loved. Tracy pushed the sand castle and cried. Raymond drinks alone at the bar. Raymond’s colleague came and sat with him and wants to celebrate his return. Raymond’s colleague asked Raymond if he ever thought of finding a new girlfriend. Raymond thought of the first time he worked with Bosco. Tracy was drunk and he puts her in his car. Raymond bought a bottle of water and came back and picked picked up her necklace.


Raymond and Bosco played basketball Tracy spilled soda on Raymond. Tracy gave Raymond her number and said she will pick up her necklace. Raymond’s colleague asked Bosco to look forward. Bosco teased Raymond if he would like to marry his sister so they can share the wealth. Tracy told Raymond she’s afraid if she picked up the necklace she won’t see him again. Bosco teased Raymond the kind girl he was talking about was his sister. Tracy asked Raymond if he likes her back. Raymond told Tracy he can’t accept a girl going for a guy. Raymond brought a bouquet of flowers to Tracy and said he likes when guys go for girls. Raymond and Tracy exchange phone numbers. Tracy puts her name as My Girl on Raymond’s contact. Tracy puts Raymond’s contact name as FBI which means Fabulous beloved investigator. Raymundo and Tracy played basketball together. Raymond drunkenly told his colleagues he misses Tracy. Raymond’s colleague told Raymond that Tracy is not good for him, she has tricked him into marrying her and haven’t changed. Raymond said Tracy is the same and didn’t lied and is still being herself. Raymond chased Tracy at the beach. Tracy said it is too late and she swam in the beach and drowned. Another guy carried Tracy. Raymond picked up an old woman. Tracy told Raymond he even cares for the other woman more than her. Tracy told Raymond they will marry each other for a year and divorce and he will marry this doctor.


Bosco walked out a dog and treated him snacks. Bosco’s colleague told Bosco he’s enjoying playing with dogs. When he missed training his dog yesterday, he trained his dog for him. Bosco warned his colleagues that Bahda is very hard to train. Linda recalled Bosco kissed his mouth last night. Linda remembered Bosco took out the vegetable from her dog out of her mouth and she wanted to pinch him.



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