K9 Cop episode 12 recap

Raymond confronted Bosco of playing with his phone. Bosco criticized Raymond of punching Tracy’s friend in the hospital. Raymond criticized Bosco of arguing with Linda. Kayi called Raymond that Tracy left the hospital. Raymond hurried and ran to his house picking up the keys below the rug and closed the door. Tracy knocked on the door and told Raymond it won’t be easy for him to have the house. Tracy went in the police station reported to Raymond that her husband stole her keys. Raymond interrogates Tracy. Raymond asked Tracy why did he steal the keys. Tracy said he wanted to divorce her afraid he won’t give her securities. Tracy said she woke up and found out her husband punched a guy and she felt nervous but also touched. He still cares for her. He is afraid of saving someone else then lose her so he broke up with her. Tracy asked Raymond if he finds it naive. Raymond told Tracy that police beating a person isn’t not good.

An officer told Raymond that his boss wants to see him. Raymond’s boss yelled at Raymond for punching someone in the hospital. Raymond asked his boss if his wife has been kidnapped and another woman asked for help who would he save first. Raymond’s boss told Raymond he needs his explanation. Raymond’s boss told Raymond it isn’t right for him to drive an expensive car to work. Raymond’s boss sent Boss to the station and give out his gun.

Tracy asked Raymond if his dream was to be a cop and why did he give up so easily. Tracy told Raymond they will go back and explain to his boss that he was afraid she will mad he didn’t do anything for her so he punched that jerk. Raymond asked Tracy if she’s happy he is not a cop. Tracy told Raymond she can yell at him but no other person can. Raymond asked Tracy to not be nice to him anymore. Raymond told Tracy he can’t be good to her as she is good to him. He used to worry she loves money more than him but he she worries about him more. Tracy asked Raymond to fight for her instead of breaking up. Raymond hugged Tracy and said no one can’t live without the other and she is strong. Tracy asked Raymond if she can’t. Raymond said she will lose sleep and feel lonely but she will understand they have broken up. She is too upset that she didn’t want to pick up money but don’t worry she won’t be sad anymore. Tracy told Raymond he just want to prove she can’t lose him but she won’t lose. Raymond drove his car and cried.


Bosco passed his exam. The female dog officer showed Bosco and his two colleagues around the dog bathtub. Linda praised Oscar on his improvement on his writing and she suggested Oscar and Angel to take a license exam. Linda teaches Oscar and Angel some english pronunciation. Oscar pointed at Bosco that he can’t pronounce the r sound. Oscar teased Bosco as his brother has Hemorrhoids with the letter r in english. Linda stared at Bosco pulling his pants up and she asked him to put on his sweater. Bosco told Linda she always sees him at the embarrassing moment. Linda told Bosco that embarrassing is just a feeling. It would be better if he didn’t care what other thinks of him. That time when he piggyback her down the mountain, it came from his heart. Bosco told Linda she wanted to use him to investigate her mother. Now she put him aside after he’s done his task. Linda asked Bosco if he considered her as a friend so she tried to change her attitude. She felt she caused him to be mad so she explained to him but he misunderstood her more. She will investigate her mother’s case alone and won’t bother him.


While Bosco let Bahda rest, some girls want to take pictures with Bahda. Some kids showed Bahda their lollipops. Bosco told them Bahda can’t eat junk food. As Bosco walked Bahda, a cat got out of the trash and Bahda chased it. Rebeca asked Bosco to take a bath for Bahda and then change his clothe. She wants to take him to a place.

In the bookstore, Rebeca told Bosco that dogs enjoy anything that has movement. Rebeca told Bosco that it will take time for him to control Bahda. Rebeca gave some books to Bosco to give it to Oscar. Bosco saw Linda with her cap on and wearing sunglasses. Rebeca asked Bosco why did Linda follow her. Bosco told Rebeca that Linda followed her ex boyfriend from Australia. Linda invited Bosco to her house and said he has helped her which means he considered her as a friend. Linda asked Bosco why did he say she was heartbroken. Bosco told Linda he has set up for her to make it seems she is heartbroken so her mother would feel sorry for her and don’t suspect her. Linda asked Bosco how to make up her love story. Bosco held a strawberry and said it is a heart and he asked Linda to use her imagination.

Kayi followed her friend and saw him dropping a watch on the cup of water and asked the salesman to wrap the watch for him. Kayi is surprised that her friend suddenly turned rich. Kayi told her friend she thought he was his twin brother. Kayi’s friend told Kayi that he was afraid he would make it hard on her because she hired a thief. Kayi’s friend told Kayi that he bought twenty of her books to support her. He gave her the golden watch but she gave it back. Kayi’s friend looked at the watch and thought of Kayi.


At the movie theater, Raymond watched a movie and cried during the cop scene. Tracy’s friend dropped his phone and Raymond picked it up. Tracy told Raymond everytime he’s upset, he watches a cop movie. Tracy told Chris she didn’t want to go to the movies and dined with him but she would like him to help her with Raymond’s case. At the parking lot, Raymond saw Tracy drunk and walked out with Risk. Raymond’s colleague called Raymond they found some drug in the watch. Tracy got affected by drugs. Risk touched her. Kayi’s friend told Risk that he lost the pills on the watch when he got rid of Katie’s body.



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