K9 Cop episode 10 recap

Linda told the manager that it is Bosco’s problem for not able to control Bahda and it doesn’t have anything to do with Bahda. Bosco asked Linda if she suggests the manager to kick him out of the police dog since he couldn’t handle Bahda. Linda told Bosco that he couldn’t control Bahda and it’s not Bahda won’t listen. Kicking him out would save more money than kicking Bahda. He isn’t willing to change so it’s a good reason to kick him out. Bosco rubbed Bahda. Bosco thought of Linda kissing him. Bahda licked Bosco. Bosco gave Linda a binocular to let her see how succesful he will train Bahda becoming a police dog.

While Angel, rested, Oscar turned off the fan and gave her congee and noodle. Oscar gave Angel some desserts. Oscar told Angel he lined up this morning for a few hours to buy some bear cookies. Oscar told Angel he planned a surprise place for her. Linda saw a news about hospital doing down and wondered if Oscar wants to take Angel to the hospital for abortion. Linda tried to call Oscar but he ignored. Rebeca told Linda that Oscar is lazy and why doesn’t she ask the staff at the hospital. Rebecca’s said she can’t use her status to ask the staff about Oscar and Angel’s baby. Rebeca called the staff if Oscar did made an appointment for abortion. Angel ached her belly and threw up. Oscar called the ambulance. Angel told Oscar that usually she can eat junk food but now since she has a baby, if she eat junk food, her baby may be lost. If anything happens to the baby, she will not forgive herself.


The doctor told Oscar that Angel is fine but she may not be able to keep her baby. Oscar begged the doctor to keep the baby. The nurse other doctor told Oscar that Angel only has a symptom and herb baby is fine. Rebeca and Linda came and asked Oscar if he wants to abort the baby or keep the baby. Oscar cried and said he doesn’t know what he wants. He doesn’t want to be a father but he also don’t want to abort the baby. Oscar slapped himself and said he’s really scared. The dog searched for food for his puppies and died. Oscar said he doesn’t have the potential to be a father. He said they will suffer together. Rebeca told Oscar she doesn’t want her granddaughter to die. She and Linda will give him some money to raise the baby and educate him. Linda told Oscar he has to change and can’t be lazy. Rebeca told the doctor Linda is very smart and always in the top of the class. She initially majored to be a doctor but changed her major to veterinarian doctor. Linda went in the women’s room and heard Rebeca told the doctor that Linda is his niece. The doctor doesn’t want to see her or Linda.


Raymond’s mother’s friend’s daughter got drunk. Raymond told his mother he will stay with Tracy and divorce her one year later. He’s not mad about Tracy with Mr.Brown but he’s mad at her with another guy. Raymond’s mother asked Raymond to be patient and wait for the moment to be back with Tracy. Raymond asked his mother he thought she dislike Tracy. Raymond’s mother told Raymond he used to think Tracy is a con but now she feels Tracy is interesting when Tracy dumped him. Tracy’s friends looked at the pretty boy photos. The two girls told Tracy that she still love her husband or else she wouldn’t have rejected Chris.

Raymond sat with Tracy at the restaurant and asked him about Chris and why she left the necklace in his car. Raymond asked Tracy why does she likes Risk. Tracy said she likes Risk that he wouldn’t save the old lady before her. Risk came and brought coffee to Tracy. Tracy drinks and said it’s so good. Chris asked Tracy to hang out with him after work. Raymond told Risk if he has a thing for Tracy, he will bring him to the police station. Risk teaches Tracy about using chemistry to cook coffee. Risk said he graduated in a university in Massachusetts with a chemistry degree but then he fell in love with cooking. Chris told Tracy he loves chemistry but he’s not gay. Tracy told Chris that she only wants to visit him to make her husband mad. Tracy tried the coffee and likes it more than the previous one. Raymond asked the girls about where is his mother’s friend’s niece Katie.


Linda watched Bosco training Bahda. Bosco stood in front of Linda. Bosco told Linda that he saw the lights passing through the binoculars. Linda told Bosco to investigate the doctor. Linda asked Bosco if he has the confidence to pass the police cop exam. Bahda wandered around the woods and found a laying hand.



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