Dark Tales 2 episode 9 recap

Kan Yu got seduced by Rouge while Chi Niao fought with her friend. Chi Niao’s friend told Chi Niao to look at the roses. Kan Yu and Rouge already made out. Chi Niao wondered if it is god’s will. Chi Niao blames herself. Chi Niao returned home and told Ah Ying about her set up of the roses and unfortunately Kan Yu went on the bed. Ah Ying said if Kan Yu doesn’t have Rouge in his heart, he won’t fall for Rouge. Ah Ying asked Ah Ying to not bug in her business with Kan Yu. Kan Yu wakes up and sees Rouge on the bed. Kan Yu said he doesn’t know what happened last night. Kan Yu told Rouge though he was drowsy last night, he truly loves her. Rouge told Kan Yu he won’t believe her. Kan Yu gave Rouge his fortune paper that her mother gave him.


Kan Yu returned home and told Ah Ying she doesn’t need to wait for him to come home to eat. He was busy. Ah Ying asked Kan Yu what was his task that was so important. Kan Yu asked Ah Ying if she doesn’t trust him. Ah Ying told Kan Yu he hopes he would be honest since they are married. Kan Yu said nothing happened. She just suspect too much. Ah Ying asked Kan Yu if he doesn’t love her anymore. They’ve been suffering too much together. Kan Yu told Ah Ying he didn’t tell her because he doesn’t want to hurt her. He meets a lot of people and can’t tell her. She just needs to be a good wife.

Ah Ying meets with Rouge .Rouge told Ah Ying she is gorgeous which is why she has fail to gain Kan Yu’s attention. Rouge told Ah Ying to not use those tears to make her feel pity for her. Ah Ying begs Rouge to leave Kan Yu. Ah Ying told Rouge that Kan Yu promised to only love her. Rouge laughed and said Kan Yu said he always dreamed to sleep with her and won’t leave her. Ah Ying said Kan Yu only temporarily love her for the time being. Rouge showed Ah Ying the fortune paper that Kan Yu gave her. Ah Ying said Kan Yu made a vowed that he will only love her. Rouge told Ah Ying that she doesn’t understand men. If men keep their promise, then the sun will rise from the west. Rouge took Ah Ying to the brothel to see how dirty men can be. A man told Rouge he loves her and vowed to leave his wife. The man’s wife came and pinched his hear and said he promised he will always love her. Rouge told Ah Ying there are many guys who promised her. Kan Yu is only one of those men. Ah Ying asked Rouge if she will not leave Kan Yu. Rouge told Ah Ying she needs to have the power to keep her husband. She can only blames herself if she loses her husband. Rouge played the harp and asked Kan Yu to leave since Ah Ying criticized her and called her a slut. Kan Yu told Rouge it doesn’t matter as long as he understands her. Ah Ying watches Kan Yu making out with Rouge and she cried and left in the rain.


Ah Ying has a fever and asked Kan Yu not to leave her. Rouge threw the teapot and got mad that Kan Yu did not come in a few days. Rouge said if this woman wins against her, she will lose her face. Chi Niao came and asked Ah Ying if Kan Yu made a mistake with her. Rouge’s maid came and told Ah Ying that Rouge invited Kan Yu to the brothel. Chi Niao yelled at the maid. Ah Ying told Chi Niao that she believes Kan Yu will come back to her. Chi Niao came to Rouge’s room and called her a slut. Rouge asked the servants to fight with Chi Niao. Chi Niao uses her power against the servants. Chi Niao slapped Rouge twice and warned her not to bother Kan Yu and ruin the relationship between him and his wife. Rouge pretends to be ill and told Jackie that she is ill fated. Rouge’s maid told Kan Yu that there’s a girl who called Rouge a slut and she slapped her and warned her not to meet him or she’ll kill her. Rouge said she rather die than not seeing him again. Kan Yu dropped the sword and hugged Rouge. Chi Niao picked up Ah Ying. Ah Ying received a letter from Kan Yu to evaluate herself. Chi Niao held the pearl and told Ah Ying if she dies, then she will kill Kan Yu. Ah Ying asked Chi Niao not to kill Kan Yu. She smelled the pearl.

Rouge held a big pearl necklace and asked Kan Yu she wants this necklace. The store owner is willing to reduce the price of the pearl necklace for Kan Yu. Kan Yu deals with the store owner to make an installment payment for the necklace in five months but the store owner refused. Rouge left. The store owner told Kan Yu if he wants to court girls, fifty thousand taels is only a small amount. Kan Yu saw Wen Hsien leaving the sedan chair and staring at Rouge. The prostitues called Kan Yu a poor man whom still follow Rouge. Kan Yu gave Rouge the pearl necklace. Rouge said she only likes the big pearl necklace. Kan Yu told Rouge that the big pearl necklace isn’t worthy for Wen Hsien. Rouge told Kan Yu that borrowing money everyday is not good. Rouge told Kan Yu to give the small necklace to Ah Ying. Kan Yu promised Rouge he will give her a bigger necklace than Wen Hsien.


The demon sneaks in Ah Ying’s room searching for the pearl. Kan Yu gambled at the gambling house and lost money. Kan Yu drinks and said he lost everything. The priest told Kan Yu to sell his special treasure then he will give him cheque. The priest showed Kan Yu the pearl in his house. Ah Ying generates energy with her pearl. Kan Yu looked at Ah Ying suspiciously. Kan Yu gave Ah Ying a pearl and asked her about the green light. Ah Ying said it is a pearl to lighten her garden. Kan Yu told Ah Ying as long as he has the money, he will give her a good life. Ah Ying drank and fainted. Kan Yu searched for the pearl and found it. Chi Niao looked after Ah Ying Ah Ying ache her heart and doubt Kan Yu took it. Kan Yu gave the priest the pearl in exchange for money. The priest transformed to his normal self the demon and left. Chi Niao tied up Kan Yu with the fabric and said the pearl is Ah Ying’s life. Ah Ying didn’t want him to worry so she didn’t tell him. Chi Niao showed Kan Yu about Ah Ying aching. Kan Yu told Chi Niao the demon has the pearl. Chi Niao said she must taken back the pearl.


Dark Tales 2 episode 8 recap

Kan Yu becomes the constable. The constable sent his servant to return the handkerchief to Rouge. Rouge got mad. The official sent Kan Yu an invite to his anniversary. Another official sent him an invitation to meet with him. Ah Ying told her maid they don’t need to serve her. She knows they help each other out. Ah Ying asked her maid how she can be a good wife. The maid told Ah Ying wives listen to her husband. Ah Ying hopes she can wash clothes and cook for her husband. The maid said she also needs to sew embroidery. Ah Ying registered for a sewing class. In the class she tried to inserted the string through the needle. A girl told her mother that Ah Ying is so dumb dont’ know how to insert the string into the needle. Ah Ying prepared clothes for Kan Yu but forgot to buy presents.

