K9 Cop episode 9 recap

Bosco smelled the towel and Linda’s jacket. Linda confronted Bosco for kissing her last night. Bosco told Linda that Bahda misses her so he brought her jacket for him. Bosco visited Bahda and feeds Bahda. Linda asked Bosco to feed her dog food so Bahda will trust him. Bosco feeds Bahda and he ate it. Bosco asked Linda if the food was good and she tried to eat the food though it is hard to eat. Kayi’s friend asked Kayi about accepting students in school. Kayi’s friend called the mother and told her that he has gotten the answers to the exam. Kayi’s friend gave the exam answers to the mother and smiled receiving his money. Kayi saw a boy crying and his mother told him to walk on the park slide or he won’t pass the exam. Kayi asked if someone made him stealing the exam result or if he has some anxiety. Kayi showed a picture to her friend and said outside he looks like a clown but inside he’s a hero. Angel took the baby clothes from Linda at the store. Linda asked Angel to control herself. Linda said it isn’t fully Oscar’s mistake. Oscar is willing to stay in his house. It isn’t responsibility to tell Oscar to return home. Some customers called Linda a mistress. The customer ached her belly. Linda checked up on her. Angel said Linda is a veterinary. The two customers beat up Linda.


Oscar told Linda he knows she wanted to tell him that he always run away. Linda thought of what Bosco said about Oscar always running away. Linda told Bosco that he’s right. Linda told Bosco if she could do it over again, she will be do it better. Bosco swallowed the wine and uses the toothpick. Bosco kisses Linda. Linda asked Bosco what is he doing. Bosco told Linda he felt he should be responsible since he kisses her last time. Linda laughed. Linda showed a dog who’s been abused and told Bosco they have to find a dog which can transfer him blood. Linda heals the dog. Oscar asked the dog to work hard to live. Linda asked Oscar if he now realize ever life matters. Oscar told Linda he will return to his wife. Oscar and his colleagues watch the dog brings food to their puppies. Oscar asked the dog not to die. Being a parent is hard, they have to work hard for their children.

Bosco washes his body and face. Bosco called Linda. Linda told Bosco that Oscar said he will return to Angel so they don’t have to meet each other anymore. Linda told Oscar that the first two times he kissed her, she considers he was sic. But if it happens for the third time, she will say she is sick but that won’t happen. At the basketball court, Raymond and Bosco both told each other they are lovesick. It’s raining. Bosco blames the dog for causing him to meet Linda. Bosco’s manager told Bosco he knows he is lonely but he mustn’t give up. He sees improvement in Bosco so he will hand out Bahda for him to train.


Raymond held the takeout box waiting for Tracy. Raymond saw a guy taking Tracy home. The guy told Tracy she forgot her necklace. Tracy said the necklace doesn’t belong to her and who would put her full english name on it. She can’t accept this necklace and he doesn’t’ need to pick him up from the store every night. The guy told Tracy he will help her make Raymond mad. The guy didn’t see Raymond. The guy told Tracy that Raymond was there staring at them. Tracy asked the guy why didn’t he tell her earlier.

Bosco tries to feed Bahda. Bosco’s manager told Bosco that Bahda was playing him and never looked at him in the eyes. Bosco’s manager said when Bosco was playing ball with Bahda, Bahda didn’t give out the ball. Bosco always feed Bahda if he is right and wrong. Bosco’s manager told Bosco he must let Bahda knows he’s the boss. Bosco gave Bahda the dog but he wouldn’t give out. Bosco’s manager told Bosco that Bahda is very cunning and only treat him like a food. Bosco saw Linda passing by and he hid behind the wall.



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