The romance of the white hair maiden 1995 episode 14 recap

The two bandits raped the girl. The official’s wife used her powers on them. The official’s wife asked the girl if she is that hateful. The girl said she has never done that much chores. The official’s wife said chores is a must for a girl. The girl said his mother never let her do chores and always have maids doing them for her. The officials’ wife gave the girl the medicine and said she looks innocent but doesn’t know anything about the real world and will suffer in life. The officials’ wife said she will do chores since she is injured. The girl told the official’s wife she reminded her of her mother but her mother isn’t that mean. The official’s wife said when she is well, she needs to chose chores.

The eunuch told the prince that Ngai Seung died. The eunuch requested the prince to let him bring the troop to destroy the bandit. The general said he feels using power to destroy the bandits will cause more death. He suggests to make use of the bandit and befriend them. The eunuch plans to kill the general while he is on his way to the bandit.s The official and his guards fought with the general. The scholar threw powders at the soldier. The general suggests the scholar’s father to work for the government. The scholar’s father refused since the government is corrupt. The official told the eunuch that the general has been saved by the bandits. The official brought the bodies of some soldiers and said the bandits assassinated the general. The eunuch requested the prince to attack the bandits. The assassins fought with the scholar. His father took the stab for him. The general fought with the assassins. The general ordered the soldiers to stop. The general greets the prince and asked him if he didn’t receive his letter that the bandits saved him. The eunuch yelled at the general that he criticized the prince for ordering the troops to attack.


Yat Hong achieved the martial arts of the sect. The priest’s daughter pray for Yat Hong being the sect leader and hoped he doesn’t get injured. If her dreams come true, she is willing to eat vegetarian food for three months. Yat Hong heard the priest’s daughter said after the ceremony, she will tell Yat Hong about the death of Ngai Seung. Yat Hong asked the priest and his daughter why did Ngai Seung died. Yat Hong asked the priest if they are happy now that Ngai Seung has died. The priest told Yat Hong to remember that his daughter is his wife and why does he treat his daughter that way. Yat Hong blames himself of hurting Ngai Seung. Yat Hong sat on the cliff thinking of Ngai Seung. The priest’s daughter came. Yat Hong asked her to leave.


The priest reunited to go against the dark sect. Yat Hong had a duel with the other sects. Yat Hong becomes the leader of the sect. The priests cheers to destroy the dark sects. Yat Hong bowed and said he wants to leave and be wanderer. The priest’s daughter cried. The priest told Yat Hong he’s spoiled and gave up everything for Ngai Seung and may ruined their sect. Yat Hong cried and said can’t forget Ngai Seung. The priest asked Yat Hong to stay here and evaluate himself.


A dark sect leader threw powders at the priests. The priests wake up and found themselves being tied up on the execution execution scene. The dark sect leader said if they think this was a dirty trick, then what they did to Ngai Seung’s sect was even more dirty. The dark sect accused the priests of stealing the manuel. the dark sect leader pushed a guard toward the priest and killed him and said if they follow him, they will live. Yat Hong thought of Ngai Seung and wrote a poem. Ngai Seung pointed a sword at the priest and asked him where is Yat Hong. The priest told Ngai Seung she isn’t ashamed of liking Yat Hong. Ngai Seung told the priest there’s other stuff to worry about but he always bugs in her business. The priest told Ngai Seung that she and Yat Hong are like brother and sister and he only likes Ngai Seung. Yat Hong is in the grave of the elder monk. The priest’s daughter begged Ngai Seung to save her father. Ngai Seung fought with the dark sect leader and asked him to hand out the medicine. The dark sect leader said he feels grateful seeing the 108 martial arts steps. The dark sect leader kill himself. Ngai Seung fainted. Ngai Seung came to the grave and read the poem from Yat Hong. The priest told Ngai Seung she just cause them to lose faces. The good and evil don’t work together. The priests fought with Ngai Seung. Ngai Seung got injured.



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