Kan Yu greets the official and apologized for being too busy and forgot buying him gifts. During diner, Ah Ying looked at the food and ran and threw up. Kan Yu apologized to the official and left. The official got mad. Ah Ying told Kan Yu that they have cooked her bird species. Ah Ying apologized to Kan Yu that she has embarrassed him. She has tried to learn to be a human. Ah Ying showed Kan Yu her embroidery. Ah Ying told Kan Yu she will attend the party when she gets used to meat.


Kan Yu watches Rouge playing the harp. Rouge asked Kan Yu to drink with him. Rouge asked Kan Yu if he feels guilty or he doesn’t dare to. Rouge drinks with Kan Yu. Kan Yu thanks for her drink and left. Kan Yu’s guard told Kan Yu that Ah Ying made friends with his daughter in the sewing class. Kan Yu told his guard he doesn’t need to mention it. The official introduced a Prince Wen Hsien to Kan Yu. Ah Ying practices slicing the meat and threw up. Kan Yu’s guard saw Ah Ying praciticing slicing the ham. Kan Yu apologized to Wen Hsien he’s busy so if he doesn’t mind his guard will lead him today. Kan Yu meets Rouge. Wen Hsien passed by Kan Yu on his road and asked Kan Yu if he was busy. Kan Yu said he visited Wen Sien after finishing his task. Wen Hsien greets Rouge. The guard teased Kan Yu of skipping work to met with Rouge. The guard told Kan Yu that his wife doesn’t know how to be a wife so it is normal for him to meet Rouge.

Ah Ying cooked fish and chicken for Kan Yu. Kan Yu promised he won’t make a mistake for her. Kan Yu brought a new harp for Ah Ying. If she knows how to play the harp, she will forget what happened. Rouge got mad that Kan Yu didn’t come. Rouge isn’t satisfied of not receiving affection from Kan Yu. The maid told Rouge she’s worried if she keeps on focusing on Kan Yu, she wil lose Wen Hsien. Rouge said Wen Hsien would love her more if he wait for her. After he plays with Kan Yu, he will seduce Wen Hsien.


Ah Ying played the harp for Kan Yu. Ah Ying practiced playing the harp but couldn’t do it. Kan Yu told Ah Ying, she can’t play the same tune. Ah Ying said she will change to her normal outfit and play her flute. Rouge played the harp. Kan Yu ran and meet with her. Rouge hugged Kan Yu.

Ah Ying sits and generate energy for the pearl and put it back in the box. Chi Niao came and asked Ah Ying if Kan Yu is good to her. Ah Ying told Chi Niao Kan Yu is good to her and went home early and bought her new clothes. Chi Niao said hearing this makes her mad, and can’t believe Kan Yu forgot his promise and changed his heart. She heard from other fairies that Kan Yu is infatuated with Rouge. Chi Niao worried that Kan Yu is here with her but his heart doesn’t belong to her. Chi Niao showed the mirror of Kan Yu hanging out with Rouge. Rouge told Kan Yu many guys fell for her but no one is as honest as him. Chi Niao asked Ah Ying if she remembered her promise of if Kan Yu betrayed her, she will kill him. Ah Ying said Rouge is pityful and perhaps Kan Yu feels sorry for her. Kan Yu told Rouge if she doesn’t mind, he can be her brother. Chi Niao told Ah Ying that love isn’t as simple. Ah Ying believes that Kan Yu and Rouge are innocent. Chi Niao told Ah Ying she will make sure that Rouge and Kan Yu won’t fall in love.


Chi Niao wrote a letter from Wen Hsien and put it on Rouge’s desk under Kan Yu’s name. Chi Niao sent a letter to Wen Hsien under Rouge’s handkerchief. Wen Hsien has another task and asked Kan Yu to meet with Rouge for him. Chi Niao’s friend put some spell on the roses. Rouge passed by the roses and laid on the bed. Chi Niao saw Kan Yu touched the roses and she wants to prevent him. Chi Niao’s friend pushed Chi Niao and said to go with god’s fate. Rouge felt so hot and saw Kan Yu.


Dark Tales 2 episode 7 recap

Kan Yu told Ah Ying he has never met her. The first time he met her was in the stream. Ah Ying said fifteen years ago, she’s been injured by a demon and there was rainstorm. Kan Yu played with the parrot. Kan Yu found out that Ah Ying was his parrot. Kan Yu promised Ah Ying he will marry her. During that time, she was manipulated by the spell of the demon. Ah Ying told Prince Ying she has to marry Kan Yu. Ah Ying told Prince Ying Kan Yu has broken the spell for her. Prince Ying said this is just a kid’s promise. Heaven and the Earth is different. Kan Yu said he has to keep his promise. Kan Yu is willing to take the dead sentence but he will always love Ah Ying. Prince Ying gives Kan Yu a task of filling the well with the water. After he finishes filling the water, he can marry Ah Ying. Chi Niao told Ah Ying that Kan Yu may not truly love her. Kan Yu fainted. Ah Ying told Kan Yu that they are not fated to be together and he should leave. She is willing to marry Prince Ying. Chi Niao told Kan Yu that Prince Ying will wash out his memory and he will live normally on the earth. Kan Yu asked Ah Ying if she can forget her promise fifteen years ago. He as to marry her. He will not regret sacrificing his life to fill the water. Ah Ying bowed in front of Prince Ying that she can’t marry him. If he sentences Kan Yu death, she will die along with him.


Prince Ying took Kan Yu and Ah Ying to the death hole. Kan Yu jumped down the black hole. Ah Ying jumped alone. A hawk, Prince Ying picked them up. Prince Ying told Ah Ying and Kan Yu they have passed their love test. Kan Yu vowed to love Ah Ying eternally and keep her promise of the cave. Ah Ying uses her power to take out her pearl and be a normal girl. Chi Niao asked Ah Ying to keep the pearl carefully or else the demon will steal it. Prince Ying and the fairies confirmed Ah Ying and Kan Yu’s marriage. Ah Ying and Chi Niao and the girls danced. The fairies bid farewell to Ah Ying and Kan Yu. Kan Yu asked Ah Ying to called him as her husband.

