The romance of the white hair maiden 1995 episode 19 recap

Yat Hong threws a cage on the sect members and sprayed poison on them. The priest blamed himself of letting Yat Hong’s friend being the sect leader. Yat Hong’s friend told the priests and Yat Hong he kept them alive so they would see all their members dead. Yat Hong’s friend told the priest he is just like him that they will do anything to accomplish something. Yat Hong’s friend told Yat Hong he doesn’t know what the priests see in him. He has to prove the priests that they did a mistake by choosing Yat Hong as the sect leader. Yat Hong couldn’t believe his childhood friend would harm him. Yat Hong has a duel with his friend. The priests see that Yat Hong’s friend used the dark martial arts. Ngai Seung interfere and fought with Yat Hong’s friend and threw pins at Yat Hong’s friend.


Yat Hong called Ngai Seung. Ngai Seung continued to walk away. Yat Hong told Ngai Seung he is willing to wander around the world with him. Ngai Seung laughed that he wants to travel with an old lady. Yat Hong said he doesn’t care how she looks like. He will always be by her side. Ngai Seung took off her mask. Ngai Seung told Yat Hong that Ngai Seung is dead and she doesn’t want to see him again. Yat Hong said there’s a medicine that can restore her face. Yat Hong’s friend told the eunuch he couldn’t believe that the white demon appeared. Ngai Seung killed the eunuch’s soldiers. The lady served the priest. Yat Hong told the lady. The priest told Yat Hong he won’t forbid him seeing Ngai Seung anymore. The master’s daughter cooked for the sect leader’s disciple and taught him how to use the chopsticks. She gave him goat milk. The sect leader’s disciple asked the master’s daughter her name. The doctor told the sect leader’s disciple to not forget the master’s daughter name. The sect leader’s disciple freaked out seeing blood. The sect leader’s disciple trembles and said he’s dumb for not remembered her name. The master’s daughter hugged the sect leader’s disciple. A storyteller told the customers in the restaurant he saw the white demon. Yat Hong asked the storyteller where she is and gave him silver. The storyteller refused to tell. The storyteller told Yat Hong he only heard of her but never seen her.


A kid was playing the role of Ngai Seung and chased two other kids. Yat Hong asked the kids if they really saw Ngai Seung. Yat Hong asked the master’s daughter and the sect leader’s daughter if the doctor is her. The master’s daughter told Yat Hong that Ngai Seung doesn’t want to see him. The doctor showed Yat Hong the cave that Ngai Seung went. The doctor told Yat Hong that there’s a flower that can heal Ngai Seung to turn young but that flower grows every sixty years.

The little prince told the eunuch that the general won the battle and he thanked him for introducing him to a good general. The eunuch got mad and said he is pleased too easily with only one battle being won. The eunuch slapped the official for not being able to kidnap the white demon. The official and the eunuch’s servant begged the eunuch to give them one more chance by capturing the general. The master embraces his goddaughter.

The master told the official’s daughter he didn’t kill his son and this is his previous wife’s daughter with her son. The official’s wife fought with the master thinking he killed his daughter. The eunuch and the official watches the fight and wait for the white demon to come. The master told the official’s wife that their martial arts are on part and both of them will only get injured if they continue to fight. The official’s wife snatched the baby. The master took the punch for the baby and got badly injured. The official’s wife screamed she finally revenged for her daughter. The master said this is why her son and wife don’t accept her. She deserved the karma. She has killed her own granddaughter. The white demon came. The eunuch and the official were surprised to see white demon is Ngai Seung. Ngai Seung asked the official’s wife if she has any evidence that the master has killed her son. Ngai Seung said she can guaranteed the master didn’t do it. Ngai Seung punched the official’s wife. Ngai Seung checks up on the master. The master touched Nai Seung’s hair and asked her about her white hair. The master told Ngai Seung before he dies, he would like to see his daughter.


The eunuch and the soldiers came. The sect leader’s disciple picked up the food using his chopstick for the master’s daughter. Ngai Seung brought the master to his daughter. The master’s daughter cried. The master told his daughter to keep on living a good life. The eunuch’s servant and the official ordered the troop to attack them. Ngai Seung and the master’s daughter fought with the soldiers. The master’s daughter took the stab for the sect leader’s disciple. The sect leader’s disciple looked at the master’s daughter and regained his memory.



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