K9 Cop episode 11 recap

Bosco and Linda search for Bahda in the woods. Linda held her leg up. Bosco saw a dead frog on her shoes. Linda feels scared and said surgery on a frog is different from stepping on the frog. Bosco took off the frog out of Linda’s shoes. Linda asked Bosco to walk faster or she’ll leave him behind. Linda stepped on the frog again and whined. Bosco piggyback Linda and said she’s now act like a lady. Bosco told Linda the first time he felt she is like a woman is when she gave him dog food to motivate Bahda to eat it. Linda told Bosco that is the moment he starts to like her. Bosco asked Linda how can she denied a good guy like him. Bosco told Linda to tell good things about him or he’ll put her down. Linda said Bosco is taller than her and eat faster than her. Bosco asked Linda to think good thing s about him. Linda said he raised his three sister and is filial. Linda told Bosco he doesn’t have a bad habit. He doesn’t smoke nor is flirty. He now piggyback her. Bahda lead Bosco to a girl who is fainting.


Tracy took Angel to the jewelry store to return Raymond’s wedding ring. Tracy took it back and wants to try it again. Tracy told Angel that Oscar never gave him a gift so it’s easy for her to choose one. Angel told Tracy that Oscar has matured and is hardworking and doesn’t have time to play unlike Raymond who saves the old lady instead of her. If it was Oscar or his mother in law drowned, he would save her. Tacy told Angel if she and her shows drowned in the sea, he would save the shoes. Angel said Oscar was mad at her being pregnant still won’t divorce her. Oscar told Tracy that Raymond said she shouldn’t keep the ring as a laughing stock. Tracy yelled at Angel that she shouldn’t teach other to divorce. Now she is pregnant and talk rudely and needs to be careful the baby born isn’t healthy. The customers gossiped that Angel wanted Tracy’s family to break up.

Kayi colored her drawing and thought of her friend. Tracy complained to Angel that she didn’t force her to sell the ring causing her to bring it home. Angel said it is the first time she sees someone who is not only mean but also blame others. Tracy looked at the drawings and asked Kayi why did she draw the animals so arrogant. Kayi said she doesn’t wnat to give the children hope in the real world.

Bosco saw Linda eating vegetarian food and he told her she doesn’t need to be skinnier. Linda told Bosco though he piggyback her, it doesn’t mean they have a thing for each other and she walked out. Linda observes Bosco training Bahda. The manager praised Bosco’s two colleagues of doing a good job. Bosco blamed Bahda for running away causing him to have a chance to not pass the exam. Linda watches Bosco training his dog. Bosco managed to order Bahda to take his dead. Linda ordered Bahad to fake dead but fail. Linda explained to Bosco that she didn’t talk to him at lunch because she doesn’t want her boss to mistake him using their relationship to climb. She heard him told Bahda to die and mistaken him wanting him to die. She is surprised he has huge improvement and could train Bahda to fake death. Bosco told Linda he doesn’t know why she doesn’t like him. She doesn’t even care about him and even thinks he’s going to kill Bahda. Linda’s colleagues giggled after hearing Bosco piggyback Linda.


Raymond’s mother’s friend mourned about Katie’s death. A bartender at the bar told Raymond that he saw Katy breathed cigar with a man and then fainted. The bartender pointed at a customer in the bar. Raymond walked toward him and the lights out. Raymond chased Chris. Chris took off his jacket and put Tracy down. Raymond asked Angel and Kayi to find info where Chris is. The hospital called Kayi that Tracy got affected by overdose drug and is in the emergency room. Raymond hurried while driving to the hospital. Raymond told Kayi and Angel that Tracy asked him if he waited until she dies then he’ll regret. Raymond cried and asked Tracy if she wanted to compete with him so she used her death to force him. Raymond came to the hospital and punched Chris. The doctor told Raymond that Tracy drank too much aspirin. Kayi remembers every time Tracy has a period, she will drink aspirin. Chris told Raymond that Tracy felt unwell, so she gave her aspirins. On the way to the hospital, he got lost and called the cops. Chris swears he didn’t do anything to Tracy.


Tracy has a nightmare and called her father. Kayi told Raymond Tracy’s father put his hands on Tracy’s mouth forcing her to hang out with an uncle. She went home and locked the door. Tracy yelled at her father to leave. Kayi told Raymond that Tracy looks strong on the outside but she never tells out when she has a problem. Kayi told Raymond that Tracy misses him so much so she wanted to sell the ring to forget him. Kayi asked Raymond if he remembers the first time he kisses Tracy. Flashbacks of Raymond tying the shoes for Tracy. A man jogged and stared at Tracy’s boobs. Raymond stood in front of Tracy. Raymond held Tracy’s hands. Raymond tied the shoelaces for Tracy two times to make it tighter. Raymond asked Tracy why didn’t he receive any reward for tying two times for her. Tracy kisses Raymond. Kayi told Raymond that when they jogged, Tracy feels happy having him protecting her. She feels secure finding a guy protecting him. Her father maltreated her when she was a child so she lacks security. She greed money because she feels only money can give her security. She always argued with Raymond and even said she will find another guy. She doesn’t want to be control by him or get hurt. But she couldn’t get away from him and felt scared and lose security. Raymond said Tracy wanted to sell the ring to prove she can leave him. Kayi said she read Tracy’s journal in her laptop that she already bought a house but didn’t tell her family. She is so insecure and doesn’t even trust her family. Tracy yelled for them to leave. Tracy has a nightmare of Raymond playing basketball and she called for help but Raymond threw the ball on the basket and won the game. Raymond told Tracy if anything happens to her at the bar and he didn’t save her, he will never forgive himself. He’s afraid he couldn’t give her a sense of security so they should divorce. Tracy wakes up. Flashbacks of Raymond held Tracy if he couldn’t give her security, they should divorce each other. Tracy checked her wallet and wondered if Raymond really took back his house keys.




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