Kan Yu took Ah Ying to his house. Kan Yu saw his tablet. The villagers surrounded Kan Yu and said his soul is here. Kan Yu asked the villagers to not believe his hunter friend. The hunter becomes the constable and told the villagers to arrest this demon. Kan Yu said if he didn’t help him then the tiger would have eaten him. Ah Ying said Kan Yu isn’t a demon since he has his shadows. A villagers called Kan Yu a coward. Kan Yu called the hunter a coward. Kan Yu said the hunter almost got bitten by the tiger. He climbed on the tree and let him fight with the tiger. Then the hunter was afraid Kan Yu would tell out so he stab him Luckily, a pack of birds saved him. He fell down the mountain but some fairies saved him. The hunter asked Ah Ying if she was the fairy he was talking about. The hunter laughed at Kan Yu for make up a tale and married a girl with unknown identity. The hunter said he’s a victim, Kan Yu was trying to stab him then fell down the hill. The hunter told Kan Yu he wanted to retrieved his house from the elder lady and take his merit back. The elder lady gave Kan Yu a bag of rice.


Ah Ying cooked and broke her boiling pot and the fire occurs and burned the house. Ah Ying cried that she’s useless. Kan Yu showed Ah Ying his chicken. Ah Ying threw up and said she has never eaten meat. Ah Ying feels hungry while sleeping. She wants corn. Kan Yu stole some corns and accidentally stepped on the block alerting the villagers. The villagers beat up Kan Yu. Ah Ying tries to figure out a way to find money to find a doctor for Kan Yu. Ah Ying went to her house and saw Chi Niao. Chi Niao set up the house for her. Ah Ying thanked Chi Niao but she wants to suffer with Kan Yu. Chi Niao transformed it back to the wrecked house. The doctor demanded Ah Ying to pay for the medicine. Chi Niao stole the silver from the doctor and gave the doctor his silver. The doctor realized he lost his silver and asked Chi Niao if she stole her silver. Chi Niao asked what trademark does the silver has. Chi Niao gave Ah Ying a gold. Ah Ying asked Chi Niao to take it back. Rouge dances and ate with the hunter. Kan Yu stared at Rouge. The hunter asked Rouge to tell Kan Yu to come up and sell the fruit to them. The hunter laughed at Kan Yu is a good liar. Chi Niao served tea for Rouge and brought a wildcat. The hunter stared at the wildcat and got scared and climbed on the pole and asked Kan Yu to save him. The hunter apologized for stabbing him and begged the wildcat to spare him. The official removed the post from the hunter. Kan Yu gave the hunter his tiger fur.


Dark Tales 2 episode 6 recap

The hunter asked Kan Yu and his friend to hunt the tiger for him. In the woods, Kan Yu and his friend saw the tiger. The tiger jumped on Kan Yu’s friend. Kan Yu held the tiger’s jaw and pushed the shovel and killed the tiger. Kan Yu’s friend worried that others will know he’s a coward, he chased Kan Yu and trying to kill him with a shovel. A pack of birds chased Kan Yu’s friend. Kan Yu fell down the hill. A tornado arrived. Kan Yu saw the tornado absorbed the parrot. Kan Yu jumped in the tornado and rescued the parrot. Ah Ying turned into her real self and stared at Kan Yu. Kan Yu asked the girls if they saw an injured parrot.


The girls told Kan Yu it was Ah Ying who saved him. Ah Ying played the flute and told Kan Yu, she picked him up from the shore. Ah Ying gave Kan Yu some water. Kan Yu asked Ah Ying if this is the god’s river based on the mythology. Ah Ying told Kan Yu this is a peaceful place so they have lived here but if this is a god’s river in his heart then it is. Ah Ying hung out with Kan Yu and showed him a fruit and claimed it isn’t poisonous as everyone said. Kan Yu told Ah Ying he should give her a flower. Ah Ying said he also received flowers when she was ten. Ah Ying asked Kan Yu to close his eyes. Ah Ying played the flute and called her bird. Her bird flew Kan Yu. Ah Ying and Kan Yu sleeps in the cave. Kan Yu looked at Ah Ying while she sleeps.


The next morning, Ah Ying played the flute to Kan Yu. Ah Ying introduced Kan Yu to her sister Chi Niao. Kan Yu told Ah Ying that before he was here, hthe parrot got absorbed by the tornado. The parrot resembled his parrot. Ah Ying picked up feathers in the woods. Ah Ying asked Chi Niao if she can help her be with Ah Ying. Chi Niao said she can’t break the god’s rule. Kan Yu asked Chi Niao where’s Ah Ying. Chi Niao said Ah Ying has left. They don’t like having guys on the mountain in the winter. Kan Yu told Chi Niao he wants to bid farewell to Ah Ying before he leaves. Chi Niao said Ah Ying doesn’t want to see him. She didn’t bid farewell to him three days ago when she left. Ah Ying arrives home and didn’t see Kan Yu. Chi Niao leads Kan Yu out of the mountain and said he should forget Ah Ying because she doesn’t want to see him. Ah Ying chased Kan Yu and her basket of feather fell. Ah Ying told Kan Yu she picked up feathers to make him a jacket for the winter. Ah Ying asked Kan Yu if he will stay. Kan Yu said he will stay with her even if he dies from the cold.


Ah Ying and Kan Yu counted the feathers and it’s missing one to reach 1000 feathers. Chi Niao brought a white feather and said perhaps this is fate. Ah Ying and Kan Yu make a jacket together. While Kan Yu is sleeping, Ah Ying used her power to put more feathers on the fabric. Kan Yu and Ah Ying watches the snow together. A demon uses dhis power on Kan Yu. The demon chased Ah Ying and Kan Yu. Chi Niao used her power on the demon. Chi Niao and the parrots used their powers tying up the demon. Kan Yu told Ah Ying she’s also a fairy. Ah Ying said fifteen years ago, she became a parrot who lost her power. Since he kept his promise to save her, she regained herself to her normal form. Kan Yu told Ah Ying he doesn’t mind if she’s a parrot or a human, he will not leave her. The demon chased Ah Ying and Kan Yu. The Hawk saved them and fought with the demon.

Ah Ying asked Kan Yu to leave since they can’t be together. Kan Yu refuses to leave. Kan Yu and Ah Ying came to the Prince Ying’s cave. Prince Ying wanted to punish Kan Yu bying giving him a death sentence for discovering this place. Ah Ying begged the senior to punish her. The servant made an announcement Prince Ying has chosen Ah Ying as the queen of the parrots. Kan Yu asked the senior to punish him. Ah Ying apologized to Prince Ying she can’t marry him because she has an arranged marriage with Kan Yu fifteen years ago.


