Dark Tales 2 episode 3 recap

The devil brought the head of Yun Luo. The devil gave Chu Er Dan a sleeping power to give to his wife. Chu Er Dan gave his wife a bowl of soup. Chun Er Dan refuses to drink. Chu Er Dan drank and fainted. The villagers eavesdrop on Chu Er Dan talking on Yun Luo’s head. Chu Er Dan drove them out. The villagers took the bad of Yun Luo’s head while Chu Er Dan is away. Chu Er Dan asked the villagers what are they hiding behind their back. Yun Luo’s head fell down. Chu Er Dan picked it up and asked the villagers to only look in their front. Chu Er Dan hugged Yun Luo’s head and asked them to go back to sleep. The devil switches the face of Chu Er Dan’s wife with Yun Luo.

The next morning, the villagers saw Madam Chiao with Yun Luo’s face and freaked out and wondered what would Madam Chiao would do if she knows her husband has a mistress. The men greets Madam Chiao. Madam Chiao uses her knife and asked them to step aside. The men followed Madam Chiao and said they only wanted to be her friend. Madam Chiao fell down the lake. Madam Chiao ran and hugged Chu Er Dan then slapped her for hugging another woman. Mdam Chiao looked at her reflection on the lake as Yun Luo. Chu Er Dan told Madam Chiao that woman is her. Madam Chiao is happy that she looked pretty and wondered why that happened. At home, Madam Chiao asked the devil if she can also change her body. The devil said he can but if he changes her body then she will become another female.


The villagers eavesdrop on Chu Er Dan punished his wife. Chu Er Dan placed Madam Chiao’s old head and pretends to scold her and send her back to her hometown. Chu Er Dan told the villagers that he has a new wife. Chu Er Dan stared at his wife and asked him not to walk out of place. The people stared at Madam Chiao looking pretty but acting mean. Madam Chiao asked Chu Er Dan if her knives are pretty. Chu Er Dan took his wife’s home and said people were laughing at her actions. Chu Er Dan teaches his wife to act mature. Chu Er Dan recites a poem with Madam Chiao while looking at the flowers. The men praised the flowers are not as gorgeous as Madam Chiao. The men praised Madam Chiao is like a fairy. Chu Er Dan got jealous. Chu Er Dan told Madam Chiao she caused too many men going for her. Chu Er Dan wants to have power and money so men won’t looked at his wife in the eye. Chu Er Dan looked in the book and dig out some pack of golds under the ground. The poor people dig under the ground to find some golds which their relative left for them and upset that they found rocks.


Chu Er Dan helped a poor scholar who got kicked out of the exam room. Chu Er Dan told the poor scholar to remember him if he passed the scholar exam. Six months later, the official came and greets Chu Er Dan and thanked him. The poor people told the devil’s boss they suicide because they were too poor. Their relative gave them golds but when they dug, the didn’t see any gold. The devil’s boss asked the devil if it is time for the poor family to die. The devil said the poor people should received golds from the garden and enjoy their life. The devil’s boss asked the devil why they couldn’t find the gold under the ground. The devil said it isn’t time for them to die and they should get back their gold. The devil’s boss punished the devil under eight ranks for revealing the book.

Chu Er Dan wakes up and found his gold missing. The poor family found some golds and said they were planning to die from poison but found some golds. Chu Er Dan yelled at the devil for giving the gold to someone else and he called him a thief. The devil told Chu Er Dan he isn’t a thief as him. Chu Er Dan asked the devil how is he a thief. the devil told Chu Er Dan he stole the gold in the garden. Chu Er Dan said the devil changed the fate of the patient’s daughter. He only took a few golds. The devil demanded Chu Er Dan his book back. He grabbed Chu Er Dan on the shoulder and took back his book. Chu Er Dan asked the devil to return his book. The devil burned his book. Chu Er Dan wrote on the wall what he remembered from the book. The devil told Chu Er Dan he won’t help him anymore. Chu Er Dan and the devil went on their separate ways.


At the festival, Yun Luo’s fiance Chi Chiao saw Madam Chiao and called her Yun Luo. Madam Chiao told Chi Chiao she is not Yun Luo. Chu Er Dan told Chi Chiao not to called random girls as his girlfriend. Chi Chiao told Madam Chiao she is his fiance Yun Luo. Chi Chiao asked Yun Luo if she doesn’t remember him. Chu Er Dan god mad and was about to fight with Chi Chiao. Chi Chiao fought with Chu Er Dan. Madam Chiao punched Chi Chiao. Madam Chiao complimented Chi Chiao on his martial arts. She appreciates him for loving Yun Luo but she is not Yun Luo and only has similar face. Chu Er Dan dragged his wife. Madam Chiao likes the name Yun Luo and asked Chu Er Dan to call her Yun Luo.



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