Smart Kid episode 9 recap

He Mei Tian told her father to fire the music teacher. He Mei Tian’s father asked her if she remember she played and accidentally bumped the plant on the floor but there was a miracle that caused the plant to be alive. He asked her to give the music teacher some time. He Mei Tian asked the teacher to sign the book. He Mei Tian got mad seeing the music teacher havent’ sighed the paper and she yelled at him for not focusing on his work. Dicky bumped into He Mei Tian. Dicky asked He Mei Tian why does she always argued with the music teacher. Either she wants to revenge for her parents or she likes him. A scholar practiced playing the music’s teacher song. He Mei Tian told the music teacher his song is complicated but the scholar has the talent to play this song. He Mei Tian asked the music teacher if he remembered about the meeting three years ago.

Dicky told the class about the love story of Liang Shanbo and Zhu YingTai. Dicky read the scholar’s poem and said the writing is good. The scholar said the story is about Liang Shanbo and Zhu YingTai. The class laughed at Dicky for not knowing about it. Dicky said it is not wrong for him to not kowing the story but it is wrong for them to laugh. Two scholars laughed. Dicky punished them to meet him after class. Dicky meets with the two scholars at the bell. Dicky asked the scholar if he likes music and wants to be the teacher. Dicky pulled the scholar down. The scholar said he likes music. Dicky requested the music teacher to accept the scholar as his new student. The music teacher tore the music paper and said he never admit students in. Dicky held an object and wanted to hit the music teacher.


He Mei Tian’s father suggests He Mei Tian to meet some guys. He Mei Tian asked her mother to make her some medicine. He Mei tian’s mother advised He Mei Tian to marry soon. The teacher asked Dicky why does he always ask Da Guan why does he always investigate random things instead of flower teas. Dicky asked He Mei Tian if she would like to join his class writing about love poem. He Mei Tian yelled at Dicky that he should only focus on his class and she asked him why is he so nosy and he is only a regular teacher. Dicky asked the music teacher to attend. Dicky sat on the top of the scholar and encourage him to persuade the music teacher by drinking with him and forced him to sign. Dicky told the scholar if he’s so chicken he won’t be able to court girls.


It’s raining. The music teacher held He Mei Tian’s hand and asked her if she’s alright. The music teacher plays the instrument. The teacher sighed that he heard that the music teacher and He Mei Tian have been loving each other for three years. Flashbacks of The music teacher told He Mei Tian that when a girl count pennies each day, she will know how long she has stayed with him. The music teacher sent a letter to He Mei Tian inviting her to the tomorrow for Valentine to listen to his song. He Mei Tian wait all night for the music teacher. Dicky asked the monk why didn’t the music teacher showed up that night. The monk said he doesn’t know but he knows that the music teacher has betrayed a scholar causing him to be in jail. Dicky believes the problem isn’t that simple. He Mei Tian looked at the broken glass of pennies and cried that the music teacher didn’t show up. In the present, the music teacher threw the instrument. The scholar stood in front of the school and said he has to find the teacher who put him to jail. The music teacher drinks.



Dicky and the scholars some red tapes in front of the music teacher’s room. The teacher told He Mei Tian to be ready for blind dates. Dicky teases He Mei Tian there are many teachers here for her to choose. The music teacher played music. Xing Feng asked Dicky why is she so good to the music teacher. Li Bing Bing dressed in the black outfit and put a red paper in front of the music’s teacher’s door. Dicky and Da Guan trapped her. Li Bing Bing slapped Dicky for touching her breast. Li Bing Bing slapped him again. The music teacher drinks and asked Dicky to let Li Bing Bing leave. Li Bing Bing called all men are low-class. The music teacher told Dicky he knows that Li Bing Bing did it. The music teacher asked Dicky to leave. The scholar asked the music teacher to not give up on playing music. The music teacher pushed the scholar out of his room and asked him to leave.



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