Rural Hero episode 11 recap

The two gang members watches Jackie talking to his friend and Poon during their wedding. The two gang members followed Jackie. Jackie saw a car following him. Jackie changed his path of driving home. Poon told her sister she is very happy today. The two gangters beat up Poon’s sister at the parking lot. The two gang members pointed a gun at Jackie’s friend and asked him where is is Jackie. Poon’s sister saw the two gang member beating Jackie’s friend. She ran and got shot by the gang member. Jackie’s friend ran and got shot by the gang member by the knee. Jackie told his father that on his way home, he was being followed. Jackie received a call from the hospital. Poon cried and told Jackie she saw her husband and her sister on the parking lot. Poon hugged Jackie and cried and said her husband has died and her sister is in the emergency room. Poon asked Jackie how is her sister. Jackie told Poon that her sister is fine but she may lose her brain cells.


Jackie told Jessica he has a feeling that the robber’s target is him. The gang got pissed that Poon’s sister didn’t die. Poon, Jackie, and Jessica did a funeral for Jackie’s friend.

At the hospital, Jessica showed Poon’s sister her camera and asked her if she remembered they were journalist and she loved taking photos. Jackie complimented Jessica hardworking working as a journalist and taking care of Poon’s sister. The ladyboss gave Jackie a suggestion of moving Poon’s sister to her hometown. Fiona’s mother blinked her eyes and felt something bad is going to happen. Fiona told her mother that her new job is even worse than her last job so she quit. Fiona asked Poon if Jackie talked about her. Poon told Fiona that Jackie did tell about her faking to have an advertising job but she won’t bug in other’s business.

Roger’s brother smoked weeds and asked Roger’s friend to smoke it. Roger’s friend smoke weeds. Roger’s brother asked Roger’s friend to pay for his weeds. Roger’s friend refused to pay. Roger’s brother beat up Roger’s friend. Roger prevented them. Roger’s friend told Roger that his brother said he ate without payinG. Roger’s brother and his friend beat up Roger’s friend on the street and got caught by the police.


Fiona’s sister argued with Poon about egotism and egoism has the same meaning. Poon quit her job to take care of her sister. Roger gave Jessica a pack of fifty thousand dollars for her to keep it for her. Roger asked Jackie to take care of his sister and introduced her a boyfriend. Roger and his friend went in the boat during the night. Roger told his friend he misses Jessica. The cops asked the boat to stop. Roger and his friend jumped on the beach and the bag of money dropped on the beach. Roger’s friend grieved about losing millions of dollars. Jessica told Poon’s sister that the magazine writer promised to give her an autograph of her idol Cindy kep an extra doll for her. Fiona’s father told Fiona that she only ate with them two times. Fiona’s father said Fiona is busy at her advertising firm. Fiona’s mother asked Fiona about her boyfriend and she has to pick a stable one.


Perspective always changes

It’s pretty cool how our view always changed as we grow more and more into our lives. Here’s my rambling thoughts.

When someone bash you, you tend to feel down but don’t take it personally. I used to be bashed for not reading wuxia novels but I liked Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber 2000 the series. But everyone got different opinions. Some wuxia fans said though they read the novel but they still loved Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber 2000. I used to feel down when some fans bashed me for not being chinese but still watch tvb series. I’m vietnamese by the way. But as time passed by, I feel those views doesn’t matter. I’m an American Asian and that’s my identity. Little things like “You’re not chinese” or “You haven’t read the wuxia novels” doesn’t matter. Why fuss over small things when we have bigger things to worry about in life? I used to wonder how it is to be a drama blogger. Now that I’m a drama blogger, I just feel that it’s just a hobby nothing that special. I’m an American Asian and Asian Dramas and Asian Pop aren’t well known in America that’s why I don’t fully dedicate full time in drama blogging cause I only see it as a hobby. It doesn’t matter if we watch more dramas than others or not, it doesn’t mean anything. Just enjoy the drama and relax.

I gotta admit that my knowledge about asian culture is not high but I grew up watching hk dramas and wuxia.

When someone bash your favorite dramas, you shouldn’t take it too personal and waste time venting too much over it. There’s always more important and happier things to think about or do. Is it worth to be upset over little things?

I don’t really feel watching asian dramas helps me escape from reality. I feel music helps me more with that. For dramas, it depends on which dramas and how good and fun it is to watch.

❤ Jac.

Rural Hero episode 10 recap

Jackie and his friend raced on the bike. Jackie’s friend feels guilty of stealing his girlfriend. Jackie told his friend love can’t be forced and he is satisfied Poon is with him. Jackie drank and accidentally dropped his photo with Poon. Jackie told his grandma that he worked too much and neglected Poon. Jackie told his grandma that his friend and Poon matches either other, he can take care of her and they both likes to cook. Jackie’s grandma said she doesn’t know when he will get married.

Jessica showed Poon’s sister a photoshop photo of a criminal and a baby. A gangster picked up a magazine and looked at his photoshop image of plastic surgery. The gang member laughed at the gangster’s face. The gang deals with a member to share the money from 8 to 2. The member wanted to share 7 to 3 but the gang grabbed him and asked him if he wants him to kill him. Jessica’s father looked at the magazine and told Roger and Jessica whoever write this article is stupid offending the big triad.


The triad robbed Jessica’s company. Two members ran into the car and left behind their third member. The third member pointed a gun at Jessica in the elevator. The gangster pointed a gun at Jessica outside the building. Jackie’s friend came. The triad asked the cops to handcuff Jackie’s friend. Jackie’s friend drops the quarter. The cop shot at the gangster. The two gangsters saw their their third member died.

Jessica wakes up in the hospital and told Poon she still feels scared. Roger visited Jessica. Jessica’s father yelled at Jessica for working at the journalist firm without telling him. Poon and Jackie’s friend told Poon’s sister that Jessica’s father do care for Jessica which is why he yelled at her and visited her at the hospital. Poon’s sister laughed that they think alike. The gang followed Jackie’s friend. Poon cooked diner for Jackie’s friend. a character shot on the tv show and Poon got freaked out. Jackie’s friend puts the band-aid for Poon. Poon told Jackie’s friend she was really scared seeing the triad pointed a gun at him. She asked him not to leave her. Jackie’s friend asked Poon to marry him. Jackie’s friend called Jackie and said they will get married soon. Jackie asked Poon to let him be the groom’s men.

The people told Jessica they saw her on the news last night. Jessica’s father yelled at Jessica. Jessica told her father he won’t agree with whatever she does. Jessica’s father told her she’s dumb. Jessica said she doesn’t want to work has a store clerk everyday. Jessica left and told Roger she knows her father prefer men over women. The ladyboss told Jessica that her father cares for her. Jessica wants to stay in the ladyboss room. The ladyboss let her stay for two days. Jessica went out and patted a dog and saw some organs and threw up. Jackie told Jessica he used to throw up seeing some dead bodies but got used to it. Jackie suggests Jessica to either avoid it or watch it several times until she get used to it.


