K9 Cop episode 14 recap

Tracy had a nightmare of her father giving her a watch and sold her to the another family. Tracy said Raymond drinking the coffee with drugs reminded her of her father being addicted to drugs. Raymond told Bosco that Risk wanted him to be angry. Raymond said Risk must have put some drugs on his coffee to cause him to be angry. Kayi told Bosco she realized she lost her phone after her friend talked to her. Kayi said Tracy received a message from her. Raymond doubted Kayi’s friend and Katie and Risk are related to the drugs incident. Bosco asked Kayi why did her friend visited her at the autograph session at the bookstore and how does she knows her friend has drugs. Raymond and Bosco asked around if they’ve seen Kayi’s friend. Bosco found Katie’s ring on the car. A clerk called Raymond that Kayi’s friend has come home. While searching Kayi’s friend’s room, Raymond told Bosco that the bartender said he saw Katie being drunk with Risk. Kayi’s friend received a client call from Katie for a taxi. Kayi’s friend hidding outside the window recalled Katie being addicted to drunks sitting next to Risk on the taxi. Katie swallowed Kayi’s friend watch. Kayi’s friend recalled he took Katie to Risk’s home. Katie bit Kayie’s friend’s watch. Risk gave Kayi’s friend a bag of money to bury Katie. Bosco told Raymond after Kayi’s friend bury Katie, he washes his taxi. Bosco and Raymond doesn’t understand why Risk didn’t take Katie to the hospital, unless Risk gave her those drugs. Raymond wonder why did Kayi’s friend called Tracy to save him. Bosco got angry. Bosco told Raymond he can’t punch Kayi’s friend unless he take Bahda to remove Kayi’s friend martial arts.


Kayi asked her friend if he’s afraid being exposed helping Risk doing drugs. Kayi asked her friend to surrender. Kayi’s friend told Kayi they belong to two different world. Kayi told her friend he is a good guy. Kayi’s friend said no good guys are thieves. Kayi’s friend refused to surrender. Kayi tore her picture book and said it is meaningless. Kayi’s friend eavesdrop on Tracy being drunk with Risk. Tracy and Risk went in the room. Tracy search for the drugs. Risk asked Tracy if she thinks he’s dumb for believing she asked him out to diner. It is too bad he cares for her but she only cares for Raymond and trying to find evidence of drugs. Risk said everything he can’t have, no one can’t have. Kayi’s friend sneaks in the car and tried to wake Tracy up. Kayi’s friend called Raymond and said Tracy has been exposed as a spy. Kayi’s friend hid in the trunk and sent the gps to Raymond. Risk stopped his car on a place. Kayi’s friend got out of the trunk and called Raymond. Risk inserted some drops on Tracy’s arm and said he really likes her. Tracy stood on the top of the building. Raymond ran on the stairs to the top of the building. Risk left. Kayi said she wanted to swim. She jumped own the building. Raymond held her arms. Raymond said he won’t let go of her again and will not leave her. Kayi’s friend helped pulling Tracy up. Kayi’s friend told Raymond that Tracy will have a stomach ache after taking the drugs and he should give her water and pizza. Kayi’s friend dropped his booklet. Raymond saw the ingredients of drugs. Kayi’s friend said Risk is the son of a gang in the States. He is only his taster. Raymond asked Kayi’s friend where is the drug located. Kayi’s friend pretends to call Tracy and left.


Bahda smelled pizza. Bosco asked the cashier of the convenient store if they saw Kayi’s friend and Risk. Bosco wonder if the drugs is store near here. Bosco walked Bahda to the kitchen. Bosco saw Risk coming to his drug lab. Risk threw some drug powder on Bosco’s eyes. Bahda barked. Bosco ordered Bahda to bite Risk.


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