Arts and Entertainments: How useful is it?

This is an interesting topic I would like to cover and have you fans give thoughts about it? You know how people think arts and entertainment are a waste of time and don’t contribute to society. Social media are a waste of time. While doctors and teachers are useful since they contribute to the society and help others? Social media and entertainment can be good or bad how you view it. Music and movies can help people reduce stress during a bad day of work though some people would differ that we could use our time doing something productive like learning a new skill. Social media is useful in promoting things but it can be not useful for people who are too busy in real life. Should those that have a bad day in life should cheer themselves up with arts and entertainment or should they learn a new skills instead?

What’s your thoughts about Arts and Entertainment? Would you consider it important and useful or a waste of time?

❤ Jac!


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