Smart Kid episode 10 recap

A teacher gave He Mei Tian a new outfit to dress up for the blind date. The music teacher puts his book down. The teacher told Dicky that the music teacher has been betrayed by a student. The teacher told the story of a student played music and the music teacher was impressed. The student got beaten up by some people. THe musci teacher used to broom to hit those people. Dicky asked why the music teacher is so like him. One time the student got framed of being a thief but the music teacher didn’t believe and bailed him out. The music teacher knew where the student was hiding. He asked him to surrender. Some guards came and the student thought the music teacher betrayed him. The teacher said it was another teacher who exposed the student. The music teacher got heartbroken and don’t trust anyone. He Mei Tian threw taels on the red roses.


A student bumped into a master on the street and the master got angry. The music teacher saw his harp good as new. Dicky asked the music teacher to thank the student. Dicky showed the music teacher his bruise he fell from the tree. Dicky told the music teacher his bruise will vanish. Dick asked the music teacher to give himself a chance. Dicky said tomorrow He Mei Tian will go on blind dates and may get married. The music teacher drinks. The master brings the troops to the school and accused the student of stealing his money. The master asked the instrument store if the student gave him fifty thousand dollars to fix the instrument. The master said he won hundred thousand dollars in the gambling house and when the student bumped into him, he lost it. The bag of money fell out of the student’s clothe. The student said he found that bag of money on the street. The student pointed his arrow around Li Bing Bing and hid in the library.


Dicky knocked on the door and asked the student to let him in. The master’s troops fought with Dicky. Dicky held a guard and said no one can come in but him. Dicky read a letter that the music teacher is leaving. Dicky rode the horse and chased the music teacher and asked him to come back. Dicky asked the music teacher to let go of his past. The music teacher asked Dicky if he’s been betrayed. Dicky said he doesn’t care about his love with He Mei Tian but the student is his student. Dicky told the music teacher, this is a good chance for him to start a new life. The music teacher refused to return and left. Dicky returned. The guards pointed a sword at Dicky. The guard asked Dicky if he knows he can execute him. Dicky fought with the guard. The music teacher arrived.

The music teacher asked the student to put his arrow down. The student asked the music teacher if he wants to give him to the guards. The music teacher asked why would he do that since he decided to leave the library. The student said he is undisciplined and no one is willing to help him. The teacher asked the student if he’s alright. The student asked the music teacher to leave him alone and he accidentally scratched him with his arrow. The student bowed in front of the music teacher and said he didn’t mean it. The music teacher said he believes him. The student said he didn’t steal the bag of money. He found it on the mountain and used it to fix his instrument. The music teacher told student he believes him because he is his student. By hearing him playing music, he can tell he is kindhearted. He must face the truth like he does.

The music teacher went with the student out of the library. The guards wanted to arrest the student but the music teacher said to arrest him first. He won’t let anyone frame his student. The guard asked why everyone likes to go to jail. He Mei Tian said the money belongs to her. She placed the bag of money on the mountain. He Mei Tian said she has collected those money for three years. She threw it because she doesn’t want to keep it anymore. The student asked the troop to go to the mountain and check it. The master told the troop to arrest the student. The master’s wife pinched the master’s ear saying he dared to go to the brothel playing with the girls. A prostitute received a bag of thousand taels and used it to buy some jewelries. She found the bag of money has his mark it. Dicky teased the guard there’s no work for him but if he wants to learn some words, he can teach him. A previous student who was in jail told the music teacher he returned here to thank him. The student said he must learn from him and Dicky to be a good teacher and focus on his music to be a good music teacher. The student bowed in front of Dicky and left. The music teacher told Dicky that he was right, the student is not only his but also everyone.


He Mei Tian gets ready for her blind date. Dicky told the music teacher he must not only worry about his scar, but also other people’s scars. He saw He Mei Tian happily sitting on the sedan chair but those things doesn’t matter to him. The music teacher chased the sedan chair and stood in front of it and asked He Mei Tian not to go. He apologized and asked her not to go on the blind date. He Mei Tian father’s got out of the sedan chair and told the music teacher that He Mei Tian didn’t want to go to the blind date so he asked him to cancel it. The music teacher explained a question to the student. He Mei Tian and the music teacher stared at each other and smiled. The music teacher got cut by the roses. He Mei Tian touched his hand. The muSic teacher chased He Mei Tian. He Mei Tian twisted her leg. The music teacher rubbed He Mei Tian’s leg. The music and He Mei Tian prayed. He Mei Tian collected pennies. He Mei Tian looked at the music teacher’s manuels. He Mei Tian sits and wait for the music teacher during the night. He Mei Tian knocked on the door of the music teacher. He drinks. The music teacher passed by He Mei Tian and ignored her.


Dicky and Li Bing Bing stared at He Mei Tian meeting with the music teacher. The music teacher played the harp and told He Mei Tian he was happy knowing she didn’t go to the blind date. The music teacher asked He Mei Tian to marry him. He will take care of her. He Mei Tian thought of herself throwing pennies on the roses and told the music teacher he won’t accept his music lyrics. He Mei Tian asked the music teacher if he collected ten taels. She waited for him for three years. It’s too late now. The music teacher asked He Mei Tian why didn’t she go to the blind date. He Mei Tian said she didn’t go to the blind date not because of him, it’s because she lost hope. He didn’t cherish their love and let it pass by. She already gave him chances and would like him to give her a chance. He Mei Tian left. Dicky said the music teacher should have held He Mei Tian’s hand and why did he let her leave.



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