The Romance of the White Hair Maiden 1995 episode 20 recap (End)

The sect leader’s disciple punched the official and looked after the master’s daughter. The master’s daughter died. The sect leader’s disciple buried the master’s daughter and asked why god let her die early. Ngai Seung told the sect leader’s disciple though the master’s daughter have die, she knows he loves her so it is worth it. Plus she is joining her father. Ngai Seung told the sect leader’s disciple he has owe many innocent people’s lives. Ngai Seung and the doctor read a farewell letter from the sect leader’s disciple. The doctor told Ngai Seung that Yat Hong been searching for her which means he still loves her.

Yat Hong searched for the flower on the mountain. Yat Hong fought with some bandits for harassing and elder man and his son. The elder man lead Yat Hong to the flower. The sect leader’s disciple bowed in front the monks at the temple for killing other people. He was about to kill himself. Ngai Seung asked him to stop. He was being manipulated by the eunuch. Ngai Seung asked the sect leader’s disciple if he feels it is a pity if he dies. The sect leader’s disciple chopped his hair and plead the monk to let him be a monk. The official’s wife told the sect leader’s disciple he has to revenge for her husband. Ngai Seung told the official’s wife he doesn’t know good and bad and she killed her godfather and her husband and son deserved to die. Her godfather and his wife took care of her daughter for her but she killed them. Ngai Seung told the official’s wife that the official did many bad things under the eunuch’s order. Who will revenge for the master’s daughter. The official’s wife killed herself and requested Ngai Seung to bury her next to her husband. Ngai Seung buried the official’s wife and said everything the official’s wife did was for the official. The doctor told Ngai Seung that Yat Hong is searching for the flower and they can be together. Ngai Seung said even if Yat Hong found the flower and restore her beauty, he can’t cure her heart.


Yat Hong told the kid to work hard and learn martial arts to protect her father. The scholar introduces the general to Yat Hong. The priest hopes Ngai Seung will help them. Ngai Seung made a wish for Ngai Seung to forgive Yat Hong. Yat Hong worried that Ngai Seung will kill him. The priests came searching for the eunuch and got attacked by the bomb. Ngai Seung fought with Yat Hong’s friend. The eunuch laughed and told Yat Hong’s friend he can die and he will kill Ngai Seung for him. Ngai Seung called Yat Hong’s friend greedy and she killed him the eunuch’s servant and fought with the eunuch. Ngai Seung got injure.d Yat Hong came. The priest fought with the eunuch. Yat Hong threw a sword on the eunuch’s body and he died. The priest bowed in front of Ngai Seung and thanked her for saving the sect. The priest told Yat Hong he can leave with Ngai Seung. Ngai Seung left. Yat Hong chased her and said he knows she still cares for him.He already got hurt badly and why does she keeps on hurting him. He found a flower that can heal her face. Ngai Seung went to the cave and said she gave him any chances but she disappointed him. She wonders if this flower can restore her beauty. She considers this love as her memory. The priest nominate a sect leader to lead them against the Japanese rebel. The priest said he let Yat Hong leave since he wants him to be happy. Yat Hong went to the temple. The sect leader’s disciple asked Yat Hong why does he why is he concerned how many years he will wait for Ngai Seung for these few ten and twenty years.



The End!


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