Smart Kid episode 2 recap

The majesty visited the monks at the temple. The prince warned the monks to keep the jade carefully. Dicky and the kid monk swing while eating bananas. Dicky gave a corn to the kid monk to feed the bird. Dicky sneaked in the room looking at the seven colored bird in the cage. The troops went in the room. Dicky escaped. The troops pointed a sword at Dicky. Dicky said he’s a good guy. The majesty ordered the troops to move out. The majesty said he’s the majesty but he didn’t believe him and made fun of his name. The majesty told Dicky that he told him they will meet again. Dicky said the majesty knows he will come to temple just like everyone knows their mother is a woman. The majesty told Dicky he likes him always pleasing others. Dicky asked the majesty why does he wander around the street as a majesty. The majesty told Dicky he was observing the commoners on the street but they are destined to meet. The majesty hopes there will be a big rain to lessen the suffering of the people and will make him feel better. Dicky believes one day there will be rain just like they can win during gambling. The majesty told Dicky his words are easy to hear. Dicky said to not praise him, praise his mother of giving him birth with common sense. The majesty told Dicky he only met him twice but he gave him a feeling of trust. He wouldn’t talk much with others. Dicky said he also feels the same. Perhaps because he doesn’t have a father, he feels close to him. The majesty asked Dicky if they need to be sworn brothers. Dicky told the majesty they need to be clean.


The prince told his guard when the world is in chaos, he can rebel and the world will belong to him. During the ceremony, the majesty stared at the dead birth in the cage and fainted. The prince pinched Dicky and accused him of killing the bird. Dick claimed he saw the bird alive when he left. There are many reasons the bird could have died. It could have died from hunger, from the heat, or from falling down. The prince doubt if it was heaven’s will for the bird to die. Perhaps, the heaven isn’t satisfied with the emperor. Dicky suggests the prince to keep on praying. Dicky asked the prince to give him one day to find another bird or the monks will be executed. The monks whined to Dicky how is he going to find another bird. The doctor told the majesty that he will only live for six months. The commoners rebel thinking they are going to die anyway. Dicky prevented the commoners from fighting with the soldiers. Dicky stood on the rock and said the majesty is a good king. Give him one day and the majesty will be well. Dicky thinks of how to find the bird. The majesty hopes the world will be peaceful. The majesty told Dicky he did a good thing preventing the chaos. The majesty told Dicky he can’t prevent the commoners from coming. Dicky told the majesty he now believes being a good emperor is hard.


Dicky asked the majesty to believe he can solve this problem. Dicky told the elder monk that it seems god doesn’t care for them and why do they have to pray. The elder monk told Dicky that it lies on the fault of the people losing hope. When they lose hope, they pray. Dicky said if they can make the people feel relieve then the problem will be solved. Dicky asked the monk to stay here. The monks organized the temple.

During the ceremony, the prince asked the monks where’s the bird. The monks pray. The prince ordered the monks for execution. Dicky whistled and dressed up as a bird and said he’s the bird. The guard asked Dicky if he can fly. Dicky flew using his parachute and threw water at the guard and said he told him that it will rain but he didn’t believe it. Dicky told the prince he had a dream that there’s a treasure under the tree. The guard dug out a triton and read two poem. Dicky said it means it will rain. The prince confronted Dicky of burying the triton. Dicky asked if he hid his sword and wanted this world to be in chaos. Dicky asked the everyone to pray for one hour and the clouds will appear red.



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