Smart Kid episode 13 recap

Dicky gave the scholars one hour to write an essay. Da Guan is worrying of failing. Nie Yuan upset watches Feng Jie holding a man’s hand and giving him a sac wishing him luck on the exam. Feng Jie asked Nie Yuan to not tell out. Plenty of customers visit the restaurant. Nie Yuan went pick up some manuels and saw a stack of purple sac in the box. Feng Jie’s brother gave Feng Jie a letter from the official and doubt it says he wants to marry her. The official told Feng Jie he came back here to repay her by giving her fifty thousand taels. The official showed Feng Jie his wife and her baby holding her purple sac. Nie Yuan told Feng Jie she must be disappointed finding out that the official is married. Nie Yuan watches Feng Jie touching the painting and cried. Nie Yuan asked Dicky if his word for Feng Jie were hard to take. Nie Yuan told Dicky that Feng Jie gave the sac to every scholar hoping someday they will become officials and marry her. Dicky said Feng Jie is pitiful working hard to take care of her siblings. Dicky asked Nie Yuan to write a love letter to Feng Jie. Nie Yuan wrote a letter for Feng Jie. Feng Jie wrote a love letter back to Nie Yuan. Dicky played the instrument loudly. Li Bing Bing couldn’t sleep and told him to go die.


Dicky looked at the exam score and happy that Nie Yuan got second place and thought he was a good teacher. Da Guan failed. Da Guan got upset. Dicky dragged Da Guan and asked the teacher why do other scholar get a second chance to take the exam but Da Guan doesn’t. The teacher said Da Guan fail many times. Dicky said if Da Guan fails again he will resign. Da Guan eat while studying. Da Guan studies while walking on the street. Da Guan fell asleep while studying. Nie Yuan hit the drum and told Da Guan to study. Xing Feng and the scholar woke Da Guan up and told him to wake up and study. Dicky threw water on Da Guan and asked him to study. The scholar nitpick on Da Guan some people isn’t fated to be officials. Dicky asked the scholar if he ‘s happy if Da Guan get kicked out of school. Dicky encouraged Da Guan he can pass the exam.


Li Bing Bing showed Dicky the silvers she gathered to kick him out. Li Bing Bing said everyone knows Da Guan always fail the exam. Dicky said she’s wrong, he doesn’t believe him but if he doesn’t say that Da Guan won’t have a chance. Dicky asked Da Guan to recite but he couldn’t remember. Dicky pushed Da Guan on the stream. It is raining hard, Da Guan tried to remove all the water so the pear won’t be spoil Dicky helped Da Guan. Nie Yuan woke up the scholars and asked them to help. Da Guan asked Li Bing Bing to help him. Li Bing Bing came and helped. The next morning, Da Guan thanked Dicky and the scholars since the pears are grown. Da Guan takes the exam. Da Guan doesn’t know what it is saying on the sheet and he fainted.



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