The romance of the white hair maiden 1995 episode 13 recap

Yat Hong played the flute and misses Ngai Seung. The priest’s daughter asked Yat Hong why did he still marry her if he loves Ngai Seung. Yat Hong apologized to the priest’s daughter. The priest’s daugther thanked brother Yat Hong for being with her. She was always lone and no one cares for her as he does. She knows he’s in tough situation. He doesn’t have to teach her martial arts every night anymore. She doesn’t want him to teach her martial artis to compensate for her. Yat Hong becomes the sect leader. The monks told the priests that the sect leader’s disciple has killed the elder monks. The priests suspect the sect leader’s disciple is related to the the dark sect. The priest told Yat Hong he needs to teach him his sect’s martial arts. Yat Hong practices martial arts. The priest’s daughter cooked for Yat Hong.


The master told Ngai Seung that Yat Hong is too wishy washy and can’t make up his mind. Even if the priests doesn’t prevent them, they will still have a hard time being together. After she fights with theofficial wife, they will go the temple. The official’s wife told Ngai Seung if she loses this duel, she will eliminate her martial arts, and hand out her husband to her. Ngai Seung said if she loses, she will eliminate her marital arts. Ngai Seung defeated the captain’s wife. The official laughed that Ngai Seung is almost getting married to another woman. Ngai Seung read the flyer and jumped own the rock. Ngai Seung cried she couldn’t accept him marrying another woman.


A sect member with white hair saved Ngai Seung in the cave. He’s a traitor of the Wudang sect. Ngai Seung criticized the sect of being immoral. The sect member told Ngai Seung a story of him and his buddy being a spy to the dark sect. He fell in love with a female of the dark sect. His buddy wanted to learn the martial arts from the manuel. The sect member asked his buddy to give him some time to persuade the dark sect to leave. The priests fought with the dark sect. The priests forced the sect member to kill his lover. The priests fought with the sect member. He and his lover jumped down the cliff. The sect member told Ngai Seung only they know this story. His brother didn’t make a mistake but they have different view. Ngai Seung said if she has a choice she would choose like him to live with her lover. The sect member said he wrote one hundred and eight steps of martial arts on the paper and he now hands this to him. The sect member asked Ngai Seung if she doesn’t find herself naive for suicide without asking Yat Hong clearly. The sect member said he will soon join his lover.

The master came to the temple and asked the priest where’s Yat Hong. The master told the priests that Yat Hong caused Ngai Seung to die. Yat Hong said Ngai Seung deserve it and she wanted to climb up the ladder by marrying Yat Hong. The master said he has to kill Yat Hong. The priests fought with the master. The priest’s daughter begged the master not to kill her father. The priest’s daughter knows she has hurt Ngai Seung. The master asked the priest’s daughter to pick up the sword and kill herself. The priest’s daughter pushed the sword toward herslelf and asked the master to spare Yat Hong. The master asked why the two women fights for Yat Hong. Ngai Seung wouldn’t want a weak husband having t a woman die for him. The master said Yat Hong isn’t that worthy for them to die for him. The master said there many people who are lovesick. The master’s daughter told her father that she met Yat Hong too late. The priest wished his daughter would live with Yat Hong happily. Yat Hong’s friend brought food for Yat Hong and said the priest’s daughter is sick.


The master’s wife asked the man when will he marry her. The man told the master’s wife that his mother won’t let him marry her. Now she is injured, they will spend more time together. The official’s wife came here and yelled at her son for choosing this slutty girl instead of a good girl. The master’s wife told the officia’s wife that her son also wants her to die since she is old. The official’s wife punched her son and asked him to not come in to her house. The official saw a boy whinin to his mother she wants the fan. The official’s wife dragged the boy. She grabbed a girl. The official’s wife told the girl she will kill him. The official’s wife fainted. The official’s wife asked her to buy some medicine, she has been affected by her poison. In this world, there’s no good people, you’re nice to them you are just naive. IF she takes care of her, she will slowly heal her poison. The girl did some chores and complained. She ran to the woods. Some bandits embarrassed her.



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