The gangster angrily shot the member and threw some money. The gangster heard Poon’s sister asked Jackie’s friend if Jackie will come to his wedding. Jessica’s mother told Jessica’s father there were rumors of him kicking Jessica out of his house. Jessica lost the lady’s boss key. Jessica’s father asked Jessica if she didn’t feel comfortable sleeping in the room. Jessica’s father told Jessica she would feel more comfortable writing in her room. Jackie returned home and saw his father. Jackie’s father asked Jackie if he has a girlfriend. Jackie asked his father if he thought of finding a wife. Jackie asked his father about his mother. Jackie’s grandmother told Jackie only his father and his mother know what happened between them.


K9 Cop episode 15 recap

Kayi’s friend ate noodles and thought of her asking if he did drugs so he always hide. Bosco colleague gave Bahda some food but he doesn’t have the motivation to eat. A gangster told Kayi’s friend that his boat has been discovered and the triad is hiding and the cop had its drug splashed on his eyes. Kayi’s friend watches Kayi holding Bosco’s hand and cried. Kayi’s friend wants to replace his eyes for Bosco. He told the doctor that Bosco is pitiful raising his sisters. The doctor told Kayi’s friend only a relative can do surgery. Bosco took his fabric off and told Kayi’s friend he’s not blind. The doctor blindfold him afraid of contamination when he cleaned his eyes. Bosco took Kayi’s friend in the room and said he’s the suspect who survive the most and his friend. Bosco told Kayi’s friend he knows that he hate people who do drugs since his father got addicted to drugs. His father used Tracy to steal drugs for him and pushed her on the street to act pitiful and beat her so she cries. Bosco asked Kayi’s friend if he wants to confess and witness Risk.

Raymond wakes up and search for Tracy. Tracy told Raymond if she hasn’t heard for her brother that Risk is harming him, she wouldn’t be a mole for him. She saw her in the news standing on the top of the ceiling and screamed. Raymond told Tracy since she can’t be with another guy, then they should start over. Tracy asked Raymond if he thought if he isn’t with her, she won’t feel safe. Raymond told Tracy he won’t give her to anyone else since no one loves her more than him. Kayi drew her picture book.


Some people looked at Bahda. Bosco said he likes Bahda because he helped saving him. A girl gave a pink collar for Bahda. Bosco didn’t let her. She cried. Linda told the girl that Bahda is a male dog and she should do a superhero collar next time. Bahda ran and barked at a female dog. Bosco tried to pull Bahda back. Linda told bosco he can’t blame Bahda since sometimes we can’t control who we like. Bosco asked Bahda if Linda called him a male dog.

Someone reported to Bosco there’s a crazy naked man at the mall. The crazy man teased Bosco while standing in front of the escalator. Raymond chased the crazy man. The man stood in front of Bosco in the elevator. Bosco relased Bahda and bit him. Kayi’s friend served Bosco and Raymond at the hospital. Raymond told Bosco he hired him because he saved Tracy.


Kayi took her friend’s hand and said he doesn’t need to explain to Bosco. Kayi’s friend stayed and told Bosco to continue eating and stop wasting his serving. Oscar is lazy to study. Oscar told his wife that he can earn more by selling his tennis shoes. Kayi encouraged Oscar to study hard to pass his license test. A student told Angel that Oscar always sells him stuff. An employee left Oscar’s store since he couldn’t store all his shoes. Angel asked Oscar why did he hired him since he used to do marijuana.

Linda called Bosco that she’s in her mom’s room and what should she search. Bosco told Linda to read her mom’s diary and put it back on the same place. Linda said she has messed up while searching the room. Rebeca went home and asked Linda why did she search her room. Linda pretends to sleepwalk and asked Rebeca if she wasn’t meeting with her old schoolmate. Rebeca tried to wake Linda up. Linda told Rebecca she didn’t sleepwalk. She took a glass of water and just went to close the window afraid she will catch a cold. Rebeca watches State of Divinity 19884 and found Ren Ying Ying beautiful and said many people said she looks looks like her when she was young. Linda drinks tea and said she heard putting tea bags on her eyes will help her not to sleepwalk. Bosco’s colleague told Bosco she heard Madam uses iced green tea on her eyes. Bosco laughed and asked Rebeca who suggested her to put green tea on her eyes.


At the restaurant, Bosco ate the food very fast and afraid people will laugh at him eating with Raymond alone. Bosco and Raymond watches Linda chatting with his boss at the restaurant. Rebeca sat with Bosco and Raymond and said she matches Linda with his boss so she could forget Alfred faster. Rebeca pushed Bosco and Raymond’s heads down on their dishes. Bosco asked Rebeca if he thought his boss has a problem since he doesn’t have a girlfriend at this age.

Linda suggests Angel to name her baby Patricia. Angel told Linda that Bosco’s english name was Alfred. Bosco watches Linda packing her suitcase. Bosco told Linda he didn’t mean to use his english name. He wanted to pretend to be her ex boyfriend so she can patch up with her mother. She has a mother who cares for her. Linda told Bosco she packed her stuff because she remembered she promised her friend Albert to use her suitcase. Linda told Bosco ever since she jumped on him when she’s scared she wondered why did she do that. Linda told Bosco that when she held on to his boss’s hand she didn’t had any feelings on him. Linda did an anology of a male dog would smell a female dog. Linda asked Bosco to kiss her to test her reaction.


Wuxia Blogs recommendation!

Since SPCNET and Wuxia Edge has retired from the Wuxia Blogging World. Tears Cry. But there are still many good wuxia blogs you guys can check out for your wuxia love. Wuxia Rocks and A Virtual Voyage also grew up with TVB and Wuxia like me!

A Virtual Voyage Used to be a fully HK TVB Series blog but she switched her focus on chinese dramas and wuxia.

Wuxia World Translate Wuxia Internet Novels.

Bedrockgames blogs about wuxia movies from the 80s.

Wuxia Rocks facebook fanpages updating about new wuxia series.

You guys should check out Wuxia Rocks and Issthblade interview about Wuxia here Wuxia Rocks and Issthblade Interview


Brendan Davis: Can you tell me a little about your background and your work at Wuxia World?

Deathblade: I’m a Californian born and raised (not of Chinese heritage) who started studying Chinese in around 2007. Believe it or not, one of the main things that got me interested in Chinese culture was the release of the movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Eventually, I even moved to China, where I still live right now. As the years went by, I decided to try my hand at translating some wuxia fiction into English. Initially I did it to improve my reading and vocabulary, but then it turned into a hobby. I started out with some lesser-known Gu Long books, and eventually even tried my hand at a modern novel by Taiwanese novelist Giddens Ko.

