Rural Hero episode 9 recap

A girl gave Jackie’s colleague a sweater she knitted. Jackie scold his colleague for not doing his shift. Poon told Jackie it is just a small problem. Poon asked Jackie if the girl was her, what he would do. Jackie told Poon he would do the same. Jackie told Poon it wouldn’t be right if he gave him a bouquet of flowers while she’s teaching a class because that would affect her students. Poon asked Jackie if he was on a mission and she called him for emergency help, would he come. Jackie said if she doesn’t have a reason, he wont’ come. Poon told her sister that her view different from Jackie. She would like to find a guy whop puts her first. Poon’s sister told Poon she noticed she always compared Jackie to his friend and she seems to match better with Jackie’ friend.

Roger and his friend checked the photos on the magazine to see if his photos are in it worrying the gangsters will find out they are here. Poon’s sister took Jessica to her boss. Jessica gave Poon’s sister suggestion to focus on working women instead of only housewives. Jessica received 20,000 dollars and told Roger that she got hired as a journalist but her boss asked her to buy a computer. Poon and Jessica’s sister went out to take photos. Jessica’s boss’s criticized Jessica’s writing and asked her to rewrite it. Poon’s sister gave Jessica a suggestion of writing about the place where you can see many dates. Jessica’s mother made desserts. Jessica’s brother ate the dessert. Jessica ate some snacks and told Roger she spent all night at work typing papers but luckily Jackie lied for her that he ate with her at the restaurant. Jackie’s friend showed Poon’s sister a name card to contact for interview with the SDU. Poon asked Jackie’s friend to wait since her sister is coming. Jackie’s friend left.


Poon sit on the bed and called Jackie’s friend when he is available to return the books for her. Jackie’s friend said he’s busy and can fax it to her. At the shop, Jackie’s friend saw Poon passing by. Jackie’s friend told Poon he was just picking up the pants from the tailor store. Poon asked Jackie’s friend if he can have a talk with her. Poon asked Jackie’s friend why he is trying to avoid him. Jackie’s friend said he is busy at the police station. Poon asked Jackie’s friend why they have to avoid each other. She finally realizes the one she loves is him not Jackie. Jackie’s friend hugged Poon and asked her to not leave. He started to love her more and been avoiding her because he doesn’t know what she thinks. Jackie is his best friend and he doesn’t want to hurt her.

Jackie told his friend he became a hero saving a girlfriend from being stolen from another guy. Jackie’s friend ate with Jackie and his grandma. Jackie called Poon that his grandmother cooked plenty of meals and he couldn’t finish and she should have been there. Jackie said his friend is very quiet and don’t eat much. Jackie told Poon he will take her to drink coffee tomorrow. Poon said she doesn’t feel well. Jackie said he’ll come over to check up on her. Poon’s sister told Poon she will take care of this. Poon’s sister drink with Jackie. Poon’s sister told Jackie that love can’t be forced. Sometimes when he meet her first doesn’t mean he can be with her. The latest one cane be a step ahead. Women love men who put them as first. Poon’s sister said sometimes loving someone doesn’t mean he can have her. If her competitor are better than her, she is willing to hand it out to him. Jackie’s suggest Poon’s sister to talk to her colleagues at the news firm or ask her sister. He’s not good with those kind of love. Poon’s sister threw up.


Jackie talked to his grandma about it. Jackie’s grandma told Jackie that Poon seems to be avoiding him and if her sister wanted to remind him to cheer up Poon. Jackie’s grandma asked Jackie to hang out with Poon for her birthday. Poon received a bouquet of flower from Jackie and apologized he has to leave for work but he would like to see her on her birthday. Poon’s sister told Poon it’s better for Jackie to get hurt than for her to be sad. Love is selfish. Poon’s sister asked Poon to confidently tell Jackie. Jackie asked Jessica what girl’s wants for their birthday. He doesn’t know what she likes. Jessica asked Jackie to put a picture of them together as a puzzle. Jackie said it’s so cheesy. Jackie bought puzzles and asked Jessica to fold it for him.

Jackie left work early and met up with Poon and surprised her with the puzzle picture of them and wishes her a happy birthday. Jackie held Poon’s hand and apologized to Jackie that he fell for Poon. Jackie grabbed his friend and asked him why he did it. Poon told Jackie they are not meant to be with each other. They won’t have a good ending if they keep on dragging. Though she met him first but she loves his friend. Jackie’s friend told Jackie he hopes he would forgive him. Jackie picked up his puzzle and left.


Jackie walked alone and sat and tore up the puzzles. Jessica asked Jackie why did he came home so early. He has to hang out with her late at night for her birthday. If she was Poon, she would have dumped him. Jackie hit the block and said he’s been dumped by Poon and if she’s happy. If she doesn’t know then pretend to know. Jessica yelled at Jackie for always speaking of rules and no girls can stand him and he deserved to be dumped. Jackie drinks all night at the restaurant. The ladyboss invited Jackie to her house. Jackie told the ladyboss he doesn’t understand his girlfriend and best friend treat him that way. The ladyboss said love has no right or wrong. If she isn’t fated to be with him, though he tries hard he still won’t have her. Perhaps the end of this relationship will be the start of a new relationship. The ladyboss turned on the radio and served him tea. Jackie helped Jessica and apologized. Jessica asked Jackie if he’s going to listen to this song all day and not meeting Poon and his friend. Jessica asked Jackie to get a good sleep and tomorrow will be a new day.



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