Smart Kid episode 3 recap

The monks watches the performers. Dicky asked the monks and the commoners to step outside to watch the red clouds. Dicky said the world will be shining. Dicky told the monks he was playing illusion of when they see too much fire they will have an illusion of the fire being red. Dicky told his master he always wanted to see those performer performing but didn’t have any money. Dicky’s master punished Dicky by chopping two hundred woods. Dicky discusses about flower teas with the majesty. The majesty ordered Dicky to search for the person who planted those flower teas. The majesty gave Dicky a jade and said if he finds the person who planted those flower teas, he will give him many golds. The majesty sighed about finding his long lost wife who planted those flower teas and his son. The majesty feels mutual with Dicky and hopes Dicky can solve this task for him. He feels after he solved the arithmetic 1,3,5,7, 9, then he will be reunited with is son.

Dicky asked the elder monk what is the difference between having a brain and intelligence. The elder monk told Dicky when he knows the answer, he will already be a monk. Dicky bids farewell to the monks. The monks happily cheers for Dicky to leave.


Li Bing Bing and the scholars stood in the ceremony but the new monk teacher didn’t come. The teacher punished Li Bing Bing and the students to write a hundred letters. Li Bing Bing told the teacher that the previous teacher was willing to leave and has nothing to do with them. Li Bing twisted his poem that whoever talk with common sense they will listen. Li Bing Bing told the teacher that she heard that his mother is also a female. The teacher criticized Li Bing Bing of being a scholar as a female. Li Bing Bing told the teacher he shouldn’t assume that she couldn’t write those poem. The teacher said he is worried for his students. The scholars threw books at the teacher as he left the room.


Dicky bought teapots and paintings. Dicky bought some umbrella and ate lunch. Dicky arrives at the temple. The monk chopped a stack of brings on the top of Dicky’s body as a greeting of being a monk. The real monk arrives. The monks threw Dicky out of the temple. Dicky realizes he went to the wrong temple. It’s raining and Dicky is hungry. He Mei Tian brought a bowl of rice to Dicky. Dicky visited the monk. Dicky asked the monk why does the majesty let him serve him. It rains. Dicky ranted while he cleaned the floor and want to finish his mission faster so he can come home. Dicky complained about the place being too messy. He went outside and saw Li Bing Bing crying. Dicky picked up he bracelet and smelled it. Dicky wakes up the next morning and the monk beat him. Dicky dressed up in his new uniform. The monk took Dicky to the new school to teach and the scholars about discipline. The monk laughed and told Dicky he will enjoy himself.




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