HK-Korean Drama Expression

K9 Cop episode 13 recap

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Tracy wakes up and got out of the car and return to her house. Chris told Kayi’s friend there are many similar watches as his. Kayi’s friend said he noticed his house was surrounded by police. Kayi’s friend picked up multiple cans of beer and drank it at a convenient store. The cashier called Kayi. Kayi came. The cashier asked Kayi to pay for the beers. Kayi found a pack of hundred dollar bills and a bag of drugs. Kayi’s friend snatched it back and said a friend gave it to him. Kayi said this is marijuana and he made lots of money from them. Kayi said she has to call Bosco. Kayi’s friend gave Kayi some money. Kayi said she doesn’t want to meet him again. Kayi’s friend begged Kayi and said he only bought those drugs for him. Kayi asked her friend how can he earned that much money.


Bosco pointed to a few objects and showed Linda about the feeling of love. Linda said loving a person too much can cause hatred. Bosco suggest Linda to give her supposed boyfriend the name Alfred. Linda asked Bosco to take a picture of her with an old man. Bosco asked Linda how could her mother believe it. Linda asked a random man to take a picture of her. The man put her arm around Linda. Linda checked the photo and sees there’s a tattoo on his arm. Bosco asked Linda why does she let other man put their arms around her instead of her. Linda told Bosco she doesn’t want to give him too much hope. Bosco laughed and said she thinks too much. At the beach, Bosco stared at Linda wearing her dress. Bosco and Linda too some pictures together on the beach. Linda walked Bahda toward Linda. Bosco and Linda asked Bahda to come take a picture with them but he is scared of water. Bosco carried Linda on the beach. Two females called for help in the water that there’s something on the water. Bosco and Linda praised Bahda of being a good dog. Bosco hangs out with Linda on the beach. Bosco search for his camera. A guy sold his photos to Linda and Bosco. Bosco tore the portion of the photos so the photos only has her.


Bosco invited Rebeca for diner. Linda carried her purse. Linda stood on the balcon and about to jump. Rebeca asked Linda to wake up and said she was sleepwalking. Linda said she had a dream of her and Alfred on airplane and he was about to jump and asked her to jump too. Linda said after Alfred dumped her, she began to sleepwalk. Rebeca asked Linda to move in with her. Angel saw some cockroaches and leaned on Oscar. Oscar said if she saw some cockroaches and there was a guy, she would also leaned on him. Angel said girls only leaned on guys who she trust. Linda thought about when she leaned on Bosco which means she trust Bosco. Bosco asked Linda to step down. Linda leaned on Bosco.


Raymond’s colleague told Raymond that Katie fainted from drinking too much drugs. Raymond suspects Chris. Risk drinks his coffee and received a call for his member about the amount of drugs. Raymond followed Chris. Chris picked up Tracy. Chris asked his friend for the machine cause Tracy’s company needs it. Risk’s friend said another company already bought it. Risk wants to buy it but his friend rejected. Tracy and Risk left. Chris drove and pushed his car on the box and apologized to his friend. Raymond passed by and greets Risk. The convenient store’s cashier told Kayi’s friend that Kayi carried him last night and he shouldn’t drink anymore. Kayi’s friend held Kayi’s book and watches Kayi signing autograph.


Risk called Kayi’s friend to attack Raymond for him. Kayi’s friend asked Kayi why did he changed the character of the clown. Kayi’s friend told Kayi he will protect her. Chris gave Raymond a bottle of coffee at the bar. Raymond told Tracy that Chris isn’t a good guy. He seen her going out with him twice. Raymond feels hot. Raymond takes off his jacket and wanted to rape Tracy. Risk came. Raymond grabbed Tracy’s neck. Bosco grabbed Raymond.


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