Smart Kid episode 11 recap

Li Bing Bing believes in fate. Li Bing Bing gave an example that she lost her earring, and someone will pick up her earrings out of thousand males. Dicky asked Li Bing Bing what did she say. Li Bing Bing tripped on the stairs. Li Bing Bing asked Dicky not to hold her. Dicky dropped her and she fell down the grass. Dicky splashed ink on the teacher’s book. Dicky encourage his students to work hard and uses their brain to not get tricked. Nie Yuan’s soldiers got killed. Dicky took the scholars to the temple. Dicky showed the scholars to shake the dice. Dicky takes attendance and the scholars held the fingers on how much money they owe from his gambling. Li Bing Bing asked the scholars how much they money they missed. Li Bing Bing asked Dicky what kind of teachers is he teaching his students to gamble. Dicky said when they lose money they will learn a lesson that gambling is harming them. Li Bing Bing told Dicky she will tell the principal. Dicky asked the scholars to raise their hands if they believed he taught them some morals and if they said they are the hottest teacher in this school. The scholars raise their hands. Dicky thanked the scholars and said that’s his reward for helping others. A student came late and told Dicky he ate red been desserts for twenty taels instead of repaying him. Dicky asked if the bean dessert is for prostitute since it’s so expensive. Dicky showed the students the bag of termites.


Dicky brought the scholars to the restaurant. Dicky said there’s some powder on the soup. The monk said this place has demons. Dicky put some termites in the bean desserts. Dicky watches Feng Jie serving the food to the customers and said the bean dessert cost five taels. A boy pinched a chopsticks on Dicky’s shoes. Dicky asked Feng Jie that his friend ate the bean dessert which cost twenty taels but the customer paid five taels for his bean dessert. Feng Jie said this must be his first time visiting, there’s a deal that if the customer could solve her riddle, then they can have a discount. Feng Jie showed the customer who got to be the boss for solving the lyrics. Dicky said he’s a teacher coming from a poor background but he doesn’t greed money. Feng Jie asked Dicky to participate in the lyrics competition. The customer told Dicky a riddle. Dicky asked Xing Feng to answer. Dicky said a riddle. A girl told Dicky that is like red beans competing with green beans. The monk gave Dicky the red been dessert to calm down. Dicky spit at them and fainted. The scholars asked Dicky why didn’t he demand the money from Feng Jie. Dicky said Fen Jie’s red bean dessert is precious. Dicky punished the to write a hundred sentence to not con the girls and they always have to eat at her restaurant.


A boy hid under the table and told Feng Jie she is playing the game of cat catching mouse. Feng Jie gave the boy a bowl of medicine. The boy whined he doesn’t want to drink medicine. Feng Jie gave a bowl of rice for a pauper to eat. Dicky wakes up after having a dream of Feng Jie. The monk said he had a dream of seeing Buddha. Dicky told the monk that Feng Yi is a good goddess feeding people. Dicky daydream and stared at Feng Jie working. Li Bing Bing asked Dicky to clean. Li Bing Bing asked for a big fish and two abalones. Dicky gave Li Bing Bing’s friend a hundred taels. The monk told Feng Jie that Dicky is handsome. The monk ordered some vegetarian food. Feng Jie gave Dicky a drink. A waitress told Feng Jie that her bra is missing. Dicky told Feng Jie he will find her bra.


Dicky and Xing Feng protect Feng Jie at the restaurant from the bra thief. Da Guan and other scholar beat up Nie Yuan for sneaking out during the night. Dicky jumped and knocked down Nie Yuan with a stick. Feng Jie found Nie Yuan look familiar. Feng Jie took out the document and realized that Nie Yuan is Dicky’s new student. The monk remembered his bra got hung on his basket. Nie Yuan wakes up and told Dicky he’s been robbed on the way to the library. Nie Yuan had a dream of troops floated on the stream. Feng Jie’s servant served Dicky and spilled ea on him and told him to not dare to court Feng Jie. At Feng Jie’s restaurant, Nie Yuan heard the customers talking about the rebels, he remembers fighting with the guards. He Mei Tian gave Nie Yuan a new clothe and said the dorm is full so he has to wait till there are some space for him to come. Nie Yuan asked He Mei Tian when the teacher will come. Dicky introduces Nie Yuan to the class and let him sit in front. Dicky opened the bag and saw some bras. Li Bing Bing told Dicky perhaps some pervert put it here. The scholars talked to Nie Yuan and warned him not to be cocky since he’s booksmart. Nie Yuan shoots arrows with the scholars. Li Bing Bing stared at Nie Yuan while the teacher lectures.



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