Smart Kid episode 7 recap

The teacher told Dicky that Da Guan Da Guan didn’t have the fee to register for the school. He wanted to exchange his two chickens to pay the fee so he let him sworked in the school to pay his bill. Dicky found Da Guan hiding under a cauldron of wine and asked him to have the courage to stand up and confronted the people who broke his kite and ruined his house. Da Guan said he stole two roosters and one egg. He doesn’t want small things to stop him from studying. The life of normal people is hard. Da Guan splash the water on the river and said he’s not afraid to work hard but he doesn’t want to suffer from poverty. Every morning, he thought of his parents. He must pass the exam to see his parents.

Two guys bumped into Da Guan and laughed at him and calling him stinky. They asked him to crawl under his bottom. They put leftovers meat on his bowl of food. Dicky called Da Guan useless. The monk said he should kick Da Guan using martial arts. Dicky opened the kite contest and asked the scholars to participate. Dicky said there will be chicken and roast pork and fruits. Dicky deals with the scholar if Da Guan wins the contest, he will not bully him anymore. Dicky told Da Guan he will buy his crops so he will concentrate on practicing flying the kite.


The scholars dropped the kite manuels and the teacher picked up. The teacher asked the other teacher to prevent the scholars to fly the kite since it distract them from their studies. The other teacher suggest them to be judges for the kite competition. He Mei Tian asked the music teacher if seeing the scholars flying kites remind him of something. Xing Feng drew a dice on his kite. Dicky asked Xing Feng if he’s afraid people will be scared of him since he owns the gambling house.

Dicky got mad at Da Guan plant the crops instead of flying the kite. The monk said Buddha did say he forced the weak to listen to him. Da Guan asked Dicky to ignore him. Da Guan ate a pear and stared at his kite. Da Guan read a letter on the ground witten by Dicky apologizing for criticizing him for eating chicken and he may be free to do what he wants. Da Guan told Dicky he wants to fly a kite. The teacher yelled at Dicky for writing a note on random place. Da Guan gave Dicky and the scholar his fresh pears. Da Guan said he remembered his mother gave him pears. He won’t disappoint his mother.

Li Bing Bing asked the scholar to run faster. The kite fell down and broke. Li Bing Bing said she will choose this kite to fly in the contest. This is the first kite she made. Li Bing Bing cried and hugged her wrecked kite. Dicky standing on the tree while eating pears and teased Li Bing Bing of crying for her kite. Dicky asked Li Bing Bing to admit losing tomorrow. Dicky took Li Bing Bing’s kite and asked her to go home. Dicky gave Li Bing Bing the kite stick. Li Bing Bing told Dicky she will punch him. Dicky asked Li Bing Bing to go home and make another kite.


Li Bing Bing showed the kite she made to He Mei Tian. Li Bing Bing said she will use the kite to beat that jerk Dicky. Li Bing Bing’s father asked Li Bing Bing if he needs to teach her how to respect her teacher. Li Bing Bing left to her room. Li Bing Bing’s father said Li Bing Bing is serous when she plays. Li Bing Bing’s mother said he wouldn’t understand the suffering of being a female. Li Bing Bing’s father asked Li Bing Bing’s mother to bear him a son. Dicky teased Li Bing Bing to let him see her kite to see how far it will fly. The teacher said the scholars been studying hard and they need some leisure time and fly a kite. Dicky ordered the scholars to fly their kites.


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