Smart Kid episode 1 recap

The series starts with some soldiers attacking the village. The villagers search for water. The villagers found a karma poem about the majesty on the branch. The villagers fought with other villagers on the tribe. Dicky interrupted and stood on them and asked them why do they fight, everyone has a mother. A villager told Dicky that the other villager wouldn’t return the bowl to him. Dicky told the villager hat the villager needed the bowl to give birth to the newborn baby. A villager complained that the other villager asked him to pay 20,000 taels for a chicken because the chicken always lay eggs. The dicky gave an analogy of a pair of chopsticks is like people who fits with other people’s personalities.

A kid monk told the two teenage monks that the monks from the other temple wanted to compete with them in their prayers. Dick’s master asked Dicky to cook. The rival monks asked Dicky three IQ questions. Dicky yelled and said he knows the answer. The monks laughed at Dicky for not knowing the third answer. Dicky meets with the three monks in a room and punched them. Dicky said they are wrong, the person who works in the temple isn’t a monk. The monks apologized and left. The elder monk told Dicky he has to punish him hundred spanks for gambling and playing the monks. Dicky said he only watched the prostitute dancing at the brothel. It’s good to watch it because he would not be seduced by the ladies.


The elder monk punished Dicky to chop a hundred logs or else he can’t take the exam to be the monk. Dicky chopped the woods. The villagers said they saw gold falling from the tree. The villagers took the hammers and chopped the trees. Dicky laid on the wood while the villagers chopped the woods. Dicky said if people aren’t greedy, they wouldn’t work hard. Dicky brought hundred woods to the elder monk and said he worked hard chopping the woods causing his legs to be shaky. The elder monk ordered Dicky to pack up. Dicky told his mother the monks have been good to him and didn’t let him cook. The majesty pray every three years so he brought the tea roses here. Dicky’s mother encouraged Dicky to work hard to pass the exam to be a monk.


Dicky asked the kid monks a math equation and said it equals 30. He already calculated ahead. They need to be smart. He never passed the exam because he isn’t focused but now he will pass it for his mother. Dicky mimicked the monk teacher wile he lectures. Dicky answered the riddle but the elder monk fell asleep and told him that he wanted to be come a monk for his mother. Dicky told his mother to not worry, he will pass the exam eventually. Dicky piggyback his mother down the mountain Dicky asked his mother if he remembers he used to piggyback him from one house to another and he promised he will piggyback him when he will grow up. Dicky’s mother told Dicky she wasn’t mad at him for not passing the exam since she knew he didn’t want to be a monk.

The Ming Emperor dressed up as a commoner saw some paupers begging on the street and gave them some buns. A performer forced the majesty to give him some money. Dicky showed the performer his doughnut and asked him to pay thirty taels. The performer said he just accidentally smelled it. Dicky told the performer the majesty accidentally passed by him, why did he asked him to pay. Dicky asked the majesty to treat him lunch since he helped him.

During lunch, Dicky asked the majesty to rate the ladies. The majesty rated 8 while Dicky rated 7. Dicky told the majesty he must haven’t seen many pretty ladies. The man asked Dicky an IQ. Dicky answered it and asked him an IQ. The majesty asked Dicky there are ten candies in the master’s house two were blown. Then he blew one more. How many is still lighting? Then he turned the window. Bosco said there are seven candles still lighting because the other three already been burnt. Dicky asked the man there’s a doctor that took the daughter to eat but why did she said he isn’t her father. The majesty said it’s because the doctor is a female so the daughter called him mom instead. The majesty asked IQ that there’s two babies who were born at the same date and year but are not twins by why. Dicky said it’s because it’s a triplet. Dicky asked the majesty why does he likes to ask him question, because he is a pig. He asked him why he’s a pig. The majesty drinks with Dicky for losing to him. The majesty bids farewell to Dicky and said he has a feeling he will see him again. Dicky asked the majesty what is 1,3,5,7,9. Dicky left and said he was just joking and let the man guess.


Dicky’s master nitpicked on Dicky for practicing another martial arts. A master told Dicky’s master that he knows Dicy is talented so he didn’t teach him martial arts since he can cause trouble.



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