The romance of the white hair maiden 1995 episode 15 recap

The other sects want to have a new sect leader. The sects let the priests handle Ngai Seung. The priest made his daughter vowed not to tell Yat Hong about Ngai Seung today. The priest’s daughter doesn’t want to do it. The priest asked his daughter to die in front of her ancestors. The priest’s daughter held the sword and about to kill herself. The priest took the sword and pointed toward himself. The priest’s daughter promised the priest. The priest’s daughter hugged the priest and died. Yat Hong’s friend came in the prison and pointed a sword at Ngai Seung and said he has to scratch her face. The priest brought his injured daughter to Yat Hong and said Ngai Seung beat her up.

Yat Hong came in the basement. Ngai Seung pushed his friend back. Ngai Seung held Yat Hong’s hand and asked him to leave with her. Yat Hong asked Ngai Seung why did she injure the priest’s daughter. The priest cheer Yat Hong to kill Ngai Seung. Ngai Seung told Yat Hong she never hurt the priest’s daughter. Ngai Seung got mad and about to fight with the priest. Yat Hong accidentally pointed his sword at Ngai Seung. Ngai Seung pointed a sword toward herself since he didn’t believe her. Ngai Seung ran in the woods in the rain. Ngai Seung thought of Yat Hong. She wakes up and found her hair turned white. She screamed and denied she’s a demon. She ran on the shore and cried. Ngai Seung said there’s no chemical that turned white hair to black hair. From now on, she won’t meet Yat Hong again. Yat Hong performed martial arts and said Ngai Seung must have been really hurt. He only has regrets for the priest’s daughter. Yat Hong dip soup for the priest’s daughter and asked her if she has anything she wanted to accomplish. She wants him to eat and take care of his health. The priest’s daughter apologized to Yat Hong.


The official’s wife asked the girl to leave. The girl said she has no shelter. The girl wants to stay with the official’s wife to take care of her. She would like to be her disciple.

The master pray in front of Seung Ling’s grave. The master’s daughter arrived home and cried and hugged the master. The master’s daughter said the sect leader’s disciple has ran away. The master said Ngai Seung can’t help her. She is dead. Ngai Seung stared at the master’s daughter by the window and left. The master and his daughter visited the tribe. The master’s daughter saw the sect leader’s disciple dancing. A villager invited the master and his daughter for a drink. The and the master’s wife fought with the soldiers. Some soldiers killed the man. The master fought with the soldiers. The master hugged his wife. The master’s wife said the man has accidentally killed one of their wives. The master’s wife asked the master to take care of her baby. The master said he will treat it like his baby and will teach him martial arts. The master did a funeral for the man.


The priest told Yat Hong he’s tired of him and he can leave Wudang if he wants. The priest asked Yat Hong what about his daughter that isn’t as good as Ngai Seung. Yat Hong promised the priest he will take care of his daughter. Ngai Seung fought with some sect members. The master’s daughter eavesdrop on the official ordering a person to steal treasure from the palace. Some assassins fought with the soldiers. The official’s daughter fought with the assassins and told the other official that the official is the mole. The scholar threw powders and looked after the master’s daughter. The scholar’s father arrived and arrested the assassins. The scholar told the master’s daughter though they are against the government, if an outsider attack their country, they will defend the government. The scholar’s wife chat with the master’s daughter and said she will find a good man. The general told the prince that the eunuch is collaborating with the rebels. The eunuch servant told the eunuch that the prince suspect him of collaborating with the rebels. The sect leader’s disciple fought for food with the paupers. The sect leader’s pauper ache his head and punched the paupers.




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