Smart Kid episode 5 recap

Xing Feng and three other guys got beaten up. Two scholars took Xing Feng seats during lunch. Dicky watches the scholars playing scholar and asked Xing Feng why doesn’t he played soccer and if he has a hobby. Xing Feng bumped into the scholar. The scholar asked Xing Feng to apologized and said his family is cruel. Xing Feng said if he punched him, it will only dirty his hands. Dicky followed Xing Feng to the gambling house and gambled. Xing Feng came. Dicky told the gamblers that he is Xing Feng’s teacher. Xing Feng throws Dicky out of the gambling house. Xing Fengpractices boxing and heard the servants talking about a beautiful prostitute. Xing Feng punched the servant. The servant told Dicky that he heard Xing Feng is very mean and has a mean father and got stabbed.


He Mei Tian gave the music teacher his novel and asked him not to misplace it. Dicky asked the the scholar where’s Xing Feng. The scholar lost his bag of money. Dicky and the scholar search for his money in two separate ways. Xing Feng played golf and his box opened and the bag of money is in it. The scholar confronted Xing Feng of hiding his money. Xing Feng punched the scholar. Dicky picked up the cricket from He Mei Tian’s hair. Xing Feng hung up the scholar. Dicky sighed that Xing Feng did invite him to play golf with him. Dicky teased the teacher he didn’t have a fun childhood since he never played golf. Dicky visited Xing Feng and asked him to show him his flower teas. Dicky asked Xing Feng where’s the big gambling house. Xing Feng asked Dicky if he believes he didn’t steal the money. Dicky said of course he believes him since he is his student. He only stood there waiting for the victim to find him then he will return the money. Dicky asked Xing Fengto come to school tomorrow. Xing Feng said he won’t come to school anymore. Dicky asked Xing Feng to come. Dicky pointed at Da Guan and said he has to come.


The teacher asked Dicky to taste his meat dish. Dicky ate it all and apologized since he lost money during the gambling. The teachers asked Dicky about Xing Feng. The teachers told Dicky he has to fire Xing Feng. Dicky played hockey with the scholars. Dicky encouraged Xing Feng to pushed the ball to the goalie. The crowd cheered when Xing Feng won the game. Dicky ate with Xing Feng and asked him to let him visit his house someday and teach him to plant flower teas. The scholars confronted Xing Feng of winning the game and they tried to chop him. Xing Feng’s father came with the guards to the temple and asked the teacher who has bullied his son. Xing Feng’s father ordered the guards to fight with the scholars. Dicky fought with Xing Feng’s father and said he’s one of the top ten martial artist of Ming. Xing Feng’s father said he came her to find the three scholars who has bullied his son. Dicky’s scholars yelled they won’t give out the three scholars. Da Guan arrived to school and told his father that he started to fight with them. He wants to solve this problem alone. The teachers told Da Guan they are kicking him out for causing the fight.


Dicky told Xing Feng he knows it isn’t all his fault. Xing Feng told Dicky he knows he wants to hang out with him just for the flower teas. Dicky heard the teacher plays the harp. Dicky asked the teacher aboutXing Feng’s personalities. The teacher said being a musician, he needs talent. The teacher said Da Guan used to put the harp on the floor. He wasn’t impulsive but he had a fever. Dicky said NXing Feng still goes to school when he is sick which means he cares about it. Dicky asked the three scholars how did they fight with Xing Feng. Dicky punched the three scholars. They begged Dicky to forgive them. Dicky asked his students who has never bullied someone. The students threw books at Dicky. Dicky asked the scholars if any of them have never bullied Xing Feng. Dicky said Xing Fengalways come to school everyday. If they want to know someone, they have to use their ears and eyes.



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