Smart Kid episode 14 recap

Dicky begged the teacher to let Da Guan to take the exam again. The other teachers begged the teacher to give Da Guan one more chance and the rule stated he can retake it. The teacher gives Da Guan three months to study hard for the test. Dicky told the teacher he is too generous and he asked the scholars to kisss the teacher. The scholar jumped on the teacher and kissed him. Da Guan told Dicky and the scholar he can’t remember anything. Dicky asked Da Guan to write a letter to Feng Jie. Feng Jie picked up the letter from Da Guan and read it. Feng Jie wonder why when she’s upset, he consoles her. Nie Yuan gave Da Guan a bowl of rice and pushed it in Da Guan’s mouth but he wouldn’t eeat it. Dicky tries to find a way to encourage Da Guan to study. During the rain, Dicky dug the pear. Da Guan begged Dicky to not dig the pear since the pear grows fresh depending on the environment. Dicky said he spent many hours growing the pears. Dicky said if the pears isn’t fated to grow then it won’t. Dicky pushed the shovel toward Da Guan and asked if if he can grow the pear here. Da Guan said no but it can grow in some suitable environment. Dicky said passing the scholar exam doesn’t depend on what background the person has. If the fruits have good seeds, then it can grow. Da Guan stepped outside during the night. The next morning, the scholars supported Da Guan to pass the exam.


During the night, Da Guan wakes Dicky and the scholars up to play hockey. Dicky and the scholars play with fireworks. Li Bing Bing drew Dicky and the scholars standing up on each other. After she finishes the painting, the fell on her. The scholars blindfold He Me Tian and the music teacher and they search for htem. He Mei Tian and the music teacher touch each other’s hands. The scholars cheer for them to kiss each other. Dicky and the scholars stared at the stars. Da Guan thanked the scholars. Da Guan digs his pear during the night. The next morning, Li Bing BIng read a letter that Da Guan left the library. Dicky encouraged Da Guan and told him to give him a good pear so he can prove he’s the best pear planters. Da Guan looked at their drawing of him and the scholars. The scholars bid farewell to Da Guan. The scholars touched the pears and thought of Da Guan.


Feng Jie pushed the boy for cooking her bird. Nie Yuan gave a seagull to Feng Jie. The customer complained Nie Yuan didn’t serve him water. Feng Jie called Nie Yuan useless and slow. Feng Jie’s brother told Feng Jie that he saw Nie Yuan tried to catch her seagull and he tripped down the roof. Feng Jie told Nie Yuan to tell her what happened to him next time. Feng Jie said if Nie Yuan is helpful, she wouldn’t be working so hard. Feng Jie sometimes feel that seagull was sent by god and she doesn’t’ know when it will come and leave. Feng Jie said in the letter that Nie Yuan is hardworking and honest but he’s slow. He cares for her. Dicky leaned on Nie Yuan and wondered why Feng Jie haven’t replied back to him. Dicky told Li Bing Bing and the scholar he will teach them about daydreaming. Dicky said if we don’t have dreams, we won’t hard. Dicky asked the scholars to write an essay of their dream. The scholar stared at the pear tree and thought of Da Guan. Dicky ate the pear and wondered how Da Guan is doing planting pears. Dicky asked the scholar about his dream. The scholar told Dicky that he is a spiteful person. Dicky read a letter of the scholar packing up his stuff. The scholar wrote random stuff on the paper and shot arrows at the scholars. The scholar threw papers at the scholars during the music class.




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