The romance of white hair maiden 1995 episode 17 recap

The master told Yat Hong that he won’t spare him even if he doesn’t fight back. He hurt more than killing her. He has caused her to have have white hair. Yat Hong asked the Buddhist why did he separate him and Ngai Seung. Ngai Seung stared at Yat Hong and left. Some soldiers attacked the scholar’s wife’s friend. Yat Hong threw knives at the soldiers. Yat Hong told him he’s not the sect leader anymore and would like to find Ngai Seung. The scholar’s wife’s friend found it a pity that Yat Hong doesn’t worry about helping the majesty but only worries about love. The scholar’s wife friend told Yat Hong he wants to help the people. He suggests Yat Hong to come with him and perhaps he can find Ngai Seug here.

The priests are planning to find another new sect leader. Yat Hong was the best one. The priest suggests the two priest’s disciples compete for the sect leader post.


Yat Hong’s friend drank and sighed that the priest chose Yat Hong as the sect leader. Now they have another disciple to compete with him as the sect leader. Yat Hong’s friend sneaks in the library and stole the manuel. The priest fought with Yat Hong’s friend and took off his mask. Yat Hong’s friend begged the priest to give him one more chance. The priest told Yat Hong’s friend to come with him to the court. Yat Hong’s friend begged the priest to forgive him. The eunuch servant punched the priest. The eunuch’s servant made a deal with Yat Hong’s friend to steal the manuel and kill the priest. The eunuch’s servant killed the priest. The eunuch forced Yat Hong’s friend to assassinate the majesty or he’ll disclose about him stealing the manuel. The eunuch gave Yat hong’s friend the manuel of one hundred and eight steps of martial arts. Yat Hong has a duel with the disciple and injured him. Yat Hong’s friend becomes the sect leader.

The prince received an invitation to go to the sect’s ceremony. Yat Hong’s friend invited the prince in the temple to pray. Yat Hong’s friend punched the prince from the back. Yat Hong’s friend the prince felt dizzy and died. The captain accused Yat Hong’s friend of killing the prince. The doctor told the eunuch that the prince died from a cold.


The little prince becomes the king. The eunuch promised the Manchu he will send some troop to him. The little prince read the documents and wonder why those documents are speaking against the captain. The eunuch forced the little prince to punish the captain. The eunuch gave the little prince the edict to stamp to send someone to spy on the captain. The eunuch asked the official to collaborate with him to rebel.

The scholar’s wife friend gave Yat Hong some buns but he refuses to eat. Yat Hong fainted on the hills and asked for water. Yat Hong wakes in the cave and saw Ngai Seung.



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