Later, I was contacted by the owner of Wuxiaworld, translator RWX, who was looking for someone to work on translating a popular Chinese web novel called I Shall Seal the Heavens, or ISSTH for short. ISSTH is a classic xianxia novel about a young Confucian scholar named Meng Hao who gets caught up in the world of Immortals. The novel was incredibly popular in China, and has also become one of the most popular web novel translations currently being released.

BD: Web novels seem particularly popular with Chinese audiences. I’ve seen a number of series that started as web novels. Can you talk about some of the more well known web novelists and the place web novels have in the culture (which seem to be taken more seriously there than over here)?

DB: Honestly, as far as the popular authors go, it’s a huge topic. Some of the top authors known to the English-speaking world are I Eat Tomatoes, Tang Jia San Shao, and Heavenly Silkworm Potato. I Eat Tomatoes is probably the most well-known. It was the translation of his novel Stellar Transformations that started the entire Chinese web novel translation scene. The author of ISSTH is Er Gen, and although he’s relatively popular in the English-speaking world, he’s actually a newcomer to the web novel scene, and is sort of a rising star.

Actually, I think web novels are popular in China the way that comic books or pulp sci-fi/fantasy novels are popular in America. They are are highly profitable and have huge audiences, but aren’t necessarily viewed as “literature.” For however many people love them, there are plenty of people who ridicule them.

BD: Wuxia is used somewhat broadly in the US to mean a range of genres, can you speak a little about the definition of wuxia and talk about related martial arts genres that are popular in Chinese media?

DB: Wuxia generally refers to martial arts stories that do not take place in modern times. Usually they feature fantastic martial arts abilities and skills that make the heroes capable of performing feats similar to western superheroes. Although there are occasionally magic and fantasy elements to wuxia, the most typical and classic wuxia is a bit more grounded in reality. Although the heroes accomplish impossible feats by means of manipulating the Qi in their bodies, they usually do not possess powers of high magic.

A genre very similar to wuxia is xianxia. Whereas wuxia literally means “martial heroes,” xianxia means “Immortal heroes.” The protagonists practice magical cultivation techniques, with the goal of becoming Immortals, or even beyond. Many times the characters literally become gods. Have you seen movies with guys flying around on giant swords, shooting energy out of their fingers, summoning dragons, etc.? Chances are you were watching a xianxia movie.

In addition to these two, there is another popular genre called xuanhuan or “alternative fantasy.” These stories take elements from wuxia and xianxia and mix them with Western fantasy, sci-fi and other genres to create a mash-up genre that is incredibly popular.

BD: What genre is of most interest to you?

Wuxia always has and always will hold a special place in my heart. I specifically prefer stories with wandering swordsmen who have adventures in Jianghu. Recently, I have been draw to xianxia, mostly because my current translation is considered classic xianxia. Xianxia transports you into a mythological world that far exceeds the bounds of the usual fantasy, or wuxia, setting.

BD: Why are official translations of wuxia and similar genres so scarce in English? Do you think we will see more printed translations of writers like Gu Long and Jin Yong in the future?

I think there are a many, many reasons. Perhaps the most obvious is that these stories are difficult to translate. You either end up with something that differs in many significant ways from the original, with the goal of making the novel more readable to general audiences, or you end up with something awkward-sounding in English, but more accurate to the original Chinese. The easy-to-read translation misses out on a lot of the “heart” of the original Chinese, and angers dedicated wuxia fans, whereas the accurate version is not something wider audiences would be attracted to.
Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils

Another reason printed translations is scarce is that the wuxia genre itself is not relevant to the general English-speaking audience. In China, wuxia stories are like stories about knights, pirates, or Robin Hood in Western countries. It clicks culturally. For English-speaking audiences, wuxia is exotic and strange, sometimes even unbelievable or silly. Without explanations of why the wuxia heroes can fly, shoot needles out of fans, immobilize people by hitting pressure points, etc., many Western readers tend to pass it off as “not realistic.”

After the release of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon there was a surge in popularity in wuxia, which is one of the reasons a handful printed translations appeared. That popularity has long since dwindled. Without something in mainstream popular culture driving an interest in wuxia, xianxia and other Chinese genres, I think it will be difficult to create a demand for printed books.

BD: I’ve often found explaining the reasons for the powers goes a long way toward getting American viewers to give the wuxia genre more of a chance. Could you elaborate on some of these elements and maybe discuss how some of them have been misunderstood in the west?

I agree, and one of the problems is that in wuxia movies or books, the powers and abilities usually aren’t explained in detail. Such things are so deeply ingrained in Chinese culture that it’s not necessary. Take, for example, “qinggong,” the ability to make the body lighter and faster to the point where flight and other superhuman abilities are possible. This is a martial arts skill based on real techniques, exaggerated in Chinese fiction to superhuman lengths. However, such abilities can be read about in Chinese books thousands of years old!

Essentially, the source of the wuxia special powers comes from manipulating the Qi and energy of the body in various ways. Again, this is an actual practice in martial arts, just exaggerated in wuxia.

It’s easy to make the argument that wuxia heroes have powers that are no different from many comic book superheroes. While that is true, there is a major difference between the two that tends to cause Western audiences to be put off. In comic books, there is always an explanation for the super powers. A spider bite, a mutation, cosmic rays… there is always a “logical” explanation for the powers. In wuxia, there is no “explanation.” The powers are just there, the result of “practicing martial arts” or finding that “secret manual.” Because wuxia is generally presented as taking place in the “real world,” Western audiences find it hard to reconcile. Like you said, I think the only way to solve the problem is for wuxia lovers to do their best to provide explanations and be passionate about sharing what they like with friends and family.

I think a third problem is special effects. With a very few exceptions, the visual portrayal of wuxia abilities has been poor. In some of the blockbuster movies like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, House of Flying Daggers and Hero, the flying and other special abilities was portrayed in such an artistic way that it seemed more like dancing than fighting. Alternatively, in other movies where it was supposed to be “cool,” the effects were so poor it just looked stupid. All of this leads to further misunderstandings and distaste on the part of general audiences.

: How long does it take to translate from the original language into English and what are some of the challenges that may not be obvious to readers?

For the current story I’m translating, each chapter is about 2,500 or so Chinese characters, which tends to result in an English translated version of 2,000-2,300 words. Considering I’ve already translated over 600 chapters, I’ve gotten quite used to the author’s writing style and quirks. I translate a lot faster now than in the beginning. Currently, if I focus and work quickly, and no difficult passages come up that I need to research, I can finish a chapter in 1.5 hours. Sometimes I run into Chinese characters, expressions, slang etc. that require further research, which can lead to a chapter taking 2 or even 2.5 hours. After that, the chapter gets proofread by my proofreading team, then I edit it, which takes about 20 minutes. Therefore, the total time from when I begin translating a given chapter to when it is ready for release usually costs me about 2-3 hours.

