The romance of the white hair maiden 1995 episode 16 recap

The eunuch captured the sect leader’s disciple. The eunuch wants to manipulate the sect leader’s disciple. The eunuch manipulated the sect leader’s disciple against the general. The general got injured. The thunder shocked the sect leader’s disciple. A captain arrived and saved the general and the sect leader’s disciple. The servant asked the eunuch if he should get rid of the captain. The captain told the prince that the sect leader’s disciple has been manipulated by somebody. The majesty promotes the captain. The eunuch got mad. The servant told the eunuch that god is jealous of him and the majesty is afraid of him so he uses the captain against him. The sect leader’s disciple stays in coma. Lin Ngai Seung fought with some men who attacked the villagers in the woods. Lin Ngai Seung went in the cave and sighed that she ended up like her master losing everything for love. Yat Hong takes care of the priest’s daughter. The priest’s daughter has a nightmare of Lin Ngai Seung wants to kill her due to stealing her husband. The priest’s daughter told Yat Hong she doesn’t deserve his love. The priest’s daughter told Yat Hong at the ceremony, Ngai Seung didn’t injure her. Her father punched her to alienate him and Ngai Seung. Ngai Seung has saved them but they have framed her. It is her karma to be ill. The priest’s daughter asked Yat Hong to find Ngai Seung. The priest’s daughter died.


The priest mourned about his daughter’s death. Yat Hong confronted the priest of punching his daughter causing her to die. The priest said he forced his daughter to lie but it is for the good of the sect. The other priest told Yat Hong he has looked down on the sect multiple times. Yat Hong carried the priest’s daughter out of the temple. Yat Hong did a funeral for the priest’s daughter. He apologized her and hopes she lives a better life her next lifetime. Lin Ngai Seung thought of Yat Hong and said it’s just a trick. An old master game in the cave and gave Ngai Seung a bottle of medicine. The old master told Ngai Seung he has healed all those people she has injured. The old master said he is the legendary doctor. The old master told Ngai Seung though she kills other, she knows what is good and bad. He sees she wrote love poem on her wall. Ngai Seung madly asked the old master to leave.

The majesty got mad he lost three loyal generals. The Manchu asked the eunuch when they will be able to overthrow the majesty. The eunuch planned to attack the captain. The river has been covered with poisons. The scholar and the master’s daughter fought against the Manchu soldiers and found the sect leader’s disciple. The scholar’s father askeD the captain to serve him but he refuses and persist serving for the majesty.


The master’s daughter took care of the sect leader’s disciple. The master’s daughter held the sect leader’s disciple’s hands and asked him to wake up. Yat Hong asked the master to let him see Ngai Seung. The master said Ngai Seung is dead. Yat Hong said he saw Ngai Seung. Yat Hong said he mistaken Ngai Seung and the sect forced him to go against her. The master punched Yat Hong.



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