Smart Kid episode 12 recap

Li Bing Bing saw Nie Yuan holding a sword. He Mei Tian told Li Bing Bing she’s writing a letter to Nie Yuan’s family alerting them for his well being since he used to have a scar. Li Bing Bing suspects Nie Yuan is a fake student. She doesn’t know why Nie Yuan doesn’t know anything and always carrying a sword. Li Bing Bing watches Nie Yuan holding a sword. Li Bing Bing noticed the wanted man on the paper looked like Nie Yuan. Li Bing Bing heard the people saying that scholar may have been robbed and died. Li Bing Bing suspects Nie Yuan is the kidnapper. Nie Yuan had a dream of people dying on the sea. Li Bing Bing and the two scholars put a bag on Nie Yuan and beat him up and asked him why did he fake being the new scholar. Dicky came and confronted Li Bing Bing of bullying the new scholar. Li Bing Bing told Dicky that Nie Yuan is dangerous and has a bruise on his knee which the new student doesn’t have. Dicky told Li Bing Bing he doesn’t care if Nie Yuan has a bruise, if she continues beating him up, he will punish her. Nie Yuan stared at the leaves falling down and told Dicky that humans are like leaves and can’t control themselves. Dicky asked Nie Yuan he doesn’t need to be stubborn. Just forget it. Nie Yuan asked Dicky if he can make the leaves crawling back up. Nie Yuan said they can’t turn back. Nie Yuan told Dicky he’s only a dry leaf.


Li Bing Big yelled at her mom for letting Nie Yuan staying in her house. A maid sent Nie Yuan a letter from the principal. Nie Yuan went in the classroom. Li Bing Bing and the scholars was about to trap him. Dicky took his costume off. Nie Yuan used his rope to tie them up. Dicky asked the scholars why do they keep on bothering Nie Yuan. Dicky told Li Bing Bing since she wrote a letter and claimed it’s from the the principal, it would harm the teacher’s reputation. Dicky told them to ask Nie Yuan questions tomorrow. Nie Yuan can’t fool him. Two assassins held the paper and asked the monk if they’ve seen Nie Yuan. The monk ate the watermelon and fought with the assassins. The two assassins searched the temple. Nie Yuan checked on the monk and left the temple. Dicky dragged the scholars in front of the temple. Dicky said he will tell Ni Yuan to come here. The monk told Dicky he fainted for a while. Dicky asked the monk who hit him. Dicky asked the monk if Nie Yuan beat him up. The monk said he can’t remember but he didn’t see him when he woke up. Li Bing Bing and the scholars left. Li Bing Bing asked Nie Yuan where’s her father. The scholars beat up Nie Yuan. Li Bing Bing’s father walked out of the house. Li Bing Bing told her father she suspects Nie Yuan is a rebel. Li Bing Bing’s father said Nie Yuan is the student student and he knew him for a long time.


Li Bing Bing’s father invited Nie Yuan inside. The principal bowed in front of the royal prince which is Nie Yuan. Nie Yuan told Li Bing Bing’s father he’s in a complicated situation. They talked about war strategies. Nie Yuan plans to stop the flood. Nie Yuan said more than eight thousand and six hundred people have died. Nie Yuan said he can’t handle being the prince. He can’t let the guards find him or they will bring him back to the palace. He’s like a leaf on the tree wandering around. A few days ago, the rebels have robbed his boat. He got assassinated but he’s fine; he picked up a letter from the library and thought how Li Bing Bing’s father used to teach him but left and hid in the mountain because he wanted a peaceful life. The soldiers found him and asked him to return to the palace. Li Bing Bing’s father said the official will work hard to find him or they will put his people to jail. Nie Yuan said he wrote a letter to the majesty that he’s well. Li Bing Bing’s father told Nie Yuan he has the skills but lack confidence, he can’t always run away. Li Bing Bing’s father told Nie Yuan that eventually the world will lay on his hands. Nie Yuan said he can’t do it. Li Bing Bing’s father said if he can’t do it he must still do it. Nie Yuan said it will only get worse if he handles the world. Nie Yuan asked Li Bing Bing’s father to help him. Nie Yuan said if he becomes crowned, he will still runaway. Nie Yuan asked Li Bing Bing’s father to help him. Li Bing Bing’s father said he will consider it. Nie Yuan said he will wait for his good news and left.

Li Bing Bing’s father told Li Bing Bing she almost caused a big problem and must evaluate herself. Dicky ate watermelons and told Nie Yuan it’s too late now since he ate the watermelons. Nie Yuan asked Dicky why didn’t he ask him questions. Dicky told Nie Yuan it’s because he’s smart. He only worries about small business. He rather not worry about big problems. Nie Yuan told Dicky he should thank him. Dicky said he should thank a bigger person. He met a special person and they have mutual interest. Dicky stared at Nie Yuan and asked why his look is like him. Dicky told Nie Yuan he believes he isn’t a sly person so he continues to help him. He has to accomplish his task and tell that special person. Everyone has a secret but that doesn’t mean it is bad to keep it. Dicky gave Nie Yuan the chores to do. Dicky teased Li Bing Bing of being punished and swinging. Dicky asked Li Bing Bing why does she haters her father. Nie Yuan received a letter from the principal he needs time to consider. The teacher told Dicky that the principal wants Nie Yuan to live at his place.


The poor people ate bowls of rice and told Dicky that Feng Jie always gave them bowls of rice every night so they consider her as a goddess. Nie Yuan held the bowl of rice and wonder if there’s really a goddess. Dicky wrote a love letter to Feng Jie. Dicky eavesdrop on the customers making fun of the letter. Dicky suggests Nie Yuan to work in Feng Jie restaurant and tell him about Feng Jie. Nie Yuan held the bowl. Nie Yuan served tea for the customers. The servant’s brother laughed that Nie Yuan is naive. The customers complained that the tea is wrong. Feng Jie asked Nie Yuan why is he so clumsy. Nie Yuan said he thought the tea didn’t have flowers so he put more teas. Feng Jie asked Nie Yuan to wash dishes. Dicky told Nie Yuan it’s a good thing that Feng Jie doesn’t notice him so he can find more news about her. Dicky pinched Da Guan for reciting the homework so loud causing him not being able to sleep.



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