The ISSTH translation started out relatively slow, with only 5 chapters being translated and released per week (the author usually releases 3 chapters per day in Chinese!!) As the translation gained popularity, I began to increase the chapters per week, first to 7, then 12, finally to 14. Recently, I made the decision to leave my regular full-time job here in China to focus solely on translation. Right now I release between 14-17 chapters of ISSTH per week, and expect to increase it a bit more in the coming months. The novel has a total of over 1,600 chapters, and I just recently passed the 600 chapter mark, which means that at my current rate, I should be able to complete the translation in a little over a year.

Many readers are probably unaware of how different Chinese is from English. There are no formal grammar rules in Chinese, which often makes it difficult to figure out what any given paragraph is talking about. Chinese writers don’t use periods except at the end of paragraphs. Usually a paragraph is a bunch of sentences connected by commas, which makes it hard to figure out where one thought begins and another ends.

Chinese has no true past, present or future tense. You have to rely mostly on context to figure out when something happened. Generally speaking, there are no plural nouns. Does the sentence mean “the most powerful warrior in China” or does it mean “the most powerful warriors in China.” Big difference in English, but in Chinese, you have to rely on the context to figure it out.

BD: I am curious about some of the translation issues you’ve raised in the interview, in particular, humor. As a viewer, one thing that sometimes troubles me is I don’t know when something is intentionally funny or when it is due to translation difficulties. How do you find humor translates from Chinese to English and what did you think are some of the biggest misconceptions here among American readers/viewers?

Whether you’re talking about movies or written stories, there will be two types of humor. One is situational, the other has to do with language. The situational humor (into which I would lump physical humor for movies and such) seems to come across well regardless of culture. ISSTH is filled with a lot of funny situations that the English-speaking audience tends to find completely hilarious.

In contrast, language-based humor is often hard or impossible to translate. Chinese is so full of idioms and expressions, complex characters, homophones, etc. that it can make it very difficult. However, a clever translator should be able to overcome that challenge. In novels, it can be handled with clever translating or use of footnotes. In movies or TV shows, the translator might have to be a bit more creative.

In my opinion, the audience shouldn’t be left wondering if something is supposed to be intentionally funny or not. Although misunderstandings are bound to crop up, a good translator should make the humor come across for the majority of the audience. And of course, things that aren’t supposed to be funny… shouldn’t make the audience want to laugh.

For English speakers reading this interview who may be interested in learning more about these novels and web novels, but not sure where to find them or where to begin, what do you recommend?

Well of course they could go to wuxiaworld.com which is the home to some of the most popular translations out there. One good place to start is the novel Coiling Dragon, which is one of the only completely translated web novels out there. Some of the other popular translations are Against the Gods, Tales of Demons and Gods, and Desolate Era.

Other than that, I would recommend the website novelupdates.com, which features reviews, ratings, and rankings that should help newcomers find a title that is a good fit. There is also a very active Reddit subreddit /r/noveltranslations. Every few days, someone on the subreddit asks for recommendations of novels to read, making it a good place to start the search for a novel.


Brendan Davis: Can you tell me a little about your background and experience with wuxia?

Wuxia Rocks
: Yes. I was born into a family who enjoyed watching Wuxia series. At the time we were friends with the owner of an Asian video rental store, so my family would pick up various Wuxia series. That’s pretty much how I got into Wuxia. My first introduction to the genre was a series called The New Adventures of Chor Lau-heung 1984, by TVB, an adaptation of Gu Long’s Wuxia novels. Of course at the time I didn’t even know what the genre was called. I was a kid entertained by all the colorful costumes and martial arts sequences. I was hooked. And from there I would watched just about every Wuxia series as they were release. Interestingly, I moved to a different state in the early 90s, but we somehow ended up making friends with another owner of an Asian rental store. So we continued to get Wuxia series throughout the 90s. Even now, I still watch Wuxia and still keep up to date with each series, even as early as they get in production.

BD: Can you talk about your family and why wuxia was important in your household?

WR: I wouldn’t say it’s important, it’s just that when we first moved to the state, we didn’t know English very well, so we just watched Wuxia for entertainment.

BD: As a kid, did you watch the shows in their original language or with English Subtitles?

WR: Neither. At the time the only options I got were dubbed. Thankfully, it was in another Asian language I understood, so it’s fine. There were no English Subtitles for these shows back in those days.

BD: How do you define wuxia?

Martial Arts Adventure. Or as it is define, ‘Martial Hero.’ I would describe Wuxia as stories set in ancient China, with people who practiced Martial Arts for various means, whether to protect the weak and oppressed, or to become the world strongest.

BD: What do you think are some misconceptions about wuxia?

I haven’t spoken to many outside of the Wuxia fandom, but the most recent misconceptions I came across were some who think Wuxia is about Ancient heroes in fantastical settings, with magical elements, such as spells, summoning, sword riding, and mystical beasts. The reason for this misconceptions is because they are not very familiar with Wuxia to begin with, and they only caught glimpse of recent Mainland China series. The genre is ‘Xianxia’, ‘Immortal Hero’, which is different from Wuxia, as it is more fantasy base. But the genre has become very popular in recent years, thanks to series like ‘Chinese Paladin’. Of course the genre has been around long before that. But Mainland China has been producing a lot of them now, and to those who is not familiar with Wuxia, they might think that is Wuxia.

BD: For English-speakers who are interested in learning more about wuxia series produced in the 80s and 90s, before the boom of mainland series, what shows and resources might you recommend?

WR: Too many to list. But majority of them were produced in Hong Kong by TVB. While I enjoyed them growing up, I don’t think they’ll be as great to modern viewers, especially those who enjoyed the newer Mainland produced series. Not to directly compare them since they were made in different era, but those older series are low in production quality. Though they made it up with plot and acting. For anyone interested, I would recommend checking out their adaptations of Jin Yong stories. Demi-Gods, Semi-Devils 97, State of Divinity 96, Legend of the Condor Heroes 94, Return of the Condor Heroes 95, Duke of Mount Deer 98. As for the 80s, The New Adventure of Chor Lau-heung 84, Legend of the Condor Heroes 83, Return of the Condor Heroes 83, The Return of Luk Siu-fung 86, New Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre 86. There’s a lot more, too many to list. For where to get them, that I don’t know. Maybe some online sites. If you can find an English sub version, you’re in luck. As they are pretty rare.

BD: For those who might not be familiar, can you give an overview of some of the different genres beyond wuxia?

WR: Beside Wuxia and Xianxia, I don’t know as many. Historical is among them. They’re mainly focus on historical events and figures. With a mix of martial arts sometimes.

BD: What kind of wuxia series, movies and books do you enjoy?

Honestly, I enjoyed any Wuxia, as long as the story is good to me. The ones I loved most are stories written by Jin Yong; Legend of the Condor Heroes, Return of the Condor Heroes, Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber, Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils, Smiling, Proud Wanderer. And a few Gu Long’s stories as well.

What makes Jin Yong in particular so popular? How would you compare his stories to those of Gu Long in terms of style and focus?

I think what made Jin Yong’s stories popular are their universal themes. Such as family, loyalty, right and wrong. They are relatable. His stories plays heavily with ironic tragedy and poetic justice. Example being, one character who uses poison all his life, in the end dies by his very own poison. Another one, the most vicious man ends up dying by the hands of the most innocent. Men with straight face carries hidden agendas. There’s a well balance of action, drama, humor, romance, intrigue. I think it’s these elements that made Jin Yong stories so well loved. They’re filled with adventures of heroes and heroines going through trials and tribulations. Where as Gu Long’s novels they are mostly about mysteries and crime solving detectives. His characters usually starts out powerful right away. Also his novels are often split into several different arcs. These are some the differences between Jin Yong and Gu Long’s stories.

What aspects of wuxia do you think sometimes get lost in translation?

WR: Probably the terminology. Sometimes not every words can be translated accurately. Or at least convey the exact meaning. I don’t usually get bothered by these little things though. Wuxia are hard to come by as is already, any decent translations is better than nothing.

Here’s an mv of Return of Condor Heroes 95!

Dark Tales 2 episode 5 recap

At the court, Yun Luo’s servant told the official that ever since Chi Chiao left the hometown, Yun Luo got a heartache. On the 19th of September, she found her laying dead on the bed. The official said he has to investigate why her head is missing. The official asked the servant if Madam Chiao lookalike Yun Luo. He answered they look exactly the same. The official asked Chu Er Dan to explain why does his wife has the same face as Yun Luo. Madam Chiao said Yun Luo’s head was cut by the devil at the temple. Chu Er Dan said his wife looks ugly so he pleaded the devil to switch faces with a pretty female but the face is Yun Luo. The official doesn’t believe it. Chu Er Dan showed the official his black clothe. The official told Chu Er Dan he doesn’t need to blackmail him. The official bowed in front of the other official and said he had sex with the royal wife and got caught by Chu Er Dan. Chu Er Dan bowed in front of the official and asked him to think of he used to save him. The other official yelled at Chu Er Dan for using his name for his benefit. The official asked Chu Er Dan to ask the devil to come out. Chu Er Dan apologized and bowed and drink in front of the devil at the temple. Chu Er Dan got mad and scold the devil for revenging him. The official and the people watch Chu Er Dan throwing out the dish. The official said there’s no evidence of him switching Yun Luo’s head. He assumed he got infatuated by Yun Luo and killed his wife and chopped her head and uses medicine causing her to lose her mind. The official sentenced Chu Er Dan for execution. Madam Chiao said she is the mastermind of cutting Madam Chiao’s head. Chi Chiao asked Madam Chiang why does she want to die with him. Chu Er Dan told the official he found it unfair because he couldn’t move the body out of town so far in one day. The official gives Chu Er Dan three days to find Madam Chiao g and will behead him in front of the devil if he can’t find her.


In the cellar, Madam Chiang held Chu Er Dan’s hand and said if they die, they have to die together. Madam Chiao regrets of greed for beautiful face. Chu Er Dan blames himself of thinking she’s ugly. Chu Er Dan said the book said he will have kids with her. The other devils asked the devil to help Chu Er Dan since it isn’t time for him to die yet. Madam Chiao bribed the guards and met with the official. Madam Chiao deals with the official to sleep with him in exchange for her husband’s wife. The official refused and asked her to tell the truth. Madam Chiao bowed and wants to take all his crime. The official understand Madam Chiao’s feelings but murder is a huge crime. Madam Chiao returned to the cellar and cried she can’t help him. Chu Er Dan bowed and told the devil he is not a good person; he greed but these are not his wife’s fault. Madam Chiao is the best wife he has. The guard told Chu Er Dan he is his godson. Chu Er Dan bowed he doesn’t want his wife to die. The devil came.

The devil brought Chu Er Dan and his wife to the temple. The devil told Chu Er Dan and his wife there’s a way to solve this which is to switch Madam Chiao’s face back to her normal face. Madam Chiao told Chu Er Dan he has to switch his heart too since he will eventually leave her if she switch back to her ugly face. Chu Er Dan agrees. The devil switch back the heart to Chu Er Dan. A guard told the devil that he switched to a lower heart. The devil asked Chu Er Dan to find his wife’s head on the mountain. The devil turned Chu Er Dan to a tiny person. The devil told Chu Er Dan he has five hours to find his wife’s head. Chu Er Dan wondered how can he pass by the stream. Chu Er Dan saw a huge ant. The ant called Chu Er Dan his savior. The ants carried a big leaf. The ant gave Chu Er Dan a branch to travel on the stream. Chu Er Dan saw the big mountain and don’t know how to climb on it. A butterfly came and told Chu Er Dan he used to speak up for him. Chu Er Dan climbed on the butterfly. The butterfly flew on the mountain. A bird chased Chu Er Dan. He ran and fell. Chu Er Dan found his wife’s original head. The devil turned Chu Er Dan into his normal size and said he was testing him. Now he’s changed for the good he will help him free his guilt. Madam Chiang whined that her face lost one of the teeth. Madam Chiao told Chu Er Dan she will switch her face but he can’t make fun of her being ugly. Chu Er Dan said he won’t since he is more dumb. The devil said he was joking, he didn’t switch his heart to more dumb one but to his normal heart. Madam Chiao told her husband they can be back to when they used to be.



In the cellar, the guards freaking saw Chu Er Dan and his wife back to normal. At the court, Madam Chiao’s father reunite with his daughter. The official found his dream he has to be true. Yun Luo’s head is back to normal. The official said he begins to believe the devil is true. Chi Chiao’s friend said Chu Er Dan may be tricking them. Chi Chiao’s friend said if the flowers can bloom in the winter he will believe it. The colorful flowers bloomed. Chi Chiao’s friend said it is just a coincidence. The flowers bloomed on Chi Chiao’s head. Six years later, Chu Er Dan and his wife has a five years old son. They wonder why their son can’t talk at this age. Chu Er Dan and his wife and their son bowed in front of the devil. They asked their son to call the devil as their godfather. Their son called the devil their godfather